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Rubber and pea money and timing.....

by clif high March 7 2015 7:38am

Just before the previous 'great' Depression set in to the local Pacific North West area in the 1930's, my step grandfather, smelling the changes in the wind, invested his savings in a share of what was called a 'gold mine' in central Washington state . It was a mine, of a sort, having a hole in a hill in which the 5/five share-holder/miners lived in the Summer when on site, however all of the gold was being extracted by panning methods in the local stream as the mine was far too distant in very trecherous terrain for the owners to pack in heavy equipment. As he told his story, my grandfather did mention the occassional 'experiment' with this 'new technology (for them)' of locally produced dyno-mite. But in the end, the miners were successful in panning some serious (for the days) wealth out of the uninviting area and bitterly cold streams that cost my grandfather feeling in the ends of his hands for the rest of his life, but he always maintained it was a small cost to pay for what they all gained. My grandfather used his gold to prepare for the up-coming 'Bigger War' (his name for WW2).

He had gotten his start as a smart human just prior to World War 1. He had his suspicions about what was coming, and as a young man, and to his family's horror, he put all his meager savings into buying tires. Yes, rubber tires. Mainly tires for Model A and T Ford cars, but near the end he was packing in even bicycle tires up to the rafters in his small garage/shed on his property. As he had anticipated, when the Bankers War (WW1) erupted, rubber became a scarce commodity, especially in the less populated, and less industrialized parts of North America, one of which definitely was the Pacific North West of that day.

So step-grandpa made back his 'rubber money' and more. He once admitted to having made more than 100/one hundred times his investment on some of the tires in his garage as they were sold over the course of the war years. He also was quite candid in that yes, he was a 'war profiteer', but then so was Rockefeller and Morgan, so why not he?

Grandfathers' story continues through World War 2, which he also knew was coming. In that bit of foresight, he sold his PNW house, including the now empty garage, took all the new gold, the last of his old 'rubber money', and his family down to California where he bought a defunct cannery.

Yes, it was one of the lesser famous canneries from the iconic 'Cannery Row' area. He knew that this Bigger War was going to involve many more men, and reasoning that the Goobermint was going to need someone to sell them foods to feed "all them poor son's o'bastards", so why not him? He set about raising money, and working hard until the old cannery was whipped into shape. Throughout the war he steadily canned peas and carrots and corn and fish and sold it to the goobermint as fast as they could generate steam for the giant autoclave and as fast as the goobermint checks could be cashed.

In a long fishing conversation near Catalina Island years later, step grandfather related that the key to success is indeed timing, but he also noted that he had but 1/one observation in life, and 1/one rule for success: when "men get together and 'think' as a group, calling themselves government, nature makes them all stupid as fuck; and one can not over-estimate the stupidity of goobermint which makes Pea money easier than either Rubber money or panning gold.

However, he also admitted to being far more satisfied with 'muddy gold' in his numb fingers, than a 'dirty goobermint check'.....

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As forecast in IDIR series: 'primal waters discovered (being created) deep in terra'. Link to article. (12/18/2014)

Not only a 'shitstorm' for [financials] this year (2015), but also actual [storms]. The data sets, all 3/three types, are showing that following the [winter solstice] a period of [intense storming] is going to [propel winter] as a meme back into [public attention]. The [storming period] is indicated to continue well past the vernal equinox and to [finish] the 'season' with another round of [spectacular storms], as it started. Lots of [bookends (to nasty season)] language showing a [series] of [northern hemisphere] [winter storms] that will [launch (water carried) disapora] as well as [damage infrastructure]. This last is showing as having very large impact on Markets (see below). The [storm damage] is also indicated to [continue] late into the season in a manner not seen before. Further [southern hemisphere storming] will also be on-going and at an intensity [not reported (previously)]. This will apparently include lots of [lightning strikes] that are showing as being causes for [explosions], [distribution (systems) damage], and [fatalities]. (12/17/2014)

New analysis here at HPH suggests that the increase in UV is *the* cause for the precipitation 'problems' around the planet for humans. We (here at HPH - our opinion/not bot-data driven) anticipate yet more UV increases (guard your eyes/child's eyes) over next 15/fifteen years. This is part of the [ice age cometh] scenario that the IDIR (and ALTA) data have been pointing at since 1997 (aka - sun 'disease'). This will lead (ultimately) to huge (cold precipitation = snow/ice) storms from Winter (northern hemisphere) 2016 onward. (1/7/2015)

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"In 1929 I began to consider what the little individual could do on behalf of his fellow man that government and corporations could not do. It became evident that the individual was the only one that could deliberately find the time to think in a cosmically adequate manner. Each human has his lifetime to invest. If he commits to operations in cosmic integrities he will find himself participating in nature's own formulations and will realize the potentials of her various freedoms and choices, to be employed to the advantage of all human beings to come, in order that humans may fulfill their cosmic functioning on board of our planet."

—R. Buckminster Fuller


(January 3, 2015) F(negative) force: i have found references in sanskrta journals to a 'blue' metal, and a 'red' metal. These were the 'rods' that we see being held within the hands of the pharoah bas reliefs in Egypt. The blue metal is reputed to 'take (most) of the weight' from inanimate objects when placed on them, while the red metal was used to 'provide energetic excitement' to fluids of all kinds (heats air, water...that sort of thing). These were power symbols as only skilled individuals could use them without causing problems. Within the descriptions, these rods were the penultimate symbol of the engineering (practical) meritocracy that managed the use and production of 'local universe altering tools'.


Structured Water

December 5, 2014 - Our extra-galatic buddy at Jerry, has built a tres cool water structure device by 3d printer and application of some smarts. These are nifty, easy to use, pitcher-like devices that are really effective. The vortex from the flow through the impossibly small outlet hole shows the true power of the device. He is now making these for discriminating, water aware humans who wish to contact him at the domain link above. He has a page (to be posted soon(ish)) that will detail how to obtain one for yourself. In the meantime, hit the link and send in your order via contact info.

interstellar Future cup THE cup of the future? Structure the water as you drink it?


So many questions after our recent successful duckweed and pie dough experiments (no not together, 2/two separate experiments), anyway, i thought to put up a few video links on how you too can make your own water structure device for minimal bucks and start experimenting on yourself and others.....

Do the calculations here:

how much does that dogecoin in the window cost in real money?


Hugelkultur! Watch out...contagious!


gnawing on universe in the bhat cave....(encore)



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Just to remind: given the real nature of universe (constant creation/destruction model = aka 'the electric universe'), it is not now possible, nor has it ever been, nor will it ever be possible to get 'energy' from 'matter'. You will see that this statement is self evident when one considers that all 'matter' is but an illusion caused in our minds by the incredible density of energy in universe. Therefore [(E=M*C2) = BullShit]. (1/8/2015)




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All humans are psychic. Most do not recognize it. All humans 'leak' their psychic intuition via their language choices. Here at HPH we have been collecting 'leaks' about the future in our language buckets since 1997.

Halfpasthuman 'Emotive Reduction Engine' is at the core of our predictive linguistics system, and allows our spyders to qualify and quantify and react to the emotive differences in text that betray the 'leaking' of psychic impressions.

While humans internalize and react to the emotive content of words, software is usually blind to such distinctions. The HPH emotive reduction engine can 'read' emotions from such text, and further, determine which are also 'future shadowing'. It is this capacity to extract emotive nuance that allows us to do far better than 'chance' in our predictions of future manifestations.

Arguably, i invented the discipline of predictive linguistics in 1993. Since then, others have followed the trail i blazed. Interesting that it takes 45/forty five 'academic' humans to duplicate the work of one mad scientist and one igor (EYE-gor)....USA Bots sus out ebola

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