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Coventry...the solution !

by clif high, Saturday,October 24,2015 11:00 am

with respect..

We'll call it 'Coventry', both the place and the reality TV show. It will be THE solution...

First we find a few hundred acres of wilderness land out here in the West that has had the hell fracked out of it. You know, pitted, dimpled, crushed, cracked and fracked into something the Bad Lands would disown.

Then we put a big ass fence around the whole thing, maybe 30/thirty feet high or so, and topped with all manner of razor wire and other maiming defense devices. The fence will be a 'smart' fence filled with sensors and cameras.

Next we fill every nook and cranny with video cameras and microphones and heat sensors all flowing their telemetry back to our TV central headquarters on the other side of the main gate.

After that, we inundate the place with crap...all kinds of crap. Old washers, other appliances, old trailers, tents, trash of all kinds, dropped from those big two rotor heavy lifter helicopters from a decent height so it smashes up real nice scattering debris all around.

Of course, we need a giant sign just outside the main gate:

Coventry....the solution to bankster corruption! Check out our TV show! New cast of banksters added weekly!

Finally we 'populate' the reserve. We'll use bounties i think...make it very interesting. Not only does the bounty hunter get paid for helping us bring in banksters, but they would then get a piece of the 'action' generated by their captive. We can even use the more personable bounty hunters to provide commentary on the broadcast videos of the banksters.

We will 'prep' the banksters before releasing them into the wild....collars, injected GPS locators and such.

In spite of our best efforts, most of the banksters will not last long....a few days at most due to their woefully weak bodies following years of corrupt personal practices and debauchery. i am of the opinion we resist the calls to 'hobble' the more physically fit banksters in the interests of 'fairness'. We should take the banksters as universe provides them and let Coventry sort them out.

However, as a sop to mercy, we will provide each bankster a case of carbonated fructose soda of their choice, two dozen freeze dried Twinkies, a working cell phone with an intermittent short, a flashlight with a 1/4 charged battery, two aspirin, shoes with holes, a package of plastic knives and forks, a tarp, 3 feet by 3 feet, and a nearly used up fire starter.

While the banksters will be both naked and afraid, this is not that sort of show, so each bankster gets a package of 19/nineteen adult diapers, XL to ensure that at least they begin in Conventry in a more or less 'modest' state of dress.

And to ensure that there are not international cries of 'cruelty to dumb beasts', just before we release them into the wild, each bankster will receive a full complement of whatever vaccine we can find laying around in a large bore needle in the ass cheek of their choice.

Coventry will be THE most watched TV show in history, bar none. Simple, only one rule for the players, live for a year and present yourself at the front gate to see if you have been 'redeemed' (voted upon by viewers) enough to be allowed to enter a re-education camp for humans trapped in psychopathic minds.

It is going to be a really thrilling first season on Coventry...the solution!


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