power transparency...."can't beat'm, well, maybe better join 'em"

asymetric tools for planetary adjustment

if i were greek (will i be soon enough when the banksters come for me?), i think i might just say to hell with the rioting and protesting. It never has made much real difference.

And voting is a waste of time. The whole system is rigged. Like Sean's old irish grandma used to say "sonny, if voting made any real difference, the politicians would have outlawed it long ago"...

...so what is an enterprising human, bent on participating in the current planetary adjustment to do?

Well, a good gnawing on the subject drags out a few tasty ideas from the morsels provided by universe.

Asymmetry is the answer. Can't beat'em? Then grind the bastards down with the resources that are available.

Have a few million unemployed friends/cousins? Well, perfect time to 'flood the system'. Gather up a few tens of thousands of your closest friends and ALL seek to join the nearest masonic lodge. Then also join every other illuminati and entrenched elite organization that can be found. Can't join? Well, still worth having a few thousand people a day personally show up and ask to participate in the (used to be) secret society. Point made?

Then also take the 'flood' up the next level. Gather up those same tens of thousands of friends and start flash mobs that do nothing but go 'join' things...like credit cards....go to the bankster oppressors and everyone politely stand in line all damn day and have a good time waiting to get the literature and forms necessary to open an account. Oh, and when asked, merely respond, "well, i figured i'd be better off joining the evil oppressors, than being the oppressed'....

note that this is a form of shunning where one politely points out to the mnions that they are what they are ''merely low hanging fruit on the minion tree".....some will wake up under the peer pressure.

Make a party of of your flood, take pies! show the minions of the enemy what they are missing....after all no need to be grim when confronting the entrenched elite who wish to kill or enslave us all. That they have this strange dark mindset is their problem, not ours. In fact, universe likely will favor a gentle persistence, and relaxed manner to this global revolution. After all, we win....only a matter of time and how much human life we can preserve and nurture in the process. Yes?

There are many other forms of non violent variants though basically the idea is to wear the bastards down pointing out to them that we are watching ALL their control points..using those resources available to us...

such as millions of unemployed humans just itching to do something useful for our collective planetary adjustment.....not to say that 'group banker viewing' (better word than 'stalking') wont be the next flash mob sport...

Get a few bright ideas and pass them around.

Happy flooding season!

And remember, no need to be violent or rough. If it is not fun, it is not really a surprise, and surprise is your most effective tool...do not ignore it.

NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING scares an entrenched elite more than a quietly determined group of humans who will not be moved.



posted February 24, 2012 by clif high