2021-01-11 8:02AM

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The vagus nervous system crouches in the bodies of vertebrates like a Space Alien parasite. It wraps through the body linking all the major organs, excepting the adrenal system, to the brain but not through the spinal column, but around it. It looks a bit creepy. Search it, plenty of pictures.

Invertebrates don’t have a vagus nervous system, some hardly any nerves to recognize. All vertebrata do have the vagus system, but it varies in sophistication widely from the ultra simple, non insulated (non myelinated) form of the reptiles, including the avians, and most fishes, to the complex, redundantly insulated/myelinated, cross linked vagus system of the humans. Arguably the vagus system of the whales/dolphins is as, if not more, complex, though of a different design with a different style of inter-node inter-communications.

In humans, and in some of the large primates, the vagus system runs what is known as Cranial Nerve X (10) and C. Nerve (IX) (9) along with C. Nerve (IV) 4 in a manner unlike other vertebrata with exception of your pals, dogs and cats. Pigs also have some aspect of this routing. But not as much as dogs, nor the lesser amount of cats.

This CN-X (cranial nerve 10 designation) is key to consciousness as the routing through this area of the brain then is tied to the pancreas. I know, seems goofy, but stick with me here.

Most, serious, philosophers will acknowledge that the seat of consciousness only feels as though cranial centered. You can self check this concept with a quick philosophic experiment of whacking your foot or fingers or shin with a hammer. INSTANTLY the sensation of your consciousness will leap into what is known as your Body-Mind and you will discover your ‘self’ right at that point of the body that you just smacked with that hammer. Don’t hit your body parts too hard, you will have to live with the consequences of the experiment. This is the same thing that happens when you thwack your toe on something when walking in the dark.

This is due to all your sense organs being located in your skull. That is what sustains, until injury elsewhere, the illusion of a cranium centered consciousness. These separate sub systems of eyes, ears, nose, tongue/mouth, are all providing complex signaling, coordinated array fashion, in order to provide your consciousness with the data from a protected, hard shell. The brain in this illustration is a data capture and coordination center, with the actual processing of the info being accomplished in, you guessed it, the vagus nervous system.

The vagus nervous system is key to your experience of life in another way. It acts, not only as the transport layer for vast amounts of body regulation information, but also as the coordinator for the emulsified antennae that is your brain mass.

Your gray matter is really micro crystalline (neurons) structures floating in lightly solid oil. It is a very very sophisticated antenna that all of military industrial complex has been working for decades trying to replicate. You can prove this to yourself with another simple philosophical experiment. Go to a car park. Place your car in a slot. Lock it with the little wireless key. Walk away and find out how far you can go before the key stops working to lock/unlock the car. Then walk twice as far away, the take the key and place it on the side of your skull, in contact with the temple ‘dent’ above the jaw, and activate your key. The car will respond. Then keep walking further away until this does not work. That will show you how powerful an antennae you have in your skull.

It was the vagus nervous system that first provided me with the clues. This was in connection with the large number of episodes of bizarre animal behavior over the first two decades of this century. Yes, there were some of these episodes in the last century, but the frequency took a huge jump in the late 1990s. As we went into 2005, the frequency escalated significantly following the Banda Ache Tsunami just at the end of 2004. That event was coincident with a massive cosmic ray influx and a significant loss of Earth’s atmosphere. We peeled off 5% of the upper atmosphere in a matter of minutes as the cosmic rays were detected just as the sub sea earthquake was detected and the tsunami occurred.

The tsunami was proximate to the cosmic rays which are known to cause the earth to react. Cosmic rays go right through you, water, rock, and everything. They pass right through birds and other animals as well. These, and other, not yet quantified therefore unknown, energies may pass through our bodies undetected, but the passing may be felt. Or rather, affecting of us at a subconscious level. My term for this is the Strange (new) Energies from Space.

These energies are strange to us as our Sun has been dragging the planetary vortex that includes Earth through a totally new region of Space since 1995 as per Russian astrophysicists and former Soviet astrophysicist predictions from the late 1950s. Just as we entered into this new region of Space, our sun’s corona started shrinking dramatically. It went from 5000 degrees to just over 3600 degrees K in only a few short years. This shrinking is within the solar heliosphere and the corona. This shrinking means that new energies created by the Sun’s passage in this new region of Space are slipping around the Sun’s corona to come back to strike the planets in large quantities. It is this effect that accounts for solar system wide planet warming. All planets have more energy impacting their surface.

There was a gradual ramping up of energies from the 1950s, which had a science shocking event in 1956 that remains undisclosed to global citizens to this day, which led to the Geophysical Year global coordinated science hype of 1958, and a coincident sudden focus of all major developed governments on Antarctica.

Governmental interest jumped significantly in 2002. It continues to this day. The governments try to keep it hidden, but more and more resources are headed South ever since they discovered ‘IT’ in 2002. This IT has been leaked as a ‘large magnetic anomaly under the ice discovered by satellite’. There may be some fact in that, but as governments lie, it is difficult to ascertain.

It was, as you will recall, over this period that we had flocks of birds dropping from the sky with increasing frequency, as well as large fish and other aquatic life form die-offs at various places in different oceans. There was all manner of reported strange animal behavior across a wide range of species. Things were getting screwy.

All of that was related to the vagus nervous system. The incoming radiations which include cosmic rays, as well as the unknown, new energies from Space, are passing through us, but also affecting us. Just as the birds, and other animals, all of which are vertebrata (for the most part), were also affected, though in their case, it was much more rapid, and in the short term, more dramatic, as the pluckers just fell from the sky.

It hit these particular animals, avians, pisceans, reptiles, amphibians, and others, hardest, as they have what are known as ‘brittle’ vagus nervous systems. That is their vagus nerves, are not insulated with fats (myelinated) as are those in the primates, and a few other ‘higher animal’ forms.

These brittle vagus systems were not protected by fats, and thus were damaged by these new energies, where ours, more protected, have endured without apparent affect. This is the key word, ‘apparent’.

We humans have been affected, as we see with those people within what we may choose to label as the ‘brittle’ parts of our civilization. The aware observer will be able to spot trends within humanity over these last 30 or so years which cannot be put entirely to social engineering. These trends within humanity are organic, and natural, but do not originate within humanity as we are being affected en masse, though not uniformly, by an external agent, these new radiations. These energies are now making all of us more ‘brittle’.

We are all now more on edge, more ‘energized’, even if those energies are felt as a new debilitation (first showing in the thighs by the way), a new ‘vibration’ of an unusual, and increasingly unsettling nature. This is the way it will be for a number of decades. The energies will increase both in their volume, as well as their impact on our system.

Fortunately for humans, there are steps we can take to mitigate the ‘brittle’ factor induced by these radiations on our vagus nervous system. The very FIRST thing to do is to stop eating any seed oils in any form. Switch to fats. Real ghee or beef tallow. That sort of thing. Even avocado oil, the only seed oil close to a true fat with a profile akin to human breast milk, will not replace the myelin you now need to protect your many nerves, mostly of the vagus system, that are not enclosed in bone. We also note that the people who are most ‘brittle’ in our society are overwhelmingly vegetarians or vegans, and their acting out, and stridency of late can easily be plotted against rising levels of incoming energies from space. There is a correlation. It may be augmentative, if not causal.

The energies are here, now, and will continue. We can expect that the more vegan the diet, the more brittle the human, emotionally, mentally, and physically, as earth moves us through this decade while the sun pulls us deeper into this new region of Space.

The energies will persist, so your efforts to adapt need also persist. New habits and protocols will need to be developed over these next years. Practices such as ‘grounding’ (ion exchange with wet earth to affect body charge), and red light therapy, again a charge affecting process will need to be employed along with optimal vitamins and correct diet for the body type. In Ages past, travelers carried their own silver (antimicrobial) tableware so as to reduce contamination, and thus prevent death from what we would consider today to be treatable, if not ‘casual’ food poisoning. As in those times, we will now have to cultivate practices to prevent being overwhelmed by the sympathetic vibration of our vagus nervous system to these incoming new energies from Space.

It may be anticipated that as these energies increase, there will be more, continuing reaction within the Wokian Theology along exactly the same lines as is already being pursued, that is, more vegan, more vegetarian, more seed oils, less myelin, less vagus insulation, which produce yet more sympathetic reaction on the part of the vagus system, all combining to create yet more incidents of extreme acting out and continuing emotional turmoil. This is in combination with the weaponization of emotion, that is, empathy, and the increasing cognitive dissonance affecting the mental flexibility of those who are ‘strumming’ in their bodies to these new energies from Space.

Calm will rule. Calm provides the space to reason. It should be cultivated in all times, but know that over these next decades it will be difficult if you do not find practices that will deal with the impacts on your body.

If you did not have the myelin around your nerves, the car key to the skull experiment might kill you. Your body without fats around nerves would be so sensitive to electronics as to virtually ‘buzz’ the mind. Look how many people with electrical sensitivity syndrome are vegan. In fact, many reports of this phenomena show that these individuals first experience this effect after becoming vegetarian, but not recognizing it to be connected to diet, move even further into the danger zone by dropping what few fats they were consuming.

Think of any, calming, comfort food, and what do you find. Plenty of fats.

Fats will keep you from riding that Bull MoonBat til crazy. Fats, and other practices will keep you calm when all those around you are stridently, desperately trying to burn out that unknown Demon strumming their strings.

Fats and optimal vitamins will help you make good choices in our obviously chaotic future.

Just as with hardening the body against the virus with vitamins D, C & zinc and Chaga mushroom works, and is now getting increasing evidentiary support from MSM & academia, we will also ‘discover’ these radiations and the importance of myelin promoting diets in the fullness of the slowness of time as governed by the officialdom layers of our social order. Probably about 2 and a half years.

Be well. It takes real work.

BTW: all this also helps you cope with the challenges of a Universe that simply loves to shout SURPRISE!