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July 29, 2016

dab'dat, bitches!

Language changes constantly...and we can tell that you are participating! Oh, we know it is not your fault, it's just how emotions work...they drive language. Hard. And slang is the output.

Slang is where language bleeds and words die. Slang has a pull-date...a don't use after this date that is firmly attached. Slang by its nature either makes it into mainstream, or dies trying. Most slang words don't last more than mere weeks. Just following the appearance and lifespan of slang at the aggregate level evokes memories of biological ecology studies. like observing some strange lifeform in a petri dish...language is alive and slang is its birthing point. After all, slang in humans is an expression of life, a very deep one, so powerful that none of the words they know will adequately express this feeling, thus of course, a new word is needed!

Slang occupies a vastly disproportionate amount of our personal mental 'word space' in our minds. Which brings up the 'why' question...that nasty annoying little word constantly poking at contentment, providing life with both motivation and irritation....why? Why do we constantly invent language and why the slang process to do it? Why is it generational? And why is it locked in to cohort temporal marker frameworks? Why does slang, both 'successful' and not, have a definitive use (or life) path without regard to culture or the underlying language or alphabet? Oh, so many whys that the mind rebels, and thus seeks solace in the cloaking activities of work.

As far as the work goes though, slang is tres makes our form of future forensic linguistic detective work a whole lot easier as where slang is we know that language bleeds, and the mind leads..

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