"tasty globular proteins...."

by clif high, Monday ,Sept 2, 2013 6:31pm

with respect....

The sun, our sun, is going to be flipping its ass over its teakettle here in a few short months (magnetic pole flip). We are, now, more or less, midway in the process, and humans, along with other living creatures here on terra, are feeling it. And, further, they are displaying that they are feeling it....the 'it' being this 'hump' of energy that is coming out of the sun and pouring down upon our heads.

Many of the humans are feeling squirrelly as a result of these energies. It occurs to me to consider some of the issues involved, and i note that energetically, there is a very large effect by these new (and unknown to 'science') energies from space, on our (damn precious, guard yours with your life as you cannot live without them) enzymes.

Yes, that is correct. Our bodily enzymes are affected. This is predictable when one considers that the real nature of enzymes, as specialized catalytic agents, is to reduce the energy consumed in chemical reactions. ANYTHING involving any form of 'natural' energy, used in this sense as being 'unregulated' by any machine or external, consciousness controlled process, is being affected by the sun. Even mainstream, academic science has had to start wrestling with this as they suddenly discovered that radioactive decay rates had changed.....hmmmm...something 'assumed by academics' to be a ' constant'. So, just a heads up, if you reference this article/idea to any msm medical or science person, expect them to dispute the concept as in their understanding of schooled reality, enzyme activity rates are also a 'constant'.

Soooo....in response to the sun's new, and scientifically yet unknown, energies and their effect on the energetic system that i call my 'body'....i decided to whip up a batch of enzymatically reactive food to plump up my bodies enzyme storehouse....just as a protective measure. Also, it makes me less batshit crazy in solar extremes to center and do things that are personally supportive. So i refocus on yoga, and meditation, and in this instance, due to the types of energetic effects, i will also do an enzyme 'plump'.

For the next 30/thirty days or so, and maybe through winter (given the earth changes, and Fu'kU-shima), i will be making and consuming batches of tasty globular proteins (another name for enzymes).

i first encountered these tasty critters in Suisse, while climbing in the very early Spring. The Alps were magnificent, the weather was 'brisk', but beautiful for dry rock work, i was young and healthy, and damn near died from trying to acclimatize myself to the altitude from sea level all in a day.

It was while sucking oxygen from a can in a medi-tent that i was introduced to the idea of just what environmental changes can do to the 'energetic body' of humans. Things like altitude changes, electrical level changes, pH changes, pressure, and humidity changes ALL show themselves first, and foremost(?), in the number, and function of the enzymes in your body. This is due, in case your doctor did not explain this, as enzymes are one of the few 'transfer points' between the Matterium, (where you are now, where 'matter' exists), and Universe. It is within such things as your blood (heme spins, did you know?), lymph, and the myriad of enzymes that real 'energy' crosses over to become part of your body, and to assist in fueling your consciousness.

You can think of the tens (perhaps hundreds?) of thousands of enzymatic reactions in your body as a true expression of energy. Extracted from your body, the picture of all of the energetic reactions within your corpus would be exquisitely beautiful as these are your actual 'sparks' of life. As go your enzymes, so goes your consciousness (first), then your body.

Since learning this key bit of info by both a very acute object lesson where i was the subject of the object, i have endeavoured to keep my enzymes happy.

My first experience with enzymatically 'rich' food was with Suisse muesli. And, you know how it goes, foods consumed as a kid become your 'comfort' foods.

i have had a 5+ decade relationship with muesli, and know it well. For myself (how could i say how another may react?), i make my muesli very enzymatic with fresh fruits, juices, and chopped nuts, all of which encourage the flora within the keifer that i employ in lieu of yogurt.

There are many variants of muesli, by region of origin, or specific approaches, but my favorite has always been nut and oat based.

The way that muesli works for you, as a plumper for your enzymes, is to make the stuff, and then to let it ferment in the fridge. It can keep for a few days, so you make lots of small batches. Thus it makes sense to premix the dry ingredients and to keep them in a large airtight jar, dishing out a cup or two per batch. Note that you can purchase pre-mixed dry ingredients as 'muesli', and then add the fruit, nuts and yogurt or keifer at home.

Enzymatic foods are 'live' foods. Thus both muesli and kim-chi are enzymatic foods, though by no means would any human consider them to be similar. But the point is that you want your enzyme plumpers to be 'biologically active'.

Basic muesli recipe is:

rolled oats

rolled wheat

wheat germ

(add rolled kamut, spelt, or other grains)

hemp seed (or flax seed) crushed (for the omega 3 to 6 ratio) as well as the cannibaniods...does a body good.

chopped filberts (hazelnuts)

chopped walnuts/almonds/brazil nuts....?


dried figs, currents, berries, dates,

flour (whole wheat, or oat...just a touch as a binder)

Mix two cups of the above into a bowl with one cup of fruit juice (real stuff), one cup of hemp (or cow/goat) milk, one cup of keifer, and fresh fruit as is available.

Note: if you use citrus fruits, add these to the dry mix first and let sit for a few minutes before adding liquids.

Mix up, put into glass container, refrigerate for up to 48 hours.

Scarf down them tasty globular proteins and plump up your enzymes to reduce the potential for batshit crazy behavior during solar flips....works for me...