Predictive Linguistics App proposal...

by clif high, Wednesday, January 8, 2014 12:37pm

with respect...

We are at a cross of roads here at HPH and would like to request your input to assist our thinking.

i have drawn up a design for a predictive linguistics app for Android. i am not interested (for numerous reasons) in developing this for the proposal here is specifically for Android users.

This app, as envisioned, would provide a near real-time interpretation of the immediacy data sets as they are flowing. It would, as a necessity, require a live data stream connection either by WI-FI or Mobile Data Services (really damned expensive to run this way).

This app would provide a display for the building and release (of tensions) language as it develops (an emotional 'barometer'), as well as provide the key words around which the tensions/release are being activated.

It would have a few other functions, but in the main is to be considered as a (near) real-time 'emotional flow meter', and would be predictive in that the users can get insights into developing trends and their linguisitic associations. Some ability to log will be included in the app, but we are working toward the dynamic use, not the storage of snapshots for later analysis.

The development will take a few months, would necessarily interfer with our ALTA reports production to some unknown extent, and when released, removes HPH from the predictive interpretation business at the immediacy level.

The above means we have to consider the following:

1) probably a pricey paid app;

2) may have to kickstart a fund to see us through the devleopment stage;

3) users would have to come back for updates of the lexicon over time (really key in immediacy data interp);

4) probably will have to charge for lexicon updates;

5) other unknown considerations and impacts on our sinews and bones.

So the reason for this proposal is to solicit imput from the self-identified group we can all "those who give a rat's ass about predictive linguistics and the immediacy data stream".

Are you an android user? If so, does this form of app interest you? If so, what do you think you may be willing to pay for it? Do you have a smart-phone with decent RAM/Storage to run it? Do you anticipate it could be valuable to you? If so, how?

Please let us know your thoughts on this proposal. We are also busy here trying to get the local tribes into the 'world altering bitcoin' arena so there is more than enough work for us without going this route....thus our query to y'all.

Thanks. Need the noodling help. Send your responses via email to the 'moon'.....