thrive jive...

A good clip of thrive language in use. Note first how they label people with perjorative terms ('dissociators') - the perpetual and perennial tactic of the pissant as to create the division instantly. It is the first, last, and most continuous tactic employed by the 'movers and shakers'....division, division, division.

They repeatedly use distraction tactics to 'play the victim' for the camera. Further, they use a curious circuitous 'logic' to vilify their previously labeled 'dissociators' by saying, in essence, that they (dissociators) used to be smart enough to be in our film, until they objected to our film**, then their 'ignorance' was so great that they were 'confused' by how we used their participation in our propaganda film. And a rousing repetition of 'we are the real victims' to finish it.

Also the masterful use of the 'fake reconciliation bait' ploy is well detailed here. The whole "why we were soooooo taken aback by these 'attacks' on poor us, that we worked hard to set up a special page where we could 'engage' our attackers in 'truth dialogue', in an attempt to reconcile them to our inherent goodness once again" admittedly i am applying certain characterizations here in this last, but the intent is certainly there in the clip. But, come on...they were prepared for the 'smears', yet were surprised that their symbolic perversion of other peoples' words would piss off the participants? much does not reconcile with this jive from Thrive.

It is so nice to see that my taxes, paid in all these years to support such organizations as the Council on Foreign Relations (tavistock's first cousin), has resulted in such useful material as the 'Strategies on Social Engineering' playbook from which we are being orchestrated down the ever so familiar notes of social mind control that we have been singing for sooo long.

Whenever organizations form, it will be the monkey who most typifies 'alpha' in appearance who rules.....just the way monkeys point in blaming them. They are behaving as universe desires that monkeys should. i have been to a zoo before, and can recognize a 'monkey house' when i see one. It's not all that hard... the inhabitants mill around a lot, preening, and picking fleas off the 'alpha couple', and throw shit at each other. Mildly entertaining for a few minutes on your initial visit, but soon rather boring.'s a rough universe out there, and towel or not,it is no gamble that someone is trying to THRIVE you....


**Completed video work is never seen by participants until later so they have only lies as to the slant to be delivered until they see it... a reason, beyond my bald ugliness, to not do video.