Central banks versus human viscera....

by clif high, Sunday, February 2, 2014 3:03 pm

with respect...

...i first came across the notion of decentralization in the mid 1960's as the 'European trade community' was in the process of being firmed up by the plutocracy into the 'EC (European community)', on its way to becoming the 'EU' *(today's European union).

It was curious for me, as a detached, but interested outside observer... as a military dependant living within the 'occupation forces' in Germany...to watch as the PowersThatBe were pushing, forcing the people of Europe into the early stages of a new giant state, while at the same time, the riots, and disruptions of the old empires dying was also on display as the various 'colonies' of France, Holland, Belgium, et al were shaking off their old masters. There were clear indications of a demand for 'smallness', and a 'return to family/tribe/group' following the chaos of World War 2. This was expressed not only in the many small colonies breaking away to form their own countries (as if they were not really countries prior to being conquered by the colonizing forces), but also in the many sub groups that formed up across %urope as ex-pats, and re-pats, immigrants, and expelled and other forms of 'displaced persons', all tried to sort themselves out into smaller sub groups (communities) JUST as the PowersThatBe were hell bent on creating the EU.

The move toward smaller groups was not only expressing in %urope At the time, a wave of political instability that lasted for decades (yes, even allowing for 'contrived chaos') was part of a global expression of decentralization versus the centralization 'imperative' that was being driven by (and still is) the PowersThatBe. As the PowersThatBe suppressed, and even perverted the natural impulse expressing itself as a need to get together into smaller, more cohesive groups, the response was the agitation, and unquietness of the following 4/four decades.

Seemingly the globalist corporate cabal 'won' the war of central state versus decentralized human impulse directly from universe. But, as with all things, universe will have its surprise. It is as the yogi's and taoists know, humanity moves at the whims of universe....not the reverse. Though most humans are convinced that they can 'change the course of universe', it actually does not work that way.

Universe decides, and builds the emotional spaces within the individual humans who collectively move and change the direction of the mass of chaos that is humanity. Universe makes us as particular receivers for ideas and emotional states that it broadcasts out as it chooses. When enough of us humans have 'caught the wave', we lead without regard to 'success', but just because we must; at universe's command, we move, and curiously, others follow. When enough move, all of humanity moves.

We are in those sorts of times now. The constant suppression of several decentralization waves from universe over these last 5/five decades has led universe to create Bitcoin, and other decentralized alternatives to many different forms of central authority.

So 'they', the globalistas, won the war and globalized the planet, only to have universe provide their centralizing tools, internet, smart phones, et al, as the leg-up for a new form of decentralization, the self organizing collective. These SOCs are going to really create headaches for the dying central authorities as they cross all forms of culture, economics, nation-state, geography, and even language barriers. Not only within 'digital hippies' (say it with a french accent), but also 'digital nomads' in 'self-forming/self-dissolving tribes', the decentralization wave from universe finds expression.

As universe seemingly would have the decentralization wave become dominant, it strikes the aware mind to pose the 'why?' of the situation as query to universe. Why this insistent pushing from the guts/viscera of humanity for decentralization?

Well, one answer, and a rather good one, is to be found in the movie 'Independence Day'. In that film, the space alien species as threat to earth and humanity was the ultimate in central planning and authority. Their species was clearly a central bankster's dream....mono cultural, every being obeying the central authority with all their activities. Centralized culture. Centralized control. Centralized Authority. And it all undoubtedly started with central banking. But, if you will note in the film (spoiler alert), the space alien species as threat to earth is done in by a computer virus.

Now the film may have been taking a page from H.G. Wells as an updated version of 'war of the worlds', but it also provides us a very subtle, yet hugely revealing look at our own species, and the value of decentralization. It is only due to the renegades, the dis-satisfied-to-the-point-of-taking-action members of our species that we have computer viruses. If we were, as the space aliens in Independence Day were, enamored of central authority as part of our nature, we would NOT have computer viruses. Nor hackers. Nor dissent in any meaningful way within the culture.

Nope, it is precisely because we are an 'unquiet' species, with (my opinion) a visceral longing for decentralization (and a visceral hatred for central authority), that we are perpetually challenging ourselves, thus making ourselves anti-fragile to these kinds of attacks. And conversely, training some of us to get better and better at them...hmmmm...wonder if universe knows of some pending need for crackers/hackers?

i find it interesting that we have this push for SOCs and decentralization JUST as the planet is changing under our feet. It is seemingly as though universe is trying to get all parts coordinated for the challenges ahead. If, as many of us suspect, we are already moving into an Ice Age, then decentralization will be the strategy to survive and prosper.

Universe likes humans. We have the evidence. It has provided that our species shall always be in a state of chaotic turmoil, and this will continually challenge us, even to our very survival. And that makes us stronger, and anti-fragile.

Harmonizing with universe can't be a bad thing....and you have that in-built harmonization meter...it is called 'your gut'. May profit personally to listen to its rumbles more often.