Cogitation, or how an old man gets it up.....

with respect, let us begin (wujo speak for get your ki into your hara, your head out of your ass, and your brain into your mind...and don't feed the monkey (mind) along the way.

The recent expression of support for pedophilia as a 'normal' sexual practice for humans, and by extension, priests (and cardinals and especially bishops), by the pope of the catholics, is but the beginning of a stream of secrets revealed that will soon be used as THE defining 'test' of faith of catholic 'believers' {editorial note: escalating over the next one and a quarter years}. As the institution, and organization, that the catholic believer personally images as 'the church', is NOT under attack by satanic or other forces, and rather it is imploding of its own internal moral corruption and rot in the age of 'internal organizational rot', also known as the Kali Yuga, the church membership en masse will be face to face with their naked faith as the trappings of 'normalcy bias' are removed by the soon to be revealed RCC crimes against humanity. The shocks to the 'religion mind set' common consensus view of reality will impact all of the faith based religions negatively and profoundly. Whether the concept of the pan-national 'church' will survive the revelations of its actual nature and mechanics remains to be seen, however it is quite clear that ideas about religion and power are being challenged globally by recent 'pronouncements from on-high' by the pope which directly attack the victim for their 'participation' in the crime.

The chorus of 'oh sure, religion will die when hell freezes over' should note both our projections of weather these last few years that have proven prescient, especially the latest reports in which we discussed the advisability of purchasing 'Ski Rome' vacation packages prior to the rush. While taken humorously by many readers at the time, the current weather (even climate) conditions across Europe beg the question as to just when, not if, the seven hills of Rome will have people skiing down their streets and alleys. Given an icy Rome, can hell be far behind?

The expectation from our work here at hph is that the extremes of weather manifesting in Winter 2010/2011 will continue to break records daily. The impacts on the global food supply of this Winter should not be under estimated. If history is any guide at all, a general move from grains to root crops will take place in all the cold affected areas where both habitation and crop cultivation are able to persist. In years past, the longer term data suggested massive global changes in food cultivation due to what we labeled as 'sudden, catastrophic climate change'.

We are there now. It seems an appropriate time for the small gardener to get over any normalcy bias and to make appropriate changes in their plans to reflect manifesting reality. The ability to make, assess, and alter plans in the emerging circumstances ahead will define not only success, but the ability to persevere during the very trying circumstances of 2011. A very good time to try asymmetric thinking, bearing in mind it is old style regular thinking from within the top-down, pyramid dominated current collective paradigm that brought us here. Or, more simply, 'business as usual' no longer works.

As 2011 starts to fall down around our ears the way my hair used to, we will discover that very little of what has been implemented socially these last 50/fifty or so years actually does work. Sold as 'progress', the emerging reality of lifelong debt slavery without any possibility of escape is slated to become brutally exposed in these next months as the dollar continues its global death spiral. Crumpled now to its knees, the dollar has stopped teetering and now starts the final fall that ends face first in the mud. Note however that the shills continue to shout shrilly about its amazing 'recovery' all the while measuring the value of the dollar not against reality, but only against other fiat currencies. To point out that this position is analogous to comparing toilet papers by brand for their respective value would be too obvious, and is, but is also one of the few comparisons that get the point across. Paper compared to paper yields a qualitative determination about which is softer when wiping one's ass. Nothing more. And truth be told, it is very likely that the US dollar IS the best currency for ass wiping as these are produced from cotton fiber, and not waste wood.

Such tests of the dollars' other uses are nearly upon us planet wide. Recent large moves of 'value' in the form of dollars within the 'institutional (sovereign) markets' has been occurring with increased speed and tension since the 'Rape of India' by the BIS with the 'undifferentiated account' scam. It would not be surprising (hint hint) to see the current governmental structure in New Delhi shredded by the revelations and dawning realizations over the first quarter of 2011.

As the political structures are pressured, they will react in predictable patterns, however note that such reactions will be at the extreme end of the range and as such may be hazardous to dogs and pies and other living things. This danger represented by the global 'elite' coming unglued is due to the minions living in their r-complex part of their brain. Also known as the 'reptilian' part of the mind, this part of the brain has 2/two basic responses (fight or flight) and the possibility of getting 'stuck' somewhere in between (frozen in fear). Thus it should come as no surprise to planetary humanity that their 'governments' are becoming increasingly fascistic as they are already into the 'cold hard place' of mind that killers must inhabit in order to break from their humanity and kill others of their species. This mindset is NOT found in those humans who fight in self defense,and is continually found in such reptilian mind dominated humans as minions, and serial killers. In point of fact, over half of all techniques used in law enforcement and military 'training' are designed to break down the subject personality through trauma such that it will be able to kill others of its own species over abstractions and illusions such as 'religions'.

As the Federal Reserve Note (aka 'the dollar') fails first as the counter weight to the Euro, which allows it to collapse, and then next as the global reserve currency, and then finally as the national currency of these united states of america, certain predictable results will occur. The spread of the impact will progress rapidly through the social fabric until it hits the wall of the already fragile and creakingly old, national infrastructure. In the midst of rampaging social chaos, political freak-outs, international rising tensions, perhaps *the* most dramatic impact will hit the populace, both the awake, and the sheeple, right where they live, in the nearest electrical socket.

As the dollar collapses with a rapidly escalating cost for oil, especially diesel, and other refined products, it can be expected that the hyper inflation internationally will put great pressure on the price of delivered energy (electricity, propane/nat gas, and other 'home' energy sources) inside the borders of the US. Since it can be expected that the minion classes will attempt to 're-establish control' by ratcheting down on the borders, as well as other 'draconian' measures prompted by their reptilian mind dominated world view. This will further aggravate the hyper inflationary spiral and likely will produce constraints on energy at all levels of the infrastructure. All of which translate to 'the nearest electrical socket'.

So...what is an old man to do in this age of chaos where circumstances seemingly conspire to remove the meaning from the phrase a 'comfortable retirement'? Well, when pressured by circumstance, the wise man can be seen baking a pie and giving things a bit of a think. Here at halfpasthuman, we call this cogitation. It has yet to fail in keeping us busy which is usually half the battle to arriving at any solution to a quandary.

In this case, noting all the weather, climate, and chemtrail factors that affect the ability to produce solar energy, and not being quite finished with that design for the zero point module (free energy device), one solution with a very favorable cost to benefit ratio, is wind power. The expected rate of return on the effort expended for wind source energy is also forecast to rapidly scale up as do the winds here on our troubled little water covered rock of a planet.

So, conclusion arrived at, implementation is begun...and that is when reality hits the old man. No, not assembling the wind generator, nor wiring in the charge controller to the battery array, but rather the simple act of taking the assembled wind mill at nearly 40/forty pounds on the end of 20/twenty feet of heavy schedule 80 metal pressure pipe, and erecting it close to the back fence where it will be sure to annoy the neighbors. The problem with this reality, as is so frequently the case, is that it is heavy. And adding leverage in the form of a long, also heavy in its own right, metal pole, does not aid the old back or muscles in the task of getting it, the wind mill, up.

What is to be done? Well, we start with more pie, some coffee, and a good cogitation session....also known as 'noodling'. Note that 'gnawing on universe' is thinking at a different level entirely.

Well, after a few pieces of pie, the solution presents itself. The idea is to fill a 55 gallon drum with broken bits of concrete, then some newly mixed concrete to hold it all together, and to use this both as the base due to the weight (400 pounds +), and as the fulcrum, and rotating one at that. By using a simple figure eight loop of Dynex Dux5mm line, and a steel turnbuckle the steel pipe can be secured to the drum to the limit of the stresses provided by the turnbuckle (usually several hundreds of pounds of force provided the turnbuckle is adequately sized). Then it is merely a matter of going to the opposite end of the pipe, and walking the mast (pipe) upright with the windmill attached. Three guy wires made also of Dynex Dux line, and then it is back to pie with another source for electricity securely in place and ready to produce the rest of this winter and through what promises to be a very blustery 2011 and 2012.

Small wind electrical generators are proven, low cost, low tech solutions to electrical needs an are actually at the very high end of cost to benefit ratio as their costs are low relative to other forms of electrical generation.

The graphic below, provided by Floyd has the tying of mast to mount different than described, nonetheless will help get the idea across. Be sure that the end of the mast which is lashed securely to the barrel is tightened with mechanical aid and that it should stick out from the side of the barrel such that when rotated forward, the bottom of the mast will provide a 'stop' to keep the barrel from rotating too far. A small brick or cinder block can be placed such that the mast will contact it instead of soft ground, thereupon providing more stable stop and secure positioning. Many variants on this method are possible. Thanks again to Floyd {Contact info: Floydshayvious (email: floydshayvious at yahoo.com)} for his graphic styling and really good sketch of cherry pie. And yes, that slice does appear just about the correct size for a regular human being.


December 25, 2010.