Nice doggie, there Bill...try again...you can learn this trick, we know you can...

In the past there have been a few times where it has made some sense to
post a note on current events. This note is not about what is happening
in the msm/propaganda press (who cares about scripted 'news' anyway),
but rather, because there have been several emails, is in response to the
'whistleblower' labeled 'charles' who has recently been featured on Bill
Ryan's Project Avalon web site. Having taken the time to watch, and
mainly listen as charlies face was absent from the vid, the impression
bubbles up is "eh, so what?". The inconsistencies within charlies'
statements, and his obviously limited grasp of reality (note he is
convinced that the lying scum 33/thirty three 'rulers of the world' who
are his employers would not dare lie to him, their dirty deeds specialist),
do not support his story. The language used throughout the video is yet
more hype, and no delivery. Given the total lack of any relevant
information, it begs the question of 'why' produce and release this wet
noodle of a video?

It would seem that Bill Ryan has heard the criticism as he has released
a video on YouTube in which he attempts to supply a 'back story' as to
why this is, yet-again, his most important work ever, and indeed, why
any of the 'alternative media' should give a shit about charles and his
rather old news concern over GMO foods. Yes, every human should
be seriously concerned about the evils being wrought by the GMO
foods corporations, but, again...way old news.

However, my real bitch with Bill is not the charles video, but rather his
follow-up release on YouTube. In watching this video, a couple of
things jump right out. First is the blink rate that Bill has and its
association to what he is saying at that moment. Blink rates are a key
'discomfort tell' that bring up warning flags to the viewer about the
message being sent. The blinking and other vocal tension tells are so
prevalent through out the video that one could be forgiven if they
momentarily thought that they were watching the infamous Dan Burisch
on any of his videos. But, if it were only that, it would be easy to pass on
and ignore yet another 'historic' and 'ground breaking' and 'mega
important' video from Bill Ryan. But, and you knew it was coming,
there is more.

At the core of the Bill Ryan video is the message that IF we common
people reading alternative media are 'smart enough', and 'diligent
enough' to 'learn the lesson' that the 'rulers of the world' are trying to
teach us, why, we will then prove ourselves worthy of being their
obedient pets. Ok, so Bill does not actually put it in quite those words,
but the basic message of the video is that Bill Ryan, whom we could
hereafter refer to as 'the anointed one' as he was chosen to represent all
of the unruly dogs to the 'rulers of the world', will be our conduit to our
'betters'. Just listen to the language, especially from 47minutes and 33
seconds (hmmmm 33 seconds, curious) onward. The message is quite
clear....."if we are honorable (note the hidden sub texts involved such as
just who shall judge us to be honorable?)", if we 'pick up the ball
quickly enough" (hmmm..doesn't one teach their dogs to fetch with
balls?), ..."if we respond in a way that is regarded as being
appropriate"...(hmmm, again, who shall judge our 'appropriate-
ness'?)....and then, and only then, will 'we will be
respected"....(hmmm...by our "betters?")...."then we will earn
more"...(hmm...just like good pets, eh Bill?).

But, then there is the other side of the relationship, according to Bill
Ryan as he lists the 'thou shalt nots' in the relationship....(47:51) Of
course, like good little pets we are admonished to 'chew it down'
(regardless of the taste).

Bill then closes by stating that he does not know if we 'deserve' to learn
more. Huh? What the FUCK?!

Again, WTF? Deserve to learn more?!?

Well, being an unruly pet to TPTW has always worked out for me....and
there is no reason presented by BR that alters my approach. Fuck'em. In
case the anointed one has missed it, challenge IS at the core of life.
And it just so happens that any rulers of the world WILL BE
CHALLENGED until they all fall. Sic semper tyrannis, eh dude?

So, stay tuned? Will Bill Ryan be granted an 'audience' with the 'rulers
of the world' like a good little pet?

Language uber alles, Bill....and the WHOLE of your video condenses
down to the message from these "rulers" as 'be nice doggies and maybe
we can play fetch later"....if you do not think my conclusions accurate,
then kindly show me where there is language in that video that does not
go to this point.

Ok, so many may think that this criticism of BR is too harsh. And
perhaps with some justification, after all (no offense to free thinkers
here) Bill is British and thus has been raised and indoctrinated to 'tip the
hat', and 'bend the knee' to his 'betters'...aka "the bloodline
people"...(also note how Bill says that in his video's...with internal
acceptance that is a bit chilling)....so the idea that Bill does not know
any other way to react when they push his internal buttons does have
some validity. And it can be granted that he is doing the best he can
with a still intact 'slave mind' overlay on his consciousness.

Harsh. Yes, mea culpa, but we live in a harsh universe, and one needs to
practice discernment of mind. Personally, this is a continuous struggle
for old bald guys such as myself. Probably because it is a core pursuit, it
puzzles me to not see it in other old bald guys. Oh, well, pretty sure i
have gotten it all wrong again and will be told so incessantly.

However, Bill is not known for his gentle treatment of myself or my
work, and in spite of that, my concern for his health, and mental well
being is genuine, and if he feels that any criticism made herein is not
justified, it is likely we will all know about it soon.

In closing, NO Bill, explicitly you are not being called a dog in this
posting. Rather my concern is that your words are damaging at so many
levels that they needed to be addressed. Again, any irritation expressed
here is toward the message, but of a necessity the context of the
message must also be examined in these days of rampant deception and

And being an old raspy dog of universe, it is easy to recognize when
someone is telling me " nice doggie...try again..you can learn this
trick...we know you can"...and which brings instantly to mind an old
motto of mine....

i am a dog who gnaws his bone.
i sit here, in my repose, gnawing alone.
There will come a day, which is not yet,
when I will bite him, by whom i am bit.

My apologies to the original French for the paraphrasing translation.

This is not an anti Bill Ryan rant. My bitch is with the language that he is trying to push out and lay upon the alternative media community. Since i count myself in that group, i choose to respond this way to his words. Get that....it is his language that is rasping on my bones, not him. In point of fact, i have an open invitation to Bill Ryan to come and sail with me in Q'oki-oki and to gnaw on universe together. He is free to video, but if he does, so will i. Should he accept, i would also ask questions, so it would be an exchange, and not an interview. This invitation is still open, and i hope he is not offended by my critique of his language. If i were to use language as he has in this video, i would greatly appreciate someone beating my head with it...a 'hey dude! WTF, eh?'. My point is to encourage Bill (and everyone reading) to examine their own assumptions and views of universe which continuously leak out in their words...in this case, not so much a leak but a flood...(watch that word...AU is not the end of it by any means, but that is for another report), and here we need to end with a very clear statement to Bill Ryan. In spite of how you may receive my words in criticism of yours, i do not mean any disrespect of you, the human. But i do invite you to review your own video and then debate my conclusions about what is actually on view to universe.

Link to the Bill Ryan video on YouTube is here.



January 10, 2011