A day of heavy rain

by clif high, December 8, 2015


Seeking clarity of my destiny,

on a day of heavy rain,

I stripped my body of protection,

and walked from the first touch of the sea

into the cold of the deep.

There was water above,

water below, and around,

water without and within.

My thoughts were of water,

and I became aware of living

in a world of water,

of traveling across it, and through my days

in a vehicle of water;

it being driven by my thoughts as

the whip drives the horse.

As man, I became aware

of being water.

As water, I became aware

of the meaning of flow.

Thus, on day of heavy rain,

in a pool of cold water,

did I become content

to seek the clarity of destiny within,

while being aware of the flow

of the vehicle without.

True victory is victory over self.

Masa Katsu.

copyright by clif high 2015 all rights reserved.

may be reproduced with attribution and link to halfpasthuman.com