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Cold Thermogenesis for adults!

by clif high, Tuesday,October 20,2015 7:42pm

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Cold thermogenesis is NOT about weight loss, at least not for the aging bio-hacker. Rather it is about the same sort of 'stimulus - adaptation - result' that is used by all athletes everywhere to produce muscle growth...only the idea with CT for adults is to produce a result within the telomeres of your DNA.

The telomeres are used by DNA to record (in a crude understanding of the idea) how many 'copies' of the cell has been created. Over time the telomeres drop off, showing mass copying, and you (the cell) dies.

Problems exist as the telomeres dwindle too, as that is the point where cellular damage becomes predictable (you are no longer making 'clean' copies of the cells). This damage is what results in many of the conditions we think of as 'disease'. The damage can/is accelerated by many environmental factors from electromagnetic radiation to chemtrails to pollutants in food and water. Everything you are exposed to during your day represents some level of cumulative risk of cellular damage.

So, one of the core ideas of the adult bio-hacking movement is to not only put more years in your life, but to increase the energy and health of each of those years. One approach is to stop or delay telomere reduction, and, if possible, to lengthen them.

Of the many tools available for the adult bio-hacker for the purpose of telomere hacking, CT is probably both the easiest, as well as the best in many regards.

NOTE: Cold Thermogenesis IS filled with risks for older humans! Especially those out of shape, or with any of a myriad of health issues. Basically if you are taking medications of any form for anything even remotely related to blood, thyroid, or gut, you had better check with the issuer of those meds to see if you have what it takes to pursue CT! No Bullshit here can certainly injure yourself, and may well reduce your effective lifespan instead of increasing it!

So, the above caution put there for all, we can proceed to an alternative approach to CT for those humans interested.

It may not be known to you, but CT has been practiced for thousands of years in the yogic and martial arts movements. In both, it is a gradual approach to reaching CT goals that allows it to become a life long practice, which is the point!

Many of the younger bio-hackers are seeking the short term payoff of fat loss, and are not considering the practice for either the telomere hack, or the longevity pay-off and thus take a much more brutal path into CT than is either required, or advised.

The alternative is to consider humans physiologically and biomechanically. What is the most likely part of the human anatomy to come into contact with the cold? No, not thinking of the face, but rather the feet.

Yes, the base of the body, the feet; first contact with cold in the morning is likely the feet as they swing out and down to cold floors. First part of the body to complain (usually) about too long an exposure to cold? The feet...especially as the human body ages, eh? that is where we start. The idea is to use simple, cheap, available, cold water to perform the CT. And to start with the feet and take a looong time to reach the point where you immerse the whole of the body (if ever, some reasons to practice it just on extremities). By long time we are talking of something longer than 30 days. Yes, so take a whole month of small exposures increasing daily until you reach your CT goals. And if a month is rushing it, take two....what's your hurry? And ice? Forget about it for the first few years...

CT starts working as soon as both the hands and the feet are involved, so, we take the yogic approach from day one, and start by briskly rubbing the feet while they are in cold water. Note that both the yogic and martial arts approaches to CT involve 'rubbing your way into cold tolerance'. There are a number of benefits to the rubbing while cold method, but primarily our focus at the moment is the deep bio-hacking begins with both hands and feet in cold as certain energetic connections are made and the neural connections between brain-hands, and brain-feet trigger responses that positively affect the whole of the body. Of course, the massage approach also benefits both the skin as well as the whole of the CT process (which is about the circulation of the blood and epigenetics). And the benefits to mood also are improved with the massage approach to CT over merely exposure. Too many specifics to go into, but even modest research into massage as a therapy can give a clue to those interested.

The yogic approach would have the CT exposure length related to age, condition of the body, and both the season and latitude at the time (longer in tropical places, and in summer, that kind of logic) that makes sense as a practical constraint to the discipline of CT, so it can easily be said that NEVER go longer than 6 minutes exposure for any given body part is an excellent rule toward ahimsa, or doing oneself no harm.

Practitioners of CT will have much stronger vascular systems as just one of the systemic benefits that can be obtained from the practice, but due to the nature of how the body reacts to cold, take all warnings seriously, especially if practicing CT for the first time as an older adult. Also note that the immediate effects of a CT session will last for hours following the exposure to the cold, so be advised to be ready for the feelings associated with CT in the body as its half-life can be nearly all day long (also why the practice is advised for mornings). The positive boost to mood and energy will be the first payoffs from the practice (beginning day one with most), but will be merely the beginning as the practice deepens over time.

So start slow, engage both the hands and feet from the beginning, and take your time to developing CT as a lifelong practice for energy, and rejuvenation.





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