Joe 4 Redux...


My bet is on August 12th as THE day that tptb and their toady minions have planned for the BIG FALSE FLAG SHOW in London for the Olympics.

Over at Red Ice Creations/Radio, the thinking man's noodler, Henrik, has brought out an Olympics Special. This two plus hours of radio montage features all the best cogitation on the whole Zion Olympics in London 2012 meme and its meaning. Included in the two hours are segments from Rik Clay, who was killed for his knowledge by the tptb in ritual fashion. Henrik and Red Ice also have more of Rik Clay interviews in their archive. These are now ever so timely.

If you get a chance to listen to the montage presented by Henrik, note that many people are postulating that THE EVENT will occur at the opening ceremonies, but, for reasons of a 'strange coincidence', it is my opinion that IT will occur on the last day, during the closing ceremonies on August 12, 2012.

Part of my reasoning has to do with the curious coincidence of the closing date and the first Hydrogen bomb test in Russia on August 12, 1953. The test was called Joe 4 by the power structure here in the USA. There are some very interesting connections between the players in that drama under Joe Stalin, and recent linguistics out of the CFR (council on foreign relations), and Tavistock** (et al...it has many 'branding agencies').

Of course the conspiracy nutters could be completely correct causing us to all focus our attention on the Zionist gamers in London anxiously awaiting the false flag event...in which case, will they pop it off? Or not? Can the new world orderonians afford to NOT use this particular karios of time for their ritual? In my analysis, i conclude that they have to do it. Even if tens of millions of us are watching, and waiting for it, knowing in advance that it is all lies and mis-direction, i think that this particular moment in time is too precious for them to lose the opportunity. The particular energies and strains in the global control matrix are currently so great that tptb need all their tools just to have a hope of continuation, let alone 'success'. It is this desperate need that has been in our data for years that backs their [fear quotient] around this time in history. It is this [fear] of [loss] that will drive tptb to [desperate measures], which i think will include doing a false flag even though we are all watching, waiting, and talking about it advance. And even knowing that we will all be pointing fingers and raising one hell of a stink afterward, i think that tptb have their nuts in a temporal vise, and MUST do SOMETHING.

Now, that does not mean i am correct. They may feel the 20 million or so eyeballs on their hairy scrotums and NOT pop off their dastardly plot...but that alone will spell their ruination. The lack of the ritual will instantly feedback into their efforts to keep their grip on the populace inducing all kinds of problems in many different directions. In fact, nearly too many splinter problems will develop to adequately detail them here, but some of the main and very visible ones will include [military rebellions (by line officers as well as soldiers)], [mass desertions (from military, law enforcement, gov't)], [political disertions (from coerced international agreements)], [derivatives of all kinds imploding the financial system from the inside], [israeli govt implodes from inside due to 'murder' and 'theft' charges], [vatican implodes], and [vatican is looted *during upcoming food riots], and [exposure *ultimate* of secrets revealed], [US shadow govt offices looted (during upcoming food riots in eastern corridor = also includes first 'armed military rebellion' in the ranks since last century) and release of hidden space alien info], and it goes on.

It would seem from their words that tptb are very much aware of the swinging of the scales and the lack of balance. They are believers in their rituals of control and i think that this belief system will bring them to this point of internal agony just before August 12, 2012, but in the end, i think that they must use the temporal mix of that day.

Either way it will be very interesting to say the least.

The Zion OlympiXXX organizers have reputedly ordered 120 thousand condoms, and 200 thousand body bags. The condoms are for the athletes. i wonder who the body bags are for?



Copyright...all rights reserved, no copying without attribution. And as i point out, one would be courting folly claiming words as the above. In times such as these, thinking is its own punishment.

** Note that Tavistock owns/runs/dominates many fora (plural of forum) on the net. They use these for specific purposes. The one that they use for triggers, and signals is called GLP for godlikeproductions. The glp forum would be the one to monitor for hints as to Tavistock's participation in this upcoming show. BUT be aware it is a pattern described by its absence...meaning NO mention of Tavistock is allowed at the GLP, and so one has to read by inference as to what message Tavistock is promoting through their stooges at the site. Make sense? It is not what you see there, but what you do not that tells the tale.

Prove it to yourself. Register at GLP and simply start a post with the word Tavistock in it....you'll see soon enough.