'hot times'...


There are indications that the [unexpected military actions] that will [soooo upset/anger/infuriate] the [populace/usofa] are now being moved up by (7/seven to 9/nine days) from the end of June time frame discussed in the ticks in time... article.

If so, then we can expect [officialdom] to be [pimping] their [lying 'experts'] starting on or about June 20th. The forecasts for the [unexpected military events] have a few sub sets that pointed to [corruption (being forced)] onto the [populace/usa] by [lying experts/authorities]. The issue arising within these data sets has always been the [unending river of lies (from officialdom)] that will run smack into a [gathering wall of disbelief] from the [populace/usofa]. From our (populace's) view point it will seem as though the [officialdom] is [trotting out magicians and sorcerers in great numbers]...

The data has maintained that the [officialdom (at all levels including congress, and paid shills, and civil authorities)] will be [lying their faces off] over this period as they [deliberately], and perhaps more importantly, [desperately] try to [conceal/hide information] that is [vital] to [health and life] of the [populace].

While much of the [initial anger] from the [populace] has to do with [closed doors] and [not welcome here] forms of [hidden officialdom meetings], the data sets have suggested it will be the [actual destruction of documents] that will [ignite the fury]. This area refers back to the [damaged documents] section in the last Shape report of 2011.

As they (officialdom) are providing certain hints to those semioticians with adequate vision that schedules for their NWO are in a state of flux, it now does appear that they (tptb) have [decided] to [employ treachery/(unleashing deceit)] in [bringing to ruin] the [person provided with preferential status]. Hmmmm...yo, sheeit's on fire.

The 'good news' in all of this is that the same data sets are pointing to the [rapid rise] in [precious metals prices], especially [silver] as being temporally ahead of, and to a certain extent, [putting pressures on officialdom].

So, one way to consider this information is that a rapid and steady rise in the price of silver will be leading the way (pressuring?) to officialdom [breaking down] as it [over-reacts] and [demonstrates desperation]. Here at HPH we are watching the flow of currencies into precious metals over these next 14/fourteen days as an indicator that the [unexpected military events] will be [accelerated] in their [timing]. Look to the language coming out of the CFR for other hints as we go forward into June and the Summer of (actual) Change.




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pi, the only edible irrational number.

posted June 6, 2012