mean ass gardeners....

with respect....this is an homage to an internet brother.


i am a gardener. Love to grow my veges.

i also know many gardeners. They are as disparate as their crops.

Many gardeners favor tomatoes in their gardens. These are chambered fruits...they support the human heart. We need many such now.

Some gardeners favor root crops. These gardeners have their feet in the soil, and help hold the planet together.

Other gardeners favor beans....these gardeners are like their vines, entwining the planet in the social order, and providing proteins for strength and density of life.

All of our human food crops are provided humans whose link is so strong that the mere sighting of the plant produces a loving, exhaled vibratory response. If you are one, you will know what i mean. It is a form of love from your body that is involuntary, and likely installed by universe before your birth for its purposes...after all, it is this universe that provides the plant its gardener.

But, of all the gardeners, there is one that captured my heart in my distant, mostly misspent youth.

Fittingly, as universe made me a martial artist, i was captured by 'the militant gardener', also known as 'mean ass gardeners'....by those who know them.

You see, this gardener is totally unlike all others on the planet. Where others, tending their crops, will work diligently to promote the soil, and the local environment, this gardener is the opposite.

This is one mean ass gardener. These people are so 'hard' at their core, that they begin their garden by stripping it of all that makes the ground fertile. One by one by one by one they remove anything that may provide for sustenance of life.

They strip the ground of everything, then they begin digging at the rocks, one by one by one by one, until not even the smallest stone remains untouched.

These are some mean ass gardeners, tough to their core in a way that old shoe leather envies.

Once everything fertile has been removed from their garden, then, and only then, do they really start to work. Then they start cleaning the dirt.

Finally, when all has been removed, the soil scrubbed to clean purity, their crop is revealed. It is only then that the gardener sees what kind of vegetable they are cultivating.

This is the ultimate surprise of universe... this form of gardening.

In my opinion, of all the kinds of gardening there are, the chan/zen gardens are the sweetest, even in their bitters.

To all the zen gardeners, i offer this old yogic poem that i just made up, or remembered from some distant sitting:

Always, always, beginners mind.

Even through mastery to liberation, beginners mind....

now where was i?




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