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painting the proa Nuc Squaxin....

by clif high, Wednesday,Sept 3, 2014 1:30pm

with respect..

Pictures from the boatshed as we finish painting Nuc Squaxin, and getting the ama, beams and trailer ready for the rigging phase of construction (basically our last set of several hundreds of tasks).


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Current trends information:

terra context updates:


markets context updates:




globalpop updates:

The GlobalPop Entity has several, large and growing sets for [new man] or [new form masculine culture] that is indicated to be [central] to the [pan terran revolution and renaissance]. This [male gender renaissance] is forecast as being [global], [uplifting], developing a [pan gender cultural identity embracing maleness as humans], creating a [philosophical school for examining maleness as humans], establishing [youth strengthening groups across the planet (with connections to each other)], as well as [providing energy] to [revolutionary discussion/movement (globally)].

A part of the [new man culture] will center on new expressions of [ancient value sets] that are currently being seen within the global [parkour] and [calisthenics] movements emerging as [popular street culture]. (9/30/2014)

spacegoatfarts context updates:

SGFs are forecasting via longer term data sets that [alien hunts] will be [visible] in the [media (all kinds)] if one knows for what to look. The idea coming through the details is that various [officialdom organizations] throughout the world will be [hunting for human appearing aliens] through the use of some form of technology, and that this activity will be [video captured] repeatedly over the next [5/five years]. The mystery is what form this technology will take, and what will be the cover story for its use. Much of the details in these sets suggest some form of [disguised alien sniffing devices] that, in the curious nature of universe, while not being recognized as [alien sniffers], will still cause [conspiracy theories] to [erupt] about the use of the [disguised technology] in public settings. In the imagery, the impression of [sinister trucks] at [public sporting events] comes through as a core component of the [conspiracy theories] about these [sniffer devices]. (9/30/2014)


hph projects and noodles updates:

Structured Water

So many questions after our recent successful duckweed and pie dough experiments (no not together, 2/two separate experiments), anyway, i thought to put up a few video links on how you too can make your own water structure device for minimal bucks and start experimenting on yourself and others.....

Do the calculations here:

how much does that dogecoin in the window cost in real money?


Hugelkultur! Watch out...contagious!


gnawing on universe in the bhat cave....(encore)


hph analytics updates:

Predicting the future through social networks (note they stumbled onto shorter term data types within the immediacy values of the twitter stream - the same phenomenon i observered in 1998 as the internet was being populated with data (pre-twitter))


The only site on the net for publicly available future forecasts from algorithmic examination of humanity consciousness.

All humans are psychic. Most do not recognize it. All humans 'leak' their psychic intuition via their language choices. Here at HPH we have been collecting 'leaks' about the future in our language buckets since 1997.

Halfpasthuman 'Emotive Reduction Engine' is at the core of our predictive linguistics system, and allows our spyders to qualify and quantify and react to the emotive differences in text that betray the 'leaking' of psychic impressions.

While humans internalize and react to the emotive content of words, software is usually blind to such distinctions. The HPH emotive reduction engine can 'read' emotions from such text, and further, determine which are also 'future shadowing'. It is this capacity to extract emotive nuance that allows us to do far better than 'chance' in our predictions of future manifestations.

Arguably, i invented the discipline of predictive linguistics in 1993. Since then, others have followed the trail i blazed. Interesting that it takes 45/forty five 'academic' humans to duplicate the work of one mad scientist and one igor (EYE-gor)....USA Bots sus out ebola

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