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A Life under the Ice.

By clif high

An original, prescient novel and screen play presented as serial installments. Copyright to clif high, 2015, all rights reserved.

Erkenntnis:Chapter 2

Marine walked slowly within the larger circle of girls. She was always cold and so gravitated to the center of the crowd the way a puppy digs into the puppy-pile when sleeping. As she walked forward she moved inward until she was surrounded by young women her own age, all looking remarkably alike...young, blond, big hips, strong thighs, and she could at last not see the strange land around her, only under her feet as she moved slowly forward at the gentle urging of the herd instinct of the crowd.

Marine had been one of the last to come down the long springing plank to the shore. She was last because that was her nature and her training....”no reason to hurry in life” said her mother constantly, and had been adding these last few years of the wars....”we leave hurry to the city folk... jews, germans and communists”. Marine had been one of the last of the nearly 400 girls to come down the long plank, mainly due to flirting with the handsome, but scarred, pilot of the sea-plane in the hold of the submarine.

His scar made him look distinguished, as Marine had decided a number of days before the landing, as the Leutnant had made his interest in her known. It had been his insistance on one last cuddle in the darkened recesses of the plane that had led her to be late, discovering most of the women already on the deck and descending to the shore as she hurriedly gathered up her meger belongings and scrambled up ladders, and down long, narrow, short, and pipe-filled corridors to the brightness that beckoned through the open hatches.

Marine filled her dry starved lungs with the cold embrace of the air before joining dozens of other girls in coughing fits as the cold hit their lungs, tightening the flesh with a jolt that left her gasping and hurting.

“Remember to breathe slowly at first“, shouted the old Oberst Ackermann in concert with the continued wretching and hacking of the many women struggling to effectively breathe the shocking cold air. “If you need to, breathe through your hands, like this“, the old soldier demonstrated with a few brisk breaths drawn in through his fist.

A flash of light caught Oberst Ackermann's good eye, and he turned to stare at the submarine as it began to back away from the hidden dock in the rocks. A sailor stood at the bow and operated a flash-light in code. Oberst Ackermann took out his own light, and signalled that he understood. Jamming the bulky light into his pocket he turned and shouted at the soldiers herding the young women down the beach toward the sheer ice face of the glacier that abruptly ended the expanse of pebbles. “Actung! Alarm! Eile!“ shouted Herr Oberst as loud as his lungs would allow in the cold air. He pointed toward the glacier and motioned. Imperceptibly at first the crowd of young women began to move faster under the harsh commands of the soldiers.

Marine found herself being pushed along by the edges of the group. Within but a minute she was running after a fashion on the cold slippery pebble beach toward the imposing and scary wall of ice ahead. Moments later she could see a very large door opening at the base of the ice. Men emerged from it and waved them on faster. The crowd surged forward and Marine was, for a moment, suspened in an enveloping mass of breasts and hips that held her up, feet not able to reach the beach. She stumbled when the movement of the running parted the girls around her, suddenly requiring her feet. She almost fell, but instead a strong hand gripped her upper arm and lifted her back up. It was Allie, her best friend among all the girls. The two were from the same village, and had been taken together the same day, and were thereafter together during the whole of the strange trip south. "Faster Mari, hurry!" Allie said nearly breathless from running.

As she ran, arm linked with Allie, Marine was aware of the faint shouting behind her as Oberst urged everyone through the giant door and into an incredibly long, tall, and well lit tunnel. As soon as they were past the door, their feet found hard, textured cement leading at a gentle slope upwards. The girls naturally slowed down and tried to regain their breath, and were pushed rudely forward by those rushing in behind them. The doors began to close as Marine, bent over and desperately wretching, trying to get air into her lungs received a loud, stinging slap on her ass cheek from Herr Oberst.

“Go in further“, he yelled, “don't stop here!“ He waved and slapped at half a dozen of the young women struggling to breathe. “There is warm air inside, you foolish girls!“

Herr Oberst pushed and shoved the last of the young women in just as the large doors rolled together, shutting off the view of the sky. “Good“ he thought, “No planes. We are not seen.“ There was some concern amongst the submarine's crew that they were being shadowed by a British carrier with scout planes.

As he walked slowly up the incline, relishing the increasing warmth of the air as he progressed toward the mob of girls now milling around the other end of the tunnel, Herr Oberst calculated....this last group meant now he had personally seen to the movement of 6,786 young Ukranian women over this last year. He and others like him had overseen the transport of somewhere in excess of 22,000 such future mothers of the next Reich in this year, 1942, alone.

Only a few more trips, and it will be complete.“ Ackermann thought with satisfaction. He walked up behind the girls, and pushed his way through them to the front where they were stopped by soldiers in front of a wide track of some kind in the cement. Herr Oberst Ackermann climbed up onto a steel platform and took a microphone from its corner.

Turning to address the women, he said, “Actung, Antarktische Siedlungnsfrauen! You have arrived at your new home!“, Oberst Ackermann waved off into the far distance of the Great Hall with a flourish that belied his years.

“Willkommen zu Neuschwabenland!“



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