black bean soup...

no, seriously...for when the chemtrail planes have been busting butt all night, your sinuses feel like a north american dictatorship on the edge of revolt, and the day is as gray as your future feels....

carrots, with tops

onion, large

couple of cloves of garlic, pungent

olive oil,

black beans, a couple of large cans or equal amount of dried beans soaked overnight(or pressure cooked for about 20 minutes at 8psi)

celery, a bunch with top leaves

cilantro, fresh or dried, taste

water, fresh, filtered, or well water (no aluminum from chemtrails in it, no flourides to sour the soup....)

Optional: a couple of fresh tomatoes/tomatillo's



chop all veges until about the size of beans. Put olive oil in pan, saute the veges until the onions are sweat. A bit of salt aids the sweat. Sea salt, not much. Add chopped carrot tops when the onions are complete (so they wont over cook we reserve them until just before the water goes in...), and after a minute or so of high heat swishing in the pan, add your water, and cilantro. Also can add a small bit of tomato for the acid, or lime juice...lemon,, not so good. Add all the beans, a bit more water since you underestimated earlier, and cook at a medium high heat for about half an hour.

Then bobs-your-uncle, Black Bean Soup.

To serve: fill a bowl with soup. While it cools a bit, slice a ripe avacado into the bowl and gather your organic blue corn tortilla chips....oh, and a large bib. Spoons are for the last bits of crumbled chips at the bottom of the bowl.

Fresh water, or apple (other fruit) juice....if you need the acids.

Nap as required.


cook, eat, and be well, testing time rushes ever closer.