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Male circumcision alters the brain of its victim for life.

Male circumcision alters the brain of its victim. Not only by depriving that person of the full potentials in sex (old audio here), but also (i now understand) of transforming the inherent potential within that person to experience love, contentment, or peace, here in the matterium. The reasons at a biologic level can be explained due to the deprivation of the brain of the man of certain necessary, and brain chemistry altering, key hormonal 'circuits' that include the flesh stolen from him shortly after birth.

Those of us born as 'warriors' by 'gift' of the planets will understand my message here. We 'natural warriors' are filled with compassion and could not stop ourselves from fighting against oppression in all its forms. Masa Katsu!.

Those born as warriors, but robbed of their foreskins by religions that enslave them at birth without their consent, can become entranced by the brutally of their skills and arts at war, with none of the motivation of compassion and love. Such men are not warriors as i judge the word as they are not capable of individual courage as they do not know how to love.

It may come as a surprise to you to learn this, but the largest concentration of males on this planet born under the influence of 'Mars' who are also circumcised and religion enslaved are in Israel. Is it any wonder that Israel seeks expression of itself as brute and killer? i think not.

Karma rules. The 'covenant' of judaism with the off-world demi-urge they chose as god*** is what dooms their males to this twisted mentality that they currently demonstrate with their death rituals in Gaza. Their 'covenant' also dooms the rest of us humans to having to put up with this shit. i right?

Until judaism examines its history, stops lying to itself, and ends the abominable practice of mind and body maiming that is male circumcision, there will be not peace on this world, nor within judaism itself. You see, it has already terrorized most of the world, fed on that grief and death and fear, and has yet only one victim left to 'taste'....Israel....itself. Judaism globally is about to shred itself to shit in front of our eyes.

Unfortunately, there will be so much collateral damage, that other nations will be forced into action by the carnage of the innocents as the jewish males wail to universe in a river of blood for their stolen foreskins and the torture it has done upon their atman (souls).** Their anguish and self-loathing is what is causing the death of generations of innocents, and the warping of their own children.

i would curse the house of david on the sands of the levant if it were not for my knowledge that universe has beaten me to it, and done a far better job than i. Universe curses the Israelis daily with their own 'covenant', at all levels (listen to older video above).

Oh, and let us hazard a guess as to how many circumcised males there are in the bankster biz? Foreskin loss warps brains other than warriors...including those of child raping financial terrorists.


*** (note it is yet another lie that the jews are the 'chosen ones', read history, they are 'those who chose (to enslave themselves to yawayhooya or what ever the piss this alien banshee called itself...yes, i do think it was an actual alien of some form that scared the early jews into worshiping its sorry old ass)) Note again: if you are trying to refute me using bible as english or hebrew, you are SOL. The english and hebrew is warped by the transliteration into 'have been chosen' instead of 'have chosen'. Go read the original texts or watch Mauro Biglingo's "Unexpected Bible" on youtube.

**(and the huge levels of rape of young males in jewish 'bath houses'). - All kinds of dispute about the 'chosen' one language from hundreds of response emails, and not a single one denying this allegation of massive child rape in fundamentalist jewish sects. Hmmmmm.

Addendum: guys, if you are circumcised, you cannot possibly know what you are missing. Kind of like a deaf person criticizing music. Or someone who has never taken it, trying to describe an acid trip. Beyond your experience. In the case of the circumcised, even the potential for it was stolen from you at an age when your protests were treated as mere mind warping pain.

i am sympathetic to all males thus maimed, and really pissed at religions for their crimes, which begin with, and stem from, human maiming.

If the foreskin removal is not complete (more medical ones are incomplete than mohel induced 'brit milah' technique which removes most if not all of the vital hormonal uptake receptors - hmmmm - as it was designed to do...) then it is possible for a mutilated male child to mature completely mentally. It appears from some tests done in EU countries that partial receptors can still trigger the changes in the maturing brain of the male during the latter half of puberty - which really lasts until about age 26 by the way.

And in the way of a wicked idea who's time may have come: it occurs to me that all it would take to end the practice of 'routine circumcision' forever here in the USA would be for a number of circumcised males to sue in a class action against a few hospitals/doctors = insurance companies for real and actual damage to their adult lives (thus it makes no difference that their parents agreed to the maiming as these were under duress of lies...kind of like the thalidomide lawsuits)....make if far too expensive to contenance doing it here in USA. Then the practice would be driven 'to the streets' where it would dwindle under social pressure. And, maybe a few thousands of maimed males would get a few bucks. Hmmm...just say'n.

*7.15.2014* a link to the details about healthy Prepuce (foreskin) for those who think i am full of it...start here, and follow what trails interest you...




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