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Universe is a funny place.

It is really really big, but creates and destroys itself 22 trillion times a second. It can do this because it is basically consciousness let loose in a really big room. Consciousness went full out until it defined the limits of the room then it came rushing back to crash into itself.

This created ripples.

These ripples of consciousness colliding on itself continued repetitiously (infinitely, as far as our minds are concerned) until first 'matter', then 'life' emerged from the 'density' of the endless collisions of the 'pulse of consciousness'.

Now, universe, as we note, is a funny place. Consciousness, let loose in the infinitely large room of the 'matterium', was just looking for someone for a play session, but finding no one about, it turns, and runs into itself so many times, that the 'ripples' started to persist between each of the 22 trillion creation-destructions a second.

You are such a 'ripple' of consciousness infinitely colliding with itself here in the matterium. Everything around you, including your shoes, the blackberry seed from last night's pie stuck in your back teeth, and the rocks that make up your planet, are all 'persistent ripples' of consciousness colliding with itself. Some of these persistent ripples are, obviously, more aware of the nature of their existence that other ripples. But all ripples, you and your shoes and that nasty seed included, are all, constantly created-destroyed persistent collisions that science will call 'standing waves'.

As standing waves we are also antennae, and that is where thoughts come from, from our ability to 'vibrate in sympathy (or resonance in newagey speak)' with universe such that a thought of that particular frequency seeps in to our (locally expressed, little 'c') conscious awareness.

As consciousness has never stopped racing around to re-collide with itself, therefore as a persistent ripple of consciousness colliding with itself, it makes sense that you have more 'collisions' in you now, than when you were born. You have 'grown' in both physical appearance and complexity over time. This is true at the collision of energies level that is all of universe operating at 22 trillion times a second. Each second you are have a greater number of collisions creating you as universe creates then destroys itself 22 trillion times a second. Mostly you don't notice.

This is due to how slow your mind works. Not that anyone else's mind is that much faster, but the point is that we are all limited by our perceptive abilities to only seeing the universe at about 60 frames a second. Maximum. Our minds assemble what limited understanding of universe they have from this 40 to 60 frames a second. And we build this out of an estimated 5 billion total inputs actually reaching our limited 'minds' over the course of a day.

But getting back to the collisions part for a minute; it can be seen that you, your shoes, that seed between your teeth, the teeth themselves, the rock in your mama's garden, in fact, anything, and everything in universe could be defined by the number of 'energy collisions' that make up their 'matter'. We can think of this as a 'IPL', or 'individual personal level (of complexity)'. Of course, since we are not static, our IPL will continually change as we become more complex over time.

It can also be discerned that all matter that comes into existence would have a 'base level' of collisions that represents the state of the complexity of universe at the time of creation of that particular matter. We can think of this as the 'Base Complexity Level', or BCL.

It also follows that the base level of complexity (BCL) of the universe at the time of your creation is reflected in your personal number and type (angle/speed/spin, et cetera) of collisions that is your matter. This is all hugely infinite of course, and well below our level of perception. But the idea is that at the time of your birth you 'inherited' a base level of complexity that is expressing itself as your body.

Yes, this view of universe does mean that you are now more complex than you would have been if you were born in 1855. This can be seen at a gross level just by noting that no persons born in 1855 would have the level of pesticides, metals, and other modern contaminants in their bodies as you have in yours now. So this idea 'scales' to various levels of discussion. Their bodies had different nutrients, and deficiencies that actually reflect the level of complexity of the collisions at that time.

It can also be reasonably argued that your DNA is necessarily more complex now than if you had been born in 1855. Your DNA is an expression of the complexity of universe that reflects its 'incept date'. Your DNA then further changes as your complexity changes over time. Again at a gross level, exposure to electromagnetic and other radiations that did not exist in 1855 have altered (made more complex) your DNA.

And, conversely, your DNA is now LESS complex than if you were to be born 100 years from now... make sense?

People born a hundred years from now will necessarily be far more complex in their 'collision base level' than we are now. And this will express itself in their matter. They will be exposed to far more, and more complex forms of radiation than we are now, and this will be expressed in their 'base level of complexity'.

Now, and that is a double pun in this case, every 22 trillionth of a second, a pulse goes out and 're-creates' your 'persistent ripple' of collisions in all its complexity as it was just one/twenty-two trillionth of a second previously. Thus you have 'life'. And a universe to live it in as this is also recreated along with you. Neat, huh?

Anyway, when universe does this, the 'recreation pulse' bit, every 22 trillionth of a second, it does it 'through' the 'residual noosphere' that 'was' the standing wave of collision ripples that is you and all of universe.

Do not sweat this part. Basically what happens is that universe recreates you by 'decoding' your 'complexity number'. Of course this is but a very very very crude way to think of what is actually going on, but it will serve to make the point. When universe decodes your personal (and everything in universe) IPL number to recreate you, it does it with a 'flow' that involves 'picking up where it left off'. This is just a way to think of this, no need to get hung up on details. The idea is that the 'recreation of universe, you, your shoes, seeds between the teeth, and everything' is what we can call a 'smooth' process.

In being 'smooth', universe just sort of 'flows' from one recreation to the next without having to 'think' about it. Yes, i know, a lot of quotes, but necessary as this is some deep sheeit here.

What has happened, is that universe, USED to be smooth. No longer. Go read the Veterans Today article by Gordon Duff about the shadow-govt-military guys and their worries about 'time-line' changes.

It has happened. And we can deduce why very easily...it has to do with these 'time travelers'.

Imagine what happens to poor universe here in 2012 when Tommy TimeTraveler comes back from 2198.....it hiccups. That is, the 22 trillion times a second pulse that recreates all of universe, runs into a level of complexity that SHOULD not exist in the 'ever present now' (EPN = the 'pulse' that synchronizes everything in universe).

Yet Tommy TimeTraveler clearly has a base level of complexity and everything that does allow the pulse to recreate him, but nonetheless, his mere existence in 2012 has intruded a level of complexity that would not have otherwise existed, and does not first exist until it has to create it, albeit in a more primitive form, in 2198.


Well, what happens is that the pulse of universe does recreate Tommy TimeTraveler here, in this 'now', even though, Tommy should really be in another, far more complex 'now', off in the far future. So, clear as the mud in BP's explanation for how they are 'cleaning up the gulf'?

Tommy TimeTraveler's personal IP number causes a hiccup here in 2012. It is clear from the gnawing on it, that universe is self repairing, or at least tries, and that over time, Tommy TimeTraveler's level of complexity is 'folded into' the current 'now' by the pulse that recreates us all. However, in so doing, the complexity of the pulse is changed for all of universe.

This is to say that the 'extra' complexity that Tommy TimeTraveler brings back in his body (and other gear, bacteria, viruses, et al) MUST be 'absorbed' by the universe at this level of the Ever Present Now. Making everything more complex for us all, in ways not anticipated (probably) by Tommy TimeTraveler when he set off on his 'expedition to the past'.....

And it makes a difference. As is noted in the article by Gordon Duff.

Universe is a funny place. It has a self healing universe invaded by space aliens AND explorers-from-the-future BOTH at THE nexus of time identified by ancient Mayan mathematicians. And the 'pond scum' that is the control freak NWO organization who think they are 'handling the situation' don't say anything about anything to anyone due to a really out-moded culture of secrecy.

Or they are really saying everything to everyone to and through Gordon Duff.

Disclosure is a strange process.

Universe is a funny place.

PS....i'm with Gordon, i don't think "tptb" know what the fuck is going on, nor how to cope.

copyright by clif high, all rights reserved.

posted July 6, 2012