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July 'fireworks' will really take off (according to ST data) around the 8th.

Processing now for the next report. Lots of tuning, and new linguistic structures to categorize therefore some significant preparation work prior to report. Form of report not yet decided. Will post scheduled availability when we can.

IM & ST data are suggesting that 'fire' meme is not yet done. Further that a 'long caravan/convoy' will be 'stranded', and have to rely on 'native/local assistance' which in its turn will 'create conditions' in which something of a 'cultural break-through/epiphany' will occur which, in its turn, is showing as 'shattering' the 'solidity of corportate media'. This, later in 2015/2016 is indicated to 'remove (the floor) from (temple) hollywood'. Hmmm....


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Crisis Change and Universe...E. Von Greyerz and M. St. Clair....

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April 2, 2015

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by clif high June 24, 2015 6:39 pm

At five minutes after 1:00 pm on September 23, 2015, exactly 4 hours, and four minutes after the latest prophecy of doom said the 'kill shot asteroid' would strike Luxembourg, five people in black suits walked into the First Ave and Wall Street branch of the OneBank Corporation.

All five wore sunglasses which, as though on a single silent command, they each carefully removed and placed in their inner, suit pocket.

The tall blonde woman among them placed herself squarely in front of the double doors through which they had just entered, and carefully placed a....(read more)


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"In 1929 I began to consider what the little individual could do on behalf of his fellow man that government and corporations could not do. It became evident that the individual was the only one that could deliberately find the time to think in a cosmically adequate manner. Each human has his lifetime to invest. If he commits to operations in cosmic integrities he will find himself participating in nature's own formulations and will realize the potentials of her various freedoms and choices, to be employed to the advantage of all human beings to come, in order that humans may fulfill their cosmic functioning on board of our planet."

—R. Buckminster Fuller


Gonna die too soon:

this section is a building collection of good ideas, and damn good ideas that i would pursue if i had more years:

3d printed replacement teeth. - They have tried titanium 'roots' for replacement teeth, but this was about a decade ago and they mostly just fell out due to the bone reducing under the permanent arc of the metal root structure. My idea is to use a titanium 3d printer, and to replicate, from xrays, the existing tooth root structure at the time of extraction BUT with the provision for replacing only the two inner roots, and these with 'flat plate/plane' replicates of the shape of the root. These would have minute holes in them for bone to grow through, and would be attached, inner and outer, across the top of the ridge of the jaw bone in a manner that had a slight squeezing pressure due to a 'collapsing arc' being used. As the tooth is screwed onto the 'threaded stem' on the arc of titanium, and pressure is exerted by biting, the 'collapsing arc' design would cause the replacement roots to maintain their grip on the bone, just as do real tooth roots. Cost for 3d titanium printer now, about 10,000 dollars *(USD), so within the potential to be packaged and sold to dentists offices for 'on site' use. The dentist would still have to sculpt the replacement tooth, but no more drilling into jaws...Just sayin....(6-9-2015)




Structured Water

December 5, 2014 - Our extra-galatic buddy at Jerry, has built a tres cool water structure device by 3d printer and application of some smarts. These are nifty, easy to use, pitcher-like devices that are really effective. The vortex from the flow through the impossibly small outlet hole shows the true power of the device. He is now making these for discriminating, water aware humans who wish to contact him at the domain link above. He has a page (to be posted soon(ish)) that will detail how to obtain one for yourself. In the meantime, hit the link and send in your order via contact info.

interstellar Future cup THE cup of the future? Structure the water as you drink it?


So many questions after our recent successful duckweed and pie dough experiments (no not together, 2/two separate experiments), anyway, i thought to put up a few video links on how you too can make your own water structure device for minimal bucks and start experimenting on yourself and others.....

Do the calculations here:

how much does that dogecoin in the window cost in real money?


Hugelkultur! Watch out...contagious!


gnawing on universe in the bhat cave....(encore)



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Just to remind: given the real nature of universe (constant creation/destruction model = aka 'the electric universe'), it is not now possible, nor has it ever been, nor will it ever be possible to get 'energy' from 'matter'. You will see that this statement is self evident when one considers that all 'matter' is but an illusion caused in our minds by the incredible density of energy in universe. Therefore [(E=M*C2) = BullShit]. (1/8/2015)




The only site on the net for publicly available future forecasts from algorithmic examination of humanity consciousness.

All humans are psychic. Most do not recognize it. All humans 'leak' their psychic intuition via their language choices. Here at HPH we have been collecting 'leaks' about the future in our language buckets since 1997.

Halfpasthuman 'Emotive Reduction Engine' is at the core of our predictive linguistics system, and allows our spyders to qualify and quantify and react to the emotive differences in text that betray the 'leaking' of psychic impressions.

While humans internalize and react to the emotive content of words, software is usually blind to such distinctions. The HPH emotive reduction engine can 'read' emotions from such text, and further, determine which are also 'future shadowing'. It is this capacity to extract emotive nuance that allows us to do far better than 'chance' in our predictions of future manifestations.

Arguably, i invented the discipline of predictive linguistics in 1993. Since then, others have followed the trail i blazed. Interesting that it takes 45/forty five 'academic' humans to duplicate the work of one mad scientist and one igor (EYE-gor)....USA Bots sus out ebola

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