Gnawing on universe in the Bhat cave..

to the edge of the solar system and beyond....

Some interesting conclusions that naturally spring from the Helical motion model versus the heliocentric model of the solar system and beyond.

For one thing the model clearly explains why none of our NASA launched space ships have ever, nor will ever leave our solar system. Since the sun is in effect dragging us all along behind it at super fantastic speeds greater than we can effectively measure, it therefore makes perfect sense why Nasa's Voyager space machines have not yet left the solar system. Our solar system is more of a cometary body surrounded by a coma of vast size than a stationary sun being orbited lazily by planets. Therefore the energy required to leave our solar system will of necessity be greater than the speed of the sun through interstellar space. Thus the 'escape velocity' of our or any other solar system will be the 'drag' effected by the sum of the total of the mass in the solar system multiplied by its speed and its rotation.

The above, now of course puts serious doubt to ANY interstellar travel in the conventional sense. Further, it means that Sitchen's 3600 year 'orbiting' Nibiru or Planet X cannot be 'on the other side of the sun', nor for that matter can any other body in our solar system. If such a body were to exist, it must therefore be within the coma of the sun, and again, thus constantly visible from earth....therefore Sitchen's understanding, as well as his transliteration are flawed. If not deliberate disinformation.

This understanding now makes clear that all solar systems in universe could be easily identified by a single number that expresses their motion, coma intensity, and 'disturbances' in their coma body. This would allow a 'dialing guide' for solar systems to be developed independently of their 'position/location' in our presumed understanding of space.

Also, as the sun is probably moving as Dr. Bhat describes, ALL of the work of all of the space agencies on this planet are working measuring the 'space' which is behind the sun, and within its coma, and is, as Dr. Bhat projected, mostly a vacuum. Our problem is that our science is projecting this idea of a 'vacuum' as being also applicable for the 'space' between stars (solar systems). There is a very high probability that this is NOT the case.

Further the helical understanding of solar systems allows for questioning of the concept of 'dark matter'. At first taste in the gnawing, it would appear that dark matter is likely quite 'hard', in a relative fashion, and thus the huge amounts of energy displayed as solar systems blaze their way through it.

The helical model corroborates the possibility of the Mayan (meso American) concept of the planet Venus being a 'recent capture' for our solar system. This may even be the appropriate manner in which suns gain planets, which is to say, by zipping around and vacuuming them up. After all, Nasa keeps announcing yet another 'orphan planet'. What if these are not 'orphans', but rather glimpses into the natural planetary birthing process?

Of course this means we need to totally rethink our concepts of 'periodic comets'. These may never leave our solar system, likely do not ever go around the sun, so where are they when they are not whipping over our heads?

The helical solar system model also supports and explains growing planets; periodic 'inundations from space', and other planetary 'irregularities'.

Of course, we now need to reexamine all our assumptions about the ancient myths, especially dragon myths. Further we need to look again at spiral oriented petroglyphs and the Mayan long count. Many of our interpretations of ancient symbols are wrong, and need to be seen in light (pun intended) of the helical model. This also impacts all our sun and solar system symbology. After all, who knows what the ancients actually knew? Have we been merely too blinded by our ignorant schooling to really decode these messages from the past?

This understanding now makes solar-earth interactions more demanding a discipline, but may actually allow humans to work up long term forecasting ability for such things as earth expansion events, and thus volcanoes, and earthquakes. Other forms of predictive modeling will arise from the helical solar system model, and absolutely this will include a totally new view of astrology.

Gnawing on a lot of the implications for the wujo produced a veritable flood of tasty bites of thinking. Some explanations arise from this such as where the Mayan/Aztec/Olmec civilizations got all that gold? And where did all the gold from ancient South Africa mining civilization go? And does this explain why there is a 'handed-ness' found in nature with a 'right-hand' spin being predominant?

And does this explain why the 'generative force' component of the stream spins clockwise?

Further does the helical spin rotation of the sun not only warp light, but time?

Does the helical spin explain solar system harmonics? It could explain the 'destruction' of the fifth planet as well as the relative placement by size of the planets as a function of the diameter of the coma at their 'orbital' harmonic.

Hmmm...off to find some noodles to go with all this gnawing..



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