by clif high, Tuesday, December 24, 2013 9:07am

with respect... (fire it off and play in background)

So, we use it constantly, obsess over it when not using it, dream about it when not obsessing or using it, bond it emotionally to everything from sex to odors to colors, and yet have not got a fucking clue as to just what is this 'money'?

Money, it's a gas....well, not really, now more than ever, it is energy, electrical, but also, mental...consciousness, all that.

Money, it's a hit....both to the individual, and the social order.

Money, it's a rush to flush the cheeks (all four), and float the ego with our own magnified importance.

Money, it boils the blood to flood the genitals, so they say, it's the root of all evil so powerful that its possession radiates out of the energy body to affect those much so that even the human-warts amongst us become so attractive by having money as to compel the presence of Youth, and Beauty.

Get a good job, and get 'paid' currency, in cash. to build your 'stack'.

Money. It's your 'stash' for the future (what 'stash' actually means...retirement...hoard...i'm all right jack, keep your hands off my 'stack' o' stash).

Money. It is life energy, according to ancient Kung Fu Tse (Confusius to the confused) doctrine.

Money, it's a small sea creature from the deep waters on the western side of the island of Vancouver off the coast of North America.


Yes, that is correct. The 'original' money of North America was formed from the dried shells of the dentalia clam.

Note that these clam shells were the 'beads' used to purchase the now infamous Manhattan Island, so to the sellers, this was a very interesting transaction. They (the sellers) did not consider that they 'owned' the island, nor that the idea of 'title' to real estate was meaningful. However, the 'beads' that they were paid for their acquiescence to the invasion by the Europeans were 'real money'. It was wampum. a very interesting level, the fraud that is finance from Wall Street today had its genesis within the karma of that original purchase in which the Europeans knew they were defrauding the natives by paying for land with shells, not gold, as the natives, not owning the land, knew they were defrauding the gullible strangers who gave them real money for something quite illusionary....'title' to parts of this planet.

Money, it's not what your central bankster tells you, or sells you.

Money, it's not what your gov't tries to dictate to you.

Money, it's everything from shells to bells, from stones to bones, from strings of knots, to digital bits.

Money, you get to decide what it is....