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As forecast, language about CERN and earthquakes and shutdown emerging...

note the title language:

SHOCK CLAIM: Large Hadron Collider 'shut down after causing massive earthquake'

THE Large Hadron Collider (LCH) was shut down after causing a magnitude 7 earthquake which shook the whole planet, it has sensationally been claimed.

Yet more of the strange weather forecasts showing up...we all have to name these things so frequently not quite the same wording as was discussed in ALTA reports but concept is there...

Outbreak? Russian Bio Warfare Troops Rushed To Arctic Due To "Dangerous Infection"

Planes falling...or not?

Winds...popcorn storms...

Future Headlines:

sets now in the Shorter term and Immediacy data streams, some of which will be explored in future ALTA reports:

Giant international corporations rebel against online platform providers over 'clients' or relationship poaching. And censorship! Big fallout in stocks in late Summer or early Fall over issue.
Food crop disease rising in southern hemisphere in a new, more general, and unknown-cause manner. Crop woes increase.
Underseas problems: submarines bashing into stuff that should not be there.
Wireless telepathy technology starts to appear over next year. Control net gadgets with your mind!

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July 30, 2016

hacking time travel...

celebrity time travelers..

You will find many sources of comparisons photo's of celebrities which are touted as proving time least that is what the headlines of the articles would have you think. In reality, these instances cited are all going to the idea of reincarnation in a similar looking body, which is exactly how it does work. So the idea of any celebrity being seen as having existed before is to be expected.

Why expected? Well, these personalities that make these individuals as celebrities today, are the same internal beings as in those pictured from the far past. That the personalities inhabiting similar bodies today would be highly photographed is a good indicator that their previous incarnation would also be prompted to the same 'exposure' (bad pun intended) to the emergence of photography in that previous life. Make sense? The resonance of the celebrity personality today is the same in the previous incarnation and thus the lives lived, would tend to express similar themes. So the celebrities of this life, due to those personality traits they express (in the main...yes some are buttheads so to understand read the game of loss and lack ) were very likely to gravitate to being photographed as soon as it was developed...and prior to that, likely had their portraits painted. This whole 'face across time' meme has layers upon layers.

One of which is left for your consideration this day, suppose we had a real time-traveler, no, not a person darting in and out of time during a single life which is energetically impossible, but rather, someone who was aware of how the matterium works, knew they were on a journey across time, and actively sought, for their own reasons, to leave a 'picture trail' for their future incarnations! Much more evidence exists for this form of time travel than the kind practiced by Doctor Who.

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