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officialdom 'fear' sums rising fast....

by clif high, Sunday, October 19, 2014 12:43pm

Addendum: October 21, 2014: Proof is in the PIX of the VIX STIX. ZeroHedge.

All the data types are showing that the 'summation of the fear emotive quotients' are rising for the ThePowersThatBe (and their minions, the officialdom). Some of the fear values can now be tied back over to [deflation] within both the Markets entity, and the GlobalPop entity.

The data sets are pointing to [deflation fears] and [compounding deflation impacts] as the 2/two rising sets most propelling the increase in fear sums within the [impacts], and [duration] categories.

These [deflation fears] are apparently [sitting on the heads] {ed note: you know how/why we love body part references} of the [central econmic planners (and the banksters)] in such a way as to significantly increase the [fear] values creeping into their language.

A primary reason for the [fear] factor around [deflation] has to do with the [increase (in paying) debt].

The data sets are now suggesting that [officialdom] at a higher than nation/state level, is/will be soon, [toying] with the idea of [increasing (gold price)] against the [dollar].

An intersting sub set within the forecast includes the language of a [greater than one whole] plus a [majority fraction] within pricing schemes being [contemplated].


officialdom & tptb fears = danger for populace....

by clif high, Saturday, October 25, 2014 8:25am

The Spanish Flu pandemic which began in 1918 was one of the most lethal, perhaps the most lethal disease scourge to hit humanity in 'modern' times. It infected 500 million people out of a world population of about 1.5 billion, or 1/one person out of every 3/three. The flu was both lethal, and maiming. Residual damage and retained viri from this influenza have been cited as significant factor in the rise of polio within northern hemisphere nations over the subsequent 2/two generations.

While 1/one in 3/three were infected, and made ill, an estimated 1/one in 10/ten of the general population perished from the disease. The fatality rate of the Spanish Flu, at the lower end of the range of estimates, was 20%, or somewhere over 100/one hundred million humans. To put that in perspective, the total kill level for World War 1 was 37/thirty-seven million, or about a third the level of the disease.

The impact of the 1918 influenza global outbreak on humanities economic and social infrastructure was deep, and long lasting. Estimates were that the US economy did not recover to pre-influenza levels for 27/twenty seven years (not the stock markets but actual production/delivery of products as a metric).

It is a certainty, a fact, that the 'Spanish' influenza outbreak in the USA in 1918 was brought to this country by its government, through its Army.

Epidemiological data indicate that pandemic began in the US in March 1918, at a crowded army camp in Fort Riley, Kansas. Subsequently, the transport of hundreds of thousands of infected troops in close physical contact between camps caused influenza to spread quickly even before troops assembled in East Coast ports en route to France. The troops brought the influenza to the trenches of the opposing armies and to other parts of Europe and beyond. (source)

Editorially, i should like to note that then, with the Spanish flu outbreak of 1918, as now, with Ebola, the USGov't is apparently doing all it can to spread the disease. Then, as now, SPECIALLY selected soldiers were sent to become 'infected carriers', although without their knowledge and consent.

Here in woo-woo world, we expect these infected soldiers to be returned to various bases here in the USA to begin the spread of the next wave of the pandemic.

We also need to note that our data shows a [killer flu] that sweeps the planet in 2014- 2016. This [killer flu] is strangely timed considering that the US Gov't has, in 2009, dug up bodies of people in Alaska (preserved by the cold) who died of the flu in 1918/1919. why would they be doing that? And then we start seeing a number of very interesting patents coming from CDC (among others, and now totally over 480) that relate to DNA from influenza being used to 'boost' other diseases. Hmmmm....

Further, our predictive data shows (from the SpaceGoatFarts entity where we keep all the [unknown] and [officially denied] data elements) that the flu will be labeled as [dark star]. Initially i did not understand the reference, however new immediacy data of the last week has provided some details that point to [alaska] and its association with the 1918/1919 influenza. These details would seem to point to a variant of this influenza as being our [killer flu] of this upcoming 'season'. The [star] attribute set is pointing toward a [general (in US military)], and the [dark] attribute set refers to a number of aspects of this individual, but specifically being a [line officer] who [wears (the) dark star]. There are many more levels to the detail associations connecting [tptb] to this (to be) unfolding disease [flush] this coming [winter/northern hemisphere].

Note from our data that the 2014-2016 [killer flu] will [pass in 3/three waves], and that the [fever] used by the body to destroy the virus will last [3/three days], and that many of the [victims] will [perish of dehydration/exhaustion (of lungs)]. Further, there are other similar symptoms to the 1918 Spanish flu including [masses of fever blisters].

Soooo....i can be wrong on these interpretations. Have been so in the past. Hope to be so now. Perhaps by foreknowledge and taking immune boosting steps, we can create conditions where i am wrong. If so, now is the time.

A last note, the flu 'season' exists due to the drop in exposure to sunlight and thus the production of vitamin D in the skin. This happens every year as the northern hemisphere moves into late Fall and Winter. One effective way to prevent disease is to make sure you get enough vitamin D.


Note: Colloidal Silver will NOT work against ebola or any other virus in the body. This is due to ebola virus, and all others NOT having any need for oxygen, and having a hard, protein shell. Collodial Silver MOA is to bind to oxgen receptors in all cells it encounters. As viri have no oxygen receptors, CS at any size is worthless as an anti-viral. CS ONLY works on bacteria. The continued meme of CS against Ebola in the alternative media is deliberate disinformation. Who wants you to believe in an ineffective ebola cure? Hmmm....

Guys....Collodial Silver will ONLY kill virus inside a laboratory test. It will NOT do so in the blood. Bear in mind that silver is not allowed to be 'free floating' in your bloodstream. It is bound to cells all along the way through the gut and never makes it across the intestinal wall in any quantity.

PLUS, the method of action of silver AT ANY SIZЕ including 'nano' is to bind to oxygen receptors on the bacteria, and others on fungi. BUT a virus has NO such receptors, and silver is useless against it in the body.

It will not hurt you, but to rely on it against a virus?.....risky behavior.


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Current trends information:

terra context updates:

Headlines can be misleading. Earth's gravity has changed, but not due to ice melts, rather due to the expansion of the earth. Data is data, and interpretation is not. Sometimes the twain don't meet. Antarctic ice melt. (10/5/2014)

Mass Siberian Snow may be indicating our forecast for brutal, bitter, long cold winter on East Coast North America is accurate. Siberian snow levels used to forecast NY weather. (10/16/2014)

markets context updates:


The data agrees with a lot of professional 'guts' in forecasting this current pressure on the prices of precious metals as being the [last gasp]. Further our data continues to forecast that the [metal suppression effort] will [collapse] on or after [mid november] as the [monetization (of debt)] reaches what the data describes as [totality (of consumption)]. At that point the [price of gold] is shown as [rising] more than [200/two hundred dollars] in a single move that is [against] the [dwindling pressure] of the [oppressors] in a day that will be felt as a [heart attack] and [chaotic fever] on [wall stree]. (10/31/2014)


This is how Austrian Mathematicians say 'tipping point':

Data shows [tension] across [conus (AK feels safe)] by January due to [ebola fears]. Data also shows [decline] and [praying] are the dominant memes across Markets entity through October. Now we (probably) know what the [2/two black mondays] are about....ebola and ebola fears. (10/3/2014)

ST data shows transglobal transport shutdown by March due to [ebola fears]. Data shows that [business (globally)] come to [face] a [situation] at once both [troublesome] and [ludicrous]. Further details point to [absurd regulations] that [stitch up] the [business man/woman] and yet, are [full of holes]. (10/3/2014)

IM data shows the [markets] reach a state of [splintering] and [peeling] by March 2015. The [splintering] is supported by [currencies] and [transcontinental trade]. The [peeling] set has details going to the idea that [financial centers] are [peeled away (by circumstances)] (fail), until only the [bare core] remains, again, by Spring, 2015. (10/3/2014)

IM data shows Bitcoin to be [rising] against [all currencies] in [mid october] as the [currency crash] and [no contact (payments (ebola fears))] memes become more visible. (10/8/2014)

IM data shows [infrastructure impacts] from [ebolafears] as [teachers/staff] are [abandoning schools/jobs] by [october 20, 2014] leading to [schools shuttered], and [parents freaking and agitated (beyond reason)]. Along with [churches], and [college sports events], the [schools] and [bus lines] will be the first [standing infrastructure] to be [affected by ebolafears]. (10/8/2014)

IM data showing that a [gold delivery (of size)] is [cancelled] in [November 2014] due to [ebola fears] having [stopped workers] and the [local area] being under a [travel restriction]. This is in a large [city (in the north east)]. The data describes very [empty street] and [confrontations] between [few police] and [crowds/mobs (partying/looting (in masks))]. (10/8/2014)

IM data shows [governments] will be [activating military] to [patrol streets] in [ebola towns], but that [desertion] will [deplete readiness ratios] and [commanders] will be [told 'not possible'] by [subordinates] in meetings that will be [leaked] to the [social media]. Large changes in [collective social behavior] in [ebola towns] will be [visible] by [January 2015]. Data shows [weeping appeals] for [participation] from [frustrated [politicians]. (10/8/2014)

IM data shows [worst ever 'season'] for [real estate sales]. Not only [economy/financial woes], but soon [ebola fears] to [cancel 'open houses'] as well as [close real estate offices] when [2/two sales people (from same firm)] are [quarantined due to ebola fears]. Major [impact] on [west coast USA], [british columbia, CA], and [london,UK] as [ebola fears] escalate due to [symptomatic house hunting]. (10/8/2014)

Winter [sales] of [home exercise equipment] indicated by ST data to [rise] as [self-isolation] develops amid the [new social customs]. Along with [exercise] stuff, all manner of [food growing/preserving] devices and technologies are also cited as [gaining sales]. Curiously, a surge in [3d printers] and [sewing machines] are both indicated to make [visibility] of [surprising strong sales] over this [gifting season]. (10/8/2014)

LT data shows that a [chinese (and) indian business co-operative venture] will be the big [global winner] in the [anti-ebola treatement] AND will also provide a [substance ('drug')] that will be [demonstrated] to [proof/protect] against [contracting the virus]. This latter [product] is indicated to be a [staple] of [sales] in the [billions of units] as both [China] and [Russia] set about [cleaning up Africa (of communicable diseases)]. This [continental clean up] effort is described as starting in [March 2015] and lasting just short of [2/two decades]. The data shows that the [substance (anti viral spread 'drug')] is indicated to be [required] for [travel] across large areas of the [planet] over these next [20/twenty years]. (10/8/2014)

IM data sets are showing that a [UV sterilization product (wand? hand held)] will be the [next BIG thing] in technology. Several companies will be rushing to [complete products]. Data shows that [2/two] of these firms that will be making the [UV sterilization units] will be [giving devices] to their [employees] and their [relatives] to [help ensure work force health]. (10/16/2014)


globalpop updates:

Ack! Black Mondays in October

Now we (probably) know what the forecast [black mondays] in October are all about.... ebola and ebola fears. Remember that these mondays are separated by 2/weeks and provide both temporal echoing as well as foreshadowing for conditions to be [encountered] in [March 2015 and beyond]. (10/3/2014)

IM data has [ebola (and ebola fears)] in a state of [advancing] through to March (end of range). During that time, the GlobalPop entity has a dominating, and continually rising sub set of [tension] that is the primary and secondary supporting sets for [ebola, and ebola fears]. The [advancing] sub set detail layer suggests that by [Spring Northern Hemisphere] the [military] has been [activated in ebola response] in greater than 20/twenty countries in the [north]. (10/3/2014)

IM data, at the same time as being flooded with [advancing] as the rising primary sub set for [ebola and ebola fears] is still growing support under sets for [reputation (not being) supported by fact]. Or, a [fake out]? (10/3/2014)

IM data showing [teachers] and [staff] will be [mentally unstable] due to [ebola fears] by [october 20, 2014] such that [schools] are [abandoned] along with [jobs]. The data shows that [parents] start several [overwhelming campaigns] on [social media] about the [school (as ebola center)] meme that will in its turn cause [political unrest] and [digestion problems (for politicians)]. (10/8/2014)

IM data shows that [police] and [ambulance (EMT) personnel] in [8/eight states/countries] will [revolt] against the [ebolafears] as the first of the [medical transport workers], and [police personnel] become [infected] with [ebola]. However, the data sets with the highest emotional sums in the current processing are going to the idea of a [prison complex] that will become [contaminated] with [ebola] such that [local government (loses control)] and [major military presence] is required to [contain (the troubles)]. (10/8/2014)

Puke on the street! Get arrested! ST data shows [british drinking culture] to be [significantly altered] by [ebola fears & ebola in london]. Data points to [mandatory 80 hour isolation] to determine if [merely drunken idiot] or [ebola infected] as [ebola and ebola fears] are described as [sweeping (clear) london streets (at night)]. (10/8/2014)

ST data shows that [martial arts dojos] and [MMA], and [other sporting cooperatives] will all be [curtailed] by [early December] as [ebola fears] impact [group activities] globally. Additional data sets point to [bus lines] in some [metropolitian areas] will be [shut down (and isolated)] due to [public vomiting (on buses)]. Further, [ridership] is indicated to [plunge] as the [ebola fears meme] settles into various [metropolis cities] over Fall/Winter (northern hemisphere). Special note to [san francisco] and [london] where there will be [unique forms] of [early ebola and ebola fears] impacts that will [set trends globally]. (10/8/2014)

Data shows that [palestinians] will be the first to develop the [vomit bomb] for use against [israel]. Is it, or is it not, contaminated by [ebola]. This use of [ebola fears] to [paralyze] the [israeli state mechanism] and to [drain shekels (by massive response required for each vomit bomb)] will be a [visible] note within the [ebola fears] legacy by early 2015. (10/8/2014)

IM data shows that the [dead judges] meme is heavily cross linked over to [banksters (running for cover)]. The dual 'holding' entity areas would favor an interpretation of 'ebola fears lead to officialdom imposed isolation which some banksters use as a cover to kill off some inconvenient judges who know too much to be allowed to live'. Hmmmmm. (10-14-2014)

IM data sets show that [airplane fleets] will be [reduced] by [planes] being [taken out of service] due to [ebola contamination]. The data shows the [planes] being [parked] in [airports] as [no pilot] will [fly them]. Longer term data shows some being [cut up on site] and [trucked away] for [disposal]. (10/15/2014)

IM data shows [air line passengers] will be [in revolt] as of [last week in october] due to [officialdom rules]. Many tens of thousands of [travelers] are to be [trapped in place] due to [disruption] in [airline routes] due to [ebola contamination]. (10/15/2014)

As noted here: Schools closed due to ebola fears. It starts. (10/16/2014)

ST data shows that [british royals] will be [insane (with) anger] in December due to [exposure (to ebola)] of [several (of their) own]. What is even more interesting is that the [expression (of the anger)] is described as [setting off (a political/cultural) storm] among the [british slaves (subjects)] who are forecast to be [speaking (the unspeakable)] and [trying (to reconcile) public faces] with [past propaganda]. (10/16/2014)

All the data types are currently holding values for [ebola vaccine refusniks] and [ebola vaccine (to be) fatal]. The data sets are showing that [attempts] at [innoculation] will lead to [shootings] and [killings] as [populace refuses] en masse. Further there are sets pointing to a [early (series/string)] of [fatalities] that will be [known widely/broadcast]. Also there is to be an [early adopter (celebrity?)] who is being described as [puking (ebola vaccine) in public] which does not do the [vaccine sales effort] any good at all. (10/16/2014)

ST data sets still building for a large temporal echo in [March 2015] of the events of October 2014, both in [disease] and [markets] areas. These data sets have picked up the pace of new accruing values as well as expanding cross links to Markets entity, and SpaceGoatFarts entity. (10/16/2014)

As forecast a [cruise ship] has now become a [containment vessel]. Look for at least 2/two others in near term. Further, data shows [incarcertaion] to be [months long]. Link to story. (10/17/2014)

IM data forecasts [(Dark Star ?) flu] to cause [fatalities] in a number of ways including causing [panic rush] to Emergency Rooms where [ebola exposure] will [increase dramatically]. Also many people will be [treated for ebola], but will be [dying from Dark Star Flu]. Additionally, the [Dark Star flu] is indicated to [leave skin marks] of its [passage] through [many victims (who survive)]. These [facial markings] are indicated to become something of a [social separation indicator] (supporting sets = [uknown]). Data indicates that some [dark star flu victims] will be able to get [skin problem relief] as well as [lung pressure? relief] by using [black seed oil Nigella Sativa (for a dark flu?)]. (10/17/2014)

Ebola note: in the late 1960's my father (a career military officer) went to the United States Army Command and General Staff College in Levenworth Kansas (hated that place, too dry, no ocean). This school is also known as the 'War College'. My father was not as good at math as i, and so i helped him out with his 'homework' occassionally. Note that this was the latter half of the 1960's. In his course of study as "biological agents of war". Lots of math in that section. We studied it closely. The primary example for an entire semester was "airborne, weaponized west african hemoragic fever Virus".....again, in the late 1960's. (10/21/2014)

IM data sets are pointing toward [officialdom (TPTB)] using [vast quantities/innundation/overwhelming quantity] of [external savior myth language] in trying to [sell the ebola vaccine (and protocols)]. Further sets in the details are extensively cross linked over to the [refusniks] sub set within GlobalPop entity as well as the Markets entity. Within the GlobalPop entity the data terminates in sets of [refusniks (very very popular humans globally)] who will [wage anti-propaganda war] on [internet video] about [NO (poison) vaccines] and how [ebola is a scam]. Look for the rise of the [wave of refusniks] to make [visibility] within [msm (lying media pressitutes propagandists)] over Nov/Dec 2014. The data seems to indicate something of a [show-down/face2face confrontation] in December that will later be viewed as a [defining moment]. (10/23/2014)

As our data continues to state the [reputation (lies about) ebola] will [exceed its impact]. However, please note that [ebola fears] as a [meme] are [to be used/employed] to [change social dynamics] within the [cabal controlled empire]. (10/23/2014)

Shelter in place?

Sprout it up and party on!

Remember that if you are forced into isolation as the data suggests will happen repeatedly over these next 8/eight months (in various locations, not national), that the equivalent of fresh veges can be had in Winter from sprouts. Such veges as broccoli are actually more intense concentrations of good phytochemicals as sprouts than fully grown vegetables. This effect is more the nominal state than not, so *most* sprouts are better phytochemical concentrations than their fully grown condition.

A good source i have used for quantity purchases of sprouts is at the Sprout People. Note you can sprout in linen bags, on sheets of paper towels, in mason jars with screen in lieu of a top, and all manner of containers so you do not need a bunch of gear to get your sprouts growing for you. Savvy sailors in old times sprouted in canvas bags made from old sail cloth cleaned of the salt. Polynesian and Micronesian sailors grew sprouts in copra (stuff on outside of coconuts).

One can consume sprouts raw or cooked. Breads, stews, cereals are all improved by the addition of sprouted grains/seeds.

Children can be given the sprout farm responsibilities as the needs of sprouts are only a few drops of water daily and a bit of fresh air now and again. Ambient light is acceptable for most sprouting vegetables, though of course more rapid growth is possible with supplementing grow lights.

Pets and all manner of livestock also benefit from sprouts, so any extra production need not be composted. (10/5/2014)


The new masculinism

The GlobalPop Entity has several, large and growing sets for [new man] or [new form masculine culture] that is indicated to be [central] to the [pan terran revolution and renaissance]. This [male gender renaissance] is forecast as being [global], [uplifting], developing a [pan gender cultural identity embracing maleness as humans], creating a [philosophical school for examining maleness as humans], establishing [youth strengthening groups across the planet (with connections to each other)], as well as [providing energy] to [revolutionary discussion/movement (globally)].

A part of the [new man culture] will center on new expressions of [ancient value sets] that are currently being seen within the global [parkour] and [calisthenics] movements emerging as [popular street culture]. (9/30/2014)

Revolutionary Linguistics in action. Use their own words against them to say the truth. Even in this cover, the truth telling looks like it is hurting him. Cassetteboy - Cameron's Conference Rap.

Crude, lewd, and rude. Be advised. Funny too.

spacegoatfarts context updates:

SGFs are forecasting via longer term data sets that [alien hunts] will be [visible] in the [media (all kinds)] if one knows for what to look. The idea coming through the details is that various [officialdom organizations] throughout the world will be [hunting for human appearing aliens] through the use of some form of technology, and that this activity will be [video captured] repeatedly over the next [5/five years]. The mystery is what form this technology will take, and what will be the cover story for its use. Much of the details in these sets suggest some form of [disguised alien sniffing devices] that, in the curious nature of universe, while not being recognized as [alien sniffers], will still cause [conspiracy theories] to [erupt] about the use of the [disguised technology] in public settings. In the imagery, the impression of [sinister trucks] at [public sporting events] comes through as a core component of the [conspiracy theories] about these [sniffer devices]. (9/30/2014)

ST data shows that this [December] in [northern hemisphere] the [UFO/(daleks/machine-intelligences?)] will be [displaying] in an almost [preening fashion *(grooming?)] over [large swaths (of continents)]. The imagery in the detail layer suggest that this [display] will be [nearly unique] in UFO history in that it will be [involving (large bands)] across [whole continents]. (10-14-2014)

LT data types are suggesting that [November, 2015] will have [aware (??) humanity] being [actively/dynamically] involved with [multiple species] of [space aliens]. Further data sets point to a [fundamental (knowledge) revolution] that occurs [across popular understanding] in the first [half] of 2015 as [events (dalek?)] become [too blatant] to [collectively ignore]. A curious side effect of this set has huge levels of cross links back over to the [british criminal rulers (aka self claiming 'royals')] where [history] will be [revealed] that will [set the populace] against the [blood lines] at a [visceral/cellular] level. This [(near) xenophobic reaction] is described as [destroying] several [offshoots (of 'royals' bloodlines)] and als causing [near total breakdown] of the [BBC]. (10/16/2014)


hph projects and noodles updates:

Structured Water

So many questions after our recent successful duckweed and pie dough experiments (no not together, 2/two separate experiments), anyway, i thought to put up a few video links on how you too can make your own water structure device for minimal bucks and start experimenting on yourself and others.....

Do the calculations here:

how much does that dogecoin in the window cost in real money?


Hugelkultur! Watch out...contagious!


gnawing on universe in the bhat cave....(encore)


hph analytics updates:

Predicting the future through social networks (note they stumbled onto shorter term data types within the immediacy values of the twitter stream - the same phenomenon i observered in 1998 as the internet was being populated with data (pre-twitter))


The only site on the net for publicly available future forecasts from algorithmic examination of humanity consciousness.

All humans are psychic. Most do not recognize it. All humans 'leak' their psychic intuition via their language choices. Here at HPH we have been collecting 'leaks' about the future in our language buckets since 1997.

Halfpasthuman 'Emotive Reduction Engine' is at the core of our predictive linguistics system, and allows our spyders to qualify and quantify and react to the emotive differences in text that betray the 'leaking' of psychic impressions.

While humans internalize and react to the emotive content of words, software is usually blind to such distinctions. The HPH emotive reduction engine can 'read' emotions from such text, and further, determine which are also 'future shadowing'. It is this capacity to extract emotive nuance that allows us to do far better than 'chance' in our predictions of future manifestations.

Arguably, i invented the discipline of predictive linguistics in 1993. Since then, others have followed the trail i blazed. Interesting that it takes 45/forty five 'academic' humans to duplicate the work of one mad scientist and one igor (EYE-gor)....USA Bots sus out ebola

tips accepted here at hph BTC BTC:

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