Complexity Shock: Cresting with the Wave

The shift into release language in March is unlike our previously discerned 'tipping point' of 9/11/2001. In that instance the data forecast a planetary change that would alter life thereafter, but there were no signs of any discontinuity. In the forecast of the 9/11/2001 incident there were accretion patterns that put us (planetary humanity) back into building tension language a mere 3 days after the [entrenched elite] had staged their attack on the [populace] of earth. In the case of the March 2012 shift into release language, there is not a 'return' to building tension language. From the accretion patterns, it does not look as though 'business as usual' persists past March 10th.

Within the Matterium, all is directed toward the production of ever increasing complexity. This conclusion can be logically derived from the understanding of the nature of the pulse/pause that is the core of the continual creation model. It started as one pulse racing across a self-defined, self-enclosing 'space', to bounce off it's self-created walls and return to collide with itself repetitiously, endlessly creating ever more complex patterns of collisions. Each pause wipes it all out that it may be recreated again so fast that you miss that part of reality entirely. With each recreation at the rate of 22 trillion times a second, the level of complexity compounds itself yet again. This is the nature of matterium, and thus provides, as Bucky would have it, 'the general case extractum' from which we form the 'knowledge' that 'universe (and all who sail in her) is striving for greater and greater complexity'. Here on earth (as Terrance McKenna sus'd out, 'humans are the pinnacle of the complexification process that is universe'.

We, those voyagers in the matterium, will soon reach a point where the universe propelled complexification becomes 'observable'. Note this word. Likely we will also have [visibility] of this within the msm (lying mainstream fucktards pretending to be journalists – Matt Taibi and his ilk excepted, with respect), but the aware observer will be swimming in the shockwave of the ever new now long before the msm can muster the coherent thoughts necessary to describe the contexts of the emerging reality around them.

It is our understanding that the 'complexification wave' will be observable in March of 2012 as we top the building tension language. Now, noting how universe manifests, it continually produces surprise. In fact, the expression of the complex of emotions that is 'surprise' is likely a very good indicator that the human has just encountered 'new complexity'. Having observed the 'surprise factor' component to how universe chooses to manifest, it is unlikely that we can, in any meaningful way, imagine the experience of cresting with the complexification wave.

As surfers or sailors we may think we have a 'body clue' to what is coming , but that is likely ego led presumption as this is neither wind nor water which are bound, but rather it is the underlying complexification of universe that starts a never ending crest. Once we are in the froth of it, we will all 'know', and all prior to that is observation, speculation or deduction. Or mis-direction...yes, 'they' will still be trying their shit right up to the crest.

What is palpable is that we (terrestrial humanity) are close to this upcoming experience.

You feel it now.

You have felt it coming for some time.

It, that feeling crawling up your shadow, is the shockwave of the future as complexification collides with itself to produce the manifestation of the infinity wave.

Raven says -


A moment of pain.

A lifetime of pride.

Row Hard.



copyright January 8, 2012 by clif high