Apologies to George, Sheeple go to war, and fuzzy stampedes

I'm sorry George, but universe had my head so far down a hole that i was not paying attention. You were saying, rightly so, that the Wikileaks release of the Afghan War Expose was a hit from the data in that it met the forecast 'long night of the soul' for the Obamaonians, as well as being a hit from the SpaceGoatFarts under the [secrets revealed] meta data layer. And of course i do recognize that the [wars theme] was lifted right out of the same Populace/USofA sub set that contained the [ranking general dismissed due to bad words (misstep)] language. And also this is a very good temporal marker for the [israeli mistake] sub set which is also within that same larger set and for the [attack on Iran] by the [zionist stooges] of the TPTB. Soooo....i do apologize. Due to where my head was, my vision was not focused on our current, very short timeline. The countdown has certainly begun. As you noted today of the rumors that the American Attack Plans against Iran may be released by Wikileaks around August 10 would make that yet another temporal marker filling more than one set manifests in reality. And yet one more marker on the road to planetary war.

So if the same sets that contained the McChrystal removal hit, and many more recent temporal markers continue to manifest, then indeed it is safe to assume that the other, larger emotional markers have a higher degree of probability. If so, then the August 10th release, should it occur, of the American War plans vis-a-vis Iran would certainly be within the sets of precursors to the pending [political/economic shocks] forecast for August 25 through to 29. The [storm (of political and economic upheaval)] language does also appear to be manifesting now in the rumors of a [jubilee (forgiveness of loans by ruling monarch)] language that is appearing now on the net. Further disquieting hits include the [currency markets upset language] of recent days. The language involved does indeed rachet up the [devisive (separation of the people)] and [fear] sets. Further, the timing is no coincidence. And yes, there are sub sets within the Populace/USofA entity as modelspace hits this time that show [social unrest]...so apparently not quite enough yet, and further divide-and-conquer lanuage will be forthcoming from TPTB.

The operating fuzzy set theory then would have the August 25 through 28 manifestations as further temporal markers on the road to the [israeli people (being) sacrificed (for the Rothschilds ambitions)]. However, there are a few offshoots relative to the [secrets revealed] meta data layer that would point to the November tipping point as being the [excuse (to) war], rather than the actual start of the war. If this is the case, then the many claims by astrologers that the war/attacks will come in December make more sense. Their vision goes to the planetary alignments (don't know which or where particularly, just what i am told) for December as being 'ideal' for the [war against iran]. This does also make sense relative to both the tipping point, its duration, and the subsequent multiple months of release language.

Under this set of assumptions, the tipping point would be 4/four days of [false flag attacks/manifestations], likely here in the USofA, to ramp up the emotional potential for war, similar to what TPTB did on 9/11 only on a magnitude that would hold 100% of global attention for 4/four very long days. Then the subsequent release language period would be similar to post 9/11 when the whole 'patriot' suppression act, and the 'war of terror' were instituted by TPTB through baby Bushies' languid hand (one was too busy...always the case with these minions).

So in this scenario there is not a need for an 'escalation path' as we discussed previously, as the [horrific attacks] in the false flag would be enough to provoke the sheeple into yet another fuzzy stampede in the direction desired by TPTB. It would also seem, to monkey-mind, that the stampede of the sheeple to war could indeed be rapid as it would take mere hours during the false flag events to start to 'assign' blame to the already chosen, new and official 'enemy du jour', Iran. Thus i can see your point about the how-it-comes-about debate. And why we need to be monitoring the shifts of the shifty over these few remaining days to November 8th.

Of course the israeli's as a group do not recognize that their 'chosen ones' status will be demonstrated as they are sacrificed en masse to the TPTB's plans for global domination, and indeed within our data set i have to acknowledge that the only more controlled media than that of the USofA is that of Israel. So they will not find out what it all meant, at least not in their last days in this life. The israeli's are even more brainwashed than our populace though i cannot see, from personal experience, how such could be the case.

In all of our data the [israelis mistake] is to be an [active stooge] for the [rothschilds et al (TPTB)], but it is at least a mistake that they will not have to live with for long.

And returning to duration, yes, i do note that we are at 95 days and counting down. Curious that this period, including the time flow of our personal contacts, so resembles what we experienced in 2001.......even down to our discussions of the potentials of that tipping point, and only 95 days before it popped off in everyone's face.

Again, sorry i was not paying attention. 95 days and counting down.



clif high

August 5, 2010

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