Black Swan takes flight:-

Corn Hole!

There is a point to the incredible diversity of life here on terra. It is called, 'optionality'. So how smart does it sound to invest all today's generation's energy for development of new agriculture into a vision of humanity's future in which we become 'mono-culturalists (single croppers)'?

If the powers that be are able to force the 'monsanto' (mount satan) version of commerical agriculture globally, we, as a species, are doomed. And not in 100 years, or several generations out, but next damn year, yes, that is correct, the whole of the 'monsanto/GMO agriculture model' takes its 'hit' next year.

The first of a couple of very large, planet affecting, Black Swan's has already taken flight. The huge investment of the last 60+ years by BIG Corporations (aka 'the man') in moving us into a commerical copyright dominated, GMO based food supply has the human species right now dependent on only two seed suppliers for most of the planetary harvest in soybeans, and corn. Other staples are nearing the level of saturation that Mt. Satan has achieved with these two crops....but it will not matter.

That noise you hear in the background is the Black Swan's beating wings as it begins to hover around, looking for a landing spot. We know already that it will settle into on either corn, or soybeans, so to humanity, it is now rather moot as to which of the 'monsanto dreams' will be the first to bear the weight of the landing of this planet sized Black Swan. Either can be first, and the net result the same for humans, as it is the 'monsanto system' that is crashing before your eyes.

Note, do not be too gleeful just yet as this is a heavy ass Black Swan that will take likely several decades JUST to see if humanity has a future after it lands. That uplift of the hairs on the back of your neck is this Black Swan circling overhead....honking out...'round-up is dead'. Now the question we all need ask is, does the death of round-up (being over come very rapidly by super weeds, that in turn help to produce super bugs (pesticide resistant extreme-ophiles)), mean the death of humans? Or merely planetary starvation induced revolution in which any 'suit' from any international corporation becomes 'fair game' any place on the fucking shit-hole of a planet that TPTB have (are) attempted to create?

Now, what was the name of that crappy movie just released? Oh, yes...that's right...can any one say “purge”? It is coming..this 'pogrom/purge' against the 'suits'..our latest ALTA report data shows the 'crash of the monsanto corn/soy model' will occur in a short period of less than '3/three weeks'....and before this time next year...but, as noted, do not be gleeful, this is a very very bad thing that will beset humans. And, as noted in our data, humans will be behaving very badly indeed and right in Mt Satan's face by this time next year.