Ancient history...meets 'now'.

Starting our 'way back machine' in the year 2001, we meet an interesting character (see this video) by the name of Jay Weidner. Now Jay got me in a whole lot of trouble with Cathy by stating that i had retired from Major Software company with millions of dollars. Cathy, rightly, wanted to know where i had stashed these millions since we were obviously NOT living at that level. Nope, sorry to say, no millions. That part, Jay had wrong. He doesn't get much wrong, as history shows.

He was correct about the data reporting [food shortages] for the year 2012....from way back in 2000/2001. What is important to take away from that brief clip is that, in 2001, the data was reporting the language that we are now seeing in the msm, or the 'main stream media' (also known as 'presstitutes', and 'whore press to the powers that be', and 'pimps for pedophiles').

This language is all about up-coming, that is, predicted, food shortages, as we reported to our early readers in the years 2001/2002. This meme was available to be seen then, as demonstrated by our reports of that time. Now we are living it.

It has been no 'accident' of history that my radio interviews have frequently mentioned pies, and their production over these last 10 years. It is also no accident that i frequently used the wording 'calorie economy'. This is a hint about the future.

Now that even the mainstreamwhorepress is reporting the exact language that we forecast way back in 2001, it may be appropriate to revisit your relationship with the food body of the planet. In so doing, the idea of an expansion of the possible is encouraged by times such as these. An example of the range of possibilities includes the idea of 'sun eaters'. Now please note that as a linguist, i am compelled to point out that the site at the link above uses language in a 'loose' manner. As an instance, i am unaware of the 'wide reporting' of this phenomena as cited in their opening statements. Their lack of precision of statements aside, the phenomena is real, and has been documented, as well as hoaxed, for centuries. There is even a particular protocol, or regimen, that the 3rd century CE Taoists used to 'access sun (as) food'. It is known in yogic centric traditions going back as far as records of hatha yoga extend; even being cited as an offshoot, or side effects of some of the body siddhis (special powers gained through enlightenment practices).

And please note that the leaner the biologic machine, the more efficient its functioning. Stating this as a duality, it takes less food to maintain a healthy, lean body, than a healthy, fat body, as the lean body is simply used to getting more movement with fewer calories, while the fat body has a 'mind set' toward keeping those fat cells plumped up. So, as a general rule, and a general state of health being assumed, it is better to face hard times and restricted caloric intake with as efficient a biologic machine as possible.

Lest you, the reader (assuming terrestrial humans only, all readers of other species exempted from the following), think yourself not the inhabitant of a biologic machine, i would like to note that 99 per cent of the mass of your body is primarily composed of only 6/six elements, and that carbon (by mass) is the second most plentiful. Outside of water, the most dominant, and dense 'matter' in your body is carbon. Further, and perhaps even more shocking, of all the (naturally occurring) elements in universe, carbon has the highest melting point!

Thus your biologic engine, the 'body' (word actually derives from old english bodig meaning 'trunk, torso, or shell' of an animal or plant), is in fact, composed of material that is tougher than uranium. At least as far as melting points go. Such is our nature as humans that the siddhis are possible, and that possibility is clearly supported by the materials of which we are composed.

To those readers 'fresh off the ignorance boat', let me answer the question that will ultimately occur "how can such things as sun eating and yogic siddhis be real? I see my own flesh and it is incapable of living off light."

It is your mind imposing limits to the body, not the reverse. It is the mind of the perceiver that must first be educated, and the body follows. Further, since both mind and body are illusionary at so many levels, we need not take either as too much of an impediment to our range of possibilities. At its core, much of real education involves the removal of the barriers placed in our minds by our schooling. Hmmmm...by the way, guess who wants those barriers placed on your mind by their schooling?

The prepared (educated) mind will constantly examine its own thinking as an integral part of the process of decision making in an attempt to seek out, and eliminate barriers to effective 'viewing' of the context in which the decisions must be made. By actively seeking to expand the scope of mental vision, the prepared mind makes itself available to the opportunities placed about by universe. As chance/universe favors the prepared mind, it promotes this expansion of vision within the species.

Universe is engineering change in humanity through change in the context of life here on earth. Change, and chance, do NOT favor rigidity of thought, which is why fascism and dictatorships always fade, their point of view limits their understanding of the changing nature of universal context, and thus denies to them, opportunities that are plainly visible to the less inhibited mind.

So as our friend Sam Clemens notes, 'i refuse to allow my schooling to limit my education'. Or more pertinent to the times.....a man (or woman) standing in a field of plenty, with a mind trapped in a context that only sees weeds, will starve.

What are you seeing these days?



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Remember ZuangZi says, "it's your universe, you have every right to change it."