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Schlomo's Cocaine addiction.....

Sometimes it is difficult to accept what humans will the last century a cocaine (and other substances) addict wrote over 400 thousand words about what his many addictions had done to his mind.

Then, for its own purposes, the Tavistock Institute took these writings, asserted that they were theories, and created a religion around them that they then insisted is science, and called it "psychiatry".

The addict, a fellow named Schlomo, died of his addictions, but Tavistock was not even slowed in their use of this new 'science' as a tool for mind and social behavior control. They used the Tavistock Institute's associates network to promote this 'science' into the popular culture by way of the Judaic (and Masonic) Temples and Rabbi's. Within a shockingly brief period of time, the associates (read blackmail) network had heads of state and legislatures globally passing laws forcing the intrusion of this 'new science of mind control' onto the social order. The 'science' was particularly useful to the great empires of the time, the Soviet Union of Socialist Republics, and the USA.

Humanity has suffered ever since.

Tavistock continues to promote their agenda(s) and the planet's Powers-That-Be continue to be blackmailed into supporting the convoluted cocaine fantasies that ARE Schlomo's Cocaine 'science' for purposes that they (TPTB) cannot even imagine....

Oh, you probably know Schlomo under his 'acceptable' name of Sigmund (real name is Sigismund) Freud. Tavistock recognized that humanity would NOT accept a 'new science' from a cocaine addict named Schlomo. Eh?


Tighten your sphincters people, it gets deep out there...

with respect...

there seems to be some confusion out and about as to what is 'psychiatry', and its close cousin, 'psychology'.

At its core all psychiatry is a collection of theories promulgated by humans who can not define the 'psyche', 'mind', or what it is to be 'human', and yet represent their theories to be an in-depth and comprehensive (albeit 'growing') understanding of the 'human psyche and mind'. They acknowledge that they, personally, are indeed conscious, yet at are a loss to explain consciousness.

Further these humans who cannot define 'human', nor 'consciousness', nor 'mind', are claiming to be able to at least use their 'human consciousness and mind' to explain itself. And worse, YOU!

Yes, even the cult founder of psychiatry, Schlomo Freud himself, acknowledged that mind could not be directly 'appreciated (examined)', and therefore he suggested the remedy of instead examining and collecting and codifying human behavior as a means of mind-mapping. So the remedy proposed for the mind examining itself was to instead collect notes about the behavior of humans responding to the demands of a changing environment, and to classify the behaviors into categories that are 'meaningful' in the minds of the psychiatrists. These behaviors are then used to characterize some minds as 'ill', and others as 'sane'.

Notwithstanding that no two humans will ever respond the same way to any environment as all humans perceive inputs from their senses entirely uniquely to themselves, letting 'psychiatrists' decide what is 'mental illness' is like letting quantum scientists hunt for 'sub atomic particles'. The more they look, the more they 'find', as universe and their imaginations will continue to provide what they seek just ahead of it being found.

Just as with mind, in quanta (sub atomic particles) there is an endless amount. And as the quanta chasers will never discover, nor shall the psychiatrists acknowledge, mind chasing mind will always discover... more mind. Something every zen novice learns through much pain.

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Current trends information:

terra context updates:

As forecast in IDIR series: 'primal waters discovered (being created) deep in terra'. Link to article. (12/18/2014)

Not only a 'shitstorm' for [financials] this year (2015), but also actual [storms]. The data sets, all 3/three types, are showing that following the [winter solstice] a period of [intense storming] is going to [propel winter] as a meme back into [public attention]. The [storming period] is indicated to continue well past the vernal equinox and to [finish] the 'season' with another round of [spectacular storms], as it started. Lots of [bookends (to nasty season)] language showing a [series] of [northern hemisphere] [winter storms] that will [launch (water carried) disapora] as well as [damage infrastructure]. This last is showing as having very large impact on Markets (see below). The [storm damage] is also indicated to [continue] late into the season in a manner not seen before. Further [southern hemisphere storming] will also be on-going and at an intensity [not reported (previously)]. This will apparently include lots of [lightning strikes] that are showing as being causes for [explosions], [distribution (systems) damage], and [fatalities]. (12/17/2014)

New analysis here at HPH suggests that the increase in UV is *the* cause for the precipitation 'problems' around the planet for humans. We (here at HPH - our opinion/not bot-data driven) anticipate yet more UV increases (guard your eyes/child's eyes) over next 15/fifteen years. This is part of the [ice age cometh] scenario that the IDIR (and ALTA) data have been pointing at since 1997 (aka - sun 'disease'). This will lead (ultimately) to huge (cold precipitation = snow/ice) storms from Winter (northern hemisphere) 2016 onward. (1/7/2015)

markets context updates:

ST data is showing a [crash] in the [PGMs (platinum group metals)] to even further lows AS the price of [gold/silver] rise. This is described as a [mine (company) crushing] event for the PGMs for a number of months, but ST/LT data shows a [new invention (from Russia/India)] will [suck PGMs] from the [inventory] as this [new energy/new electrics] device is [dribbled] onto the [global (maker?) market]. This [new electrics (maker?) device] is showing as late 2015. So watch the PGMs prices for a hint of when the [device] will be appearing. The [device] is much more important as a temporal marker than the PGMs price increase as the data shows at least [4/four generations] of [device iteration] and [wide spread global pop adoption]. (12/18/2014)

Ack! Too BIG to Fail Bank is showing up in data sets, both IM and ST as [receiving] a [giant (bail out/'gift')] from [Government US]. Note the [gift] language as a temporal marker. This [giant currency gift] to the [bank] is shown as [triggering] an [international 'flight'] from the [dollar] and causing a [cratering (of ) confidence] in the [Federal Reserve Bankster system] such that [rumors] of [late night emergency meetings] show up JUST as the [confidence (in dollar) tumble] turns into a [head first (fall)]. (12/17/2014)

The IM data is showing that the [Russian government] is just days away (from 12/17/2014) from [releasing (damning) information] about ???? GUS (gov't US), while simultaneously [pulling (contract) strings] to [affect/alter] the [global (cost) of (the) dollar]. (12/17/2014)

IM data is reporting that [2/two (reinsurance) companies] (related ones?) are to be [hit] by a [winter storm explosion] of [claims] that will [tip (the company)] into [severe panic (internally)], and [force] a [desperate search (for assets)] to [stave off bankruptcy]. This event/episode is, in its turn, showing as [creating] the [conditions] of an [insurance industry panic]. The [panic] is shown to be centered in [London], but to be [globally affective]. The data is also pointing toward a [hidden vulnerability] within the [re-insurance company] that will put [mountains (of) derivatives] into [play/being juggled/dynamic movement]. ST data from last month now correlates the [re-insurance crisis] to [3/three storms (on the planet)] in a temporal series (short breaks between)] as the [proximate cause] of the [insurance debacle]. Showing as being after the Winter Solstice. (12/17/2014)

IM data showing a [shake-up] in the [international relations (side)] of the [russian central bank] is coming in next few weeks. This is indicated to [purge] a [weak area] of the [Russian financial infrastructure] and to precipitate an [aggressive 'frothiness'] into [global currency trading] that will [blow-back/return (to cause problems)] to the [Federal Reserve dollar]. (12/17/2014)


globalpop updates:

As forecast some years back and a long continuing theme: USA *GUS* gov't can't pay to keep bases open. link (1/9/2015)


spacegoatfarts context updates:

It's here! Preening Daleks! Ok, January not December...

Wait for's coming....see the last SGFs entry below. Data still accumulates in the [british royals criminal behavior fucks over BBC] sets. This is a very very significant temporal marker for a number of GlobalPop affecting sets and forecasts including [markets (banks disruptions)] and [temporal disturbances (solar induced most likely)]. (11/24/2014)

SGFs entity data sets growing large within the areas of [UFOs (in MSM)] as well as [manifesting fears (within TPTB)] hitting the [mainstream media- corporate controlled propagandists]. These [fears (of TPTB/officialdom)] will be [visible] in temporal relation to [space aliens/UFO's]. (11/5/2014)

Data sets within the SGFs entity are gaining new sub sets around the idea of a [breakthrough] in [understanding (of) time] that will have direct [impact] on multitudes of [business types]. The [breakthrough] is described as causing [strokes/headaches/bloat/bellyaches/fear shits] in the [military] and [academia]. In the sub sets for [academia] there are some details of [apoplectic shock] that will [strike] a [lecturer (in mid sentence?)] as the [profundity] of the [new time understanding] renders many [professor/mathematician life work's obsolete]. These are shorter term and longer term values mainly, and the [breakthrough] starts having impact in modelspace in Spring, 2015 (northern hemisphere) (11/5/2014)

ST data shows that this [December] in [northern hemisphere] the [UFO/(daleks/machine-intelligences?)] will be [displaying] in an almost [preening fashion *(grooming?)] over [large swaths (of continents)]. The imagery in the detail layer suggest that this [display] will be [nearly unique] in UFO history in that it will be [involving (large bands)] across [whole continents]. (10-14-2014)

LT data types are suggesting that [November, 2015] will have [aware (??) humanity] being [actively/dynamically] involved with [multiple species] of [space aliens]. Further data sets point to a [fundamental (knowledge) revolution] that occurs [across popular understanding] in the first [half] of 2015 as [events (dalek?)] become [too blatant] to [collectively ignore]. A curious side effect of this set has huge levels of cross links back over to the [british criminal rulers (aka self claiming 'royals')] where [history] will be [revealed] that will [set the populace] against the [blood lines] at a [visceral/cellular] level. This [(near) xenophobic reaction] is described as [destroying] several [offshoots (of 'royals' bloodlines)] and also causing [near total breakdown] of the [BBC]. (10/16/2014)

Will the [Pedo Prince] secrets revealed bring down the BBC? Long term, and Immediacy data say 'eyup, sure enough, just wait for it a little bit longer'. BBC to next [suffer] the [carriage treatment?] from the [dirty hands] of the ['royals']. The [pedo cult unraveling] still has over [200/two hundred personalities] to [expose] during this next phase. (1/9/2015)

Will the [Pedo Prince secrets revealed] lead to [widespread (in entertainment celebrity world) 'suicides']? Will the [authorities] end up [breaking down (the island 'barriers')] to [expose (the bodies/corpses)]? Data says yes, and further we can expect that some extremely [high profile names] among the [global celebrity elite] will end up with the [pedo flush (name for a new method of being 'suicided')]. (1/9/2015)


hph projects and noodles updates:

"In 1929 I began to consider what the little individual could do on behalf of his fellow man that government and corporations could not do. It became evident that the individual was the only one that could deliberately find the time to think in a cosmically adequate manner. Each human has his lifetime to invest. If he commits to operations in cosmic integrities he will find himself participating in nature's own formulations and will realize the potentials of her various freedoms and choices, to be employed to the advantage of all human beings to come, in order that humans may fulfill their cosmic functioning on board of our planet."

—R. Buckminster Fuller


(January 3, 2015) F(negative) force: i have found references in sanskrta journals to a 'blue' metal, and a 'red' metal. These were the 'rods' that we see being held within the hands of the pharoah bas reliefs in Egypt. The blue metal is reputed to 'take (most) of the weight' from inanimate objects when placed on them, while the red metal was used to 'provide energetic excitement' to fluids of all kinds (heats air, water...that sort of thing). These were power symbols as only skilled individuals could use them without causing problems. Within the descriptions, these rods were the penultimate symbol of the engineering (practical) meritocracy that managed the use and production of 'local universe altering tools'.

Have been kicked off of LinkedIn for expressing opinions. i have need of legal advice in structuring an 'institute' with the goal of pursuing (in a more organized fashion) the many variant, off-shoot sciences that humanity has abandoned along its path to current scientific understanding. The focus of the institute will be the practical application in an open source manner of the discoveries funded by the institute. Basically it comes down to 'science research' is hugely expensive, and i think there are better ways to organize for such exploration. Will keep this posted until i have made contact with a legal mind that knows the arena (1/3/2015)

Structured Water

December 5, 2014 - Our extra-galatic buddy at Jerry, has built a tres cool water structure device by 3d printer and application of some smarts. These are nifty, easy to use, pitcher-like devices that are really effective. The vortex from the flow through the impossibly small outlet hole shows the true power of the device. He is now making these for discriminating, water aware humans who wish to contact him at the domain link above. He has a page (to be posted soon(ish)) that will detail how to obtain one for yourself. In the meantime, hit the link and send in your order via contact info.

interstellar Future cup THE cup of the future? Structure the water as you drink it?


So many questions after our recent successful duckweed and pie dough experiments (no not together, 2/two separate experiments), anyway, i thought to put up a few video links on how you too can make your own water structure device for minimal bucks and start experimenting on yourself and others.....

Do the calculations here:

how much does that dogecoin in the window cost in real money?


Hugelkultur! Watch out...contagious!


gnawing on universe in the bhat cave....(encore)



hph analytics updates:

Just to remind: given the real nature of universe (constant creation/destruction model = aka 'the electric universe'), it is not now possible, nor has it ever been, nor will it ever be possible to get 'energy' from 'matter'. You will see that this statement is self evident when one considers that all 'matter' is but an illusion caused in our minds by the incredible density of energy in universe. Therefore [(E=M/C2) = BullShit]. (1/8/2015)




The only site on the net for publicly available future forecasts from algorithmic examination of humanity consciousness.

All humans are psychic. Most do not recognize it. All humans 'leak' their psychic intuition via their language choices. Here at HPH we have been collecting 'leaks' about the future in our language buckets since 1997.

Halfpasthuman 'Emotive Reduction Engine' is at the core of our predictive linguistics system, and allows our spyders to qualify and quantify and react to the emotive differences in text that betray the 'leaking' of psychic impressions.

While humans internalize and react to the emotive content of words, software is usually blind to such distinctions. The HPH emotive reduction engine can 'read' emotions from such text, and further, determine which are also 'future shadowing'. It is this capacity to extract emotive nuance that allows us to do far better than 'chance' in our predictions of future manifestations.

Arguably, i invented the discipline of predictive linguistics in 1993. Since then, others have followed the trail i blazed. Interesting that it takes 45/forty five 'academic' humans to duplicate the work of one mad scientist and one igor (EYE-gor)....USA Bots sus out ebola

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