clif's tiki 21

Delamination in a couple of areas of the decking, which will have to be replaced. No hatches, they totally self destructed, yet the work that the builder did in his glassing, and epoxy survived, so i am surmising that they succumbed to side rot and were not marine grade ply. It is good ply, as the interior pictures support, but the deck on both hulls is delaminating near the front hatch where the trampoline is to be affixed. It is a complex piece with many holes to support the tying process, and that made that section vulnerable. Otherwise not seen any rot, or indications of it. And the interior is still good looking. In the starboard hull there is standing water, but that will be out tomorrow, and repairs begun. Can not be sure just yet, but there may be no glass above the waterline. Not really an issue as we need to practice our glassing/epoxy techniques prior to beginning the tiki 38.


This Tiki 21 hull set is, in that regard, a test bed. On this boat i can refine the pince d'crab rig that will allow single handed tacking with very large crab claw sails (variation on a crane sprit rig) that will travel easily from side to side of the mast with only 3 control lines.

In any case, there is no indication this tiki was ever launched. Of dubious documentation of parentage, though a really high standard of work in the hulls. It will give us a mark to aim for as i train crew how to build boats....or as i like to think of it, the martial art of boat building...but more on that in the next report.

Will need to do some more vacuum forming with resin. There are three collars i made for the umiak using carbon fiber, fiberglass, epoxy resin, and a shop vac and some thick plastic trash sacks. The experiment in vacuum forming with epoxy resin and carbon fiber has convince me of its usefulness in rapidly creating parts of incredible strength. Especially good for such things as boats, but also just has to be great for the odd item around the house...like carbon fiber coffee tables? Anyway, the tiki needs a deck, cockpit, engine housing, boarding ladder, and new approach to attaching the necessary trampoline and tons of other stuff as well as a general sanding and rework and the replacement of the front third of the deck on the port vaka and maybe half that much on the starboard hull (vaka = voyaging canoe hull). In this case we will also redesign the mast beam to take our new carbon fiber clamping tabernacle which will hold the carbon fiber mast at the appropriate angle of rake.

Pictures of the umiak Q'oki-oki with its new foam ama's and daggers and rudder board will be forth coming as we get ready to re launch the umiak tri yet one more time next week. Video will be taken by one of crew so a record of our follies will exist.




clif high

June 8, 2011

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