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message to bankers..."it's gonna get you"...

by clif high, Friday, April 20, 2014 7:06am

with respect..

Future forecasting...January 2014 - ALTA report available here.

Current trends information:

terra context updates:

Current (April 19/20) earthquake and tsunami activity forecast to ramp up over following few weeks as the next phase in the earth expansion [breaks out]. This [break out] is forecast as being coincident with [break through] in [popular suppression].

Here at HPH we are expecting the first in a loooong string of [military payment] debacles to begin 90 days after the [shift (back) into bear market]. These will impact [DOD] very severely. There are suggestions that [inter-agency agenda conflicts] will [trigger] this [first, large, rippling payment fiasco] for the [us military (abroad = over seas)]. Note NOT a payroll issue, more like [default on vendors]. (4/7/2014)


ROFLOL = Crackhead Cabalistic Bankster Whore Politicians fu'k themselves...Russia reconsidering Bitcoin. (4/13/2014)

remember... real markets are volatile...especially when they are humanity wide and nearly instantly communicative

a bald coin-adian explains bitcoin really really well...(vid)

a beginners guide to bitcoin from coindesk

Multibit BTC wallet link (

Armory Bitcoin wallet

how can i buy bitcoins?

got (old style) cash? buy via

coin-adians on the move....CoinRangers ATMs

Held your bitcoins through two/2 crashes? Ok, now you're a 'coiner'. Welcome to the 21st century. Fun, eh?

Bitcoinwisdom - for the chartically minded

CoinDesk - News and Analysis

CoinWarz...scroll to bottom of page to see the relative status for 'profitability' for the various coin types...and bitcoin is waaaay down there....basically, 'not profitable'.


tips accepted here at hph BTC BTC:

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globalpop updates:

Upcoming 'feast (of horror for banksters)' is forecast for April 20, 2014. The data suggests it will be EU centered as there are many, repetitious references to [easter church bells] and descriptors for [late afternoon sun/cafe crowd]. Note that the 'time thingy' is still rippling about the planet...a curious link in data sets goes to the [sidewalk cafe (innocents)] being [swept along in time tsunami] that was within the SpaceGoatFarts entity. Links terminate in the [disappearing men (note plural)]. Point of origin for links is Markets entity cross linked over to [banksters], and begins in GlobalPop [feast of horrors]. Curious supporting set about [men on motorcycles] who will be [part of the image] of the [feast]. A [black easter] for banksters? (4/7/2014)

Data sets are forecasting a [bad summer (incident)] for the [queen (of the) slaves (Britains)]. In the supporting sets we have [ugly (contenance of the queen) revealed] as [confrontational encounters] will [bloom] about [her (blood stained ugly twisted) feet]. The result could be (if i am interpreting it correctly) that the [queen flees] and ends up as a [prisoner] of her [own house]. Also note that the [blood shed] will be [relatives (of the tailed one = queen)]. (4/12/2014)

Why you are fucked up. (4/8/2014)

Bolshoi explusion coming soon! Russia to pressure 'western agents' aka - NGO's to 'diminish staffing'....via taxing incoming money, AND by insisting that all incoming funds go through the upcoming Russian National Payment System. (4/15/2014)

AS FORECAST: Dare not make fun of the minion class (from ALTA report).(4/18/2014)


spacegoatfarts context updates:

Eyup, seems i was correct. Some form of a 'time thingy' occurred in last few months. More evidence showing up about the effects of this. Will discuss in future article/wujo.

'Bizarre Distortion Wave' reported rippling through New that is what i was forecasting. Expect more of similiar and larger as we progress through rest of year. (4/7/2014)

Still have growing data sets for an [in (Max's) face] form of a [ufo/dalek (woo-woo)] encounter sometime before Fall. Data sets are quite interesting suggesting that this 'episode' will be fodder for global speculation at a huge level. Perhaps THE most commonly discussed, single temporal incident of this decade, but certainly this year. (4/11/2014)


hph analytics updates:

серебро тогда, теперь золото (Silver then, now Gold) - Russia planning a new 'gold age' to result from their educational reforms taking place in 2020. UNlike UN sponsored 'education' here in USA/WestLand Empire, in Russia the emphasis is on positive approach to Russian history, tradional values, and science/maths. (4/14/2014)

The Truth about the Bundy Standoff (vid) - stefan molyneux

It's all about PIE!....the whole damn Ukraine crisis/coup is all about PIE! If you want you can jump to last half of vid at 12:48...and listen to the long list of PIE ingredients. Max Keiser (4/19/2014) and the PIE conglomerate coup!