'dance '...


i am clif. i was born to the High and the Vallier clans. The High clan traces itself back to the 'walker people', and the Vallier clan goes back to the 'sea tribes' who were ancient people when the pharohic dominion was but newly hatched in Egypt.

i am clif. i live in the country of the salish peoples. In this country is Raven, spirit of the corvadae (crow) beings. There came a day, decades past, when Raven bonded his ki with mine, and thereafter i am also of the Raven beings.

i am clif. i live, the blood flows, and the breath moves at the will of the lungs.

i am clif. i am not slave to any being.

Those who declare themselves my enemy are large in their minds, and think they understand the world. They know not the taste of their own ki revealed in suffering, so how could they know the flavor of the universe of complexity? And yet they would claim to rule...

i am clif. Raven's gift came in a ki exchange. Raven (and all corvadae) took some of mine, and left me some of theirs.

It was a fair exchange. We share much, Raven and i, including enemies.

Those who declare themselves our enemy, knowing themselves not, are a burden upon the peoples and beings of this earth. It is their time to go.

Raven teaches the proper way to battle here on earth. First is self knowledge and the study of appropriate context; that has been achieved. Then is consultation with universe and the reading of the signs for meaning (semiotics). This too has been completed.

Lastly, before battle, we dance away our enemies' spirit. Though they are powerful in the world of men, those declaring themselves to be enemies of Raven Water Tribe, they are few, and weak outside of their longhouses.

We of the Raven Water Tribe are so many upon the planet that we may not be numbered...and thus are free beings, soverign unto ourselves. The eyes of corvadae are across all of earth, and send their vision to Raven. No place may our enemies seek rest that crows will not see. No plans may be made that crows will not hear. No secrets are kept from Raven, who is Trickster/Hero, and walked with Changer in the sometimes time which has now returned.

We are crow.

We are Raven Water Tribe.

We dance away our enemies' spirit.

Their days are now few.

Come, join our dance...




copyright by clif high, all rights reserved.

posted June 6, 2012