by clif high, Tues, Jun 25, 2013 18:45

There are over 1 million described species of animals on this planet. Humans have chosen to divide the entire biota of earth into two groups; those with backbones (vertebra), and those without. These last are called 'invertebrates'.

Of all animal life here on terra, slightly less than 5 per cent have backbones. Please note, that in spite of their behavior as spineless fuckers, we do currently count politicians as vertebrates.

Of all of the 95 per cent of animal life that does not have a backbone, the vast majority fall in the broad classification of 'arthropod'. Indeed, some 85 of all animals are within this class. These are spineless animals that have tough exoskeletons in lieu of bones, and, in the vast majority of the many species within this class, they have no brains. At least that humans would recognize. Again, please note, that in spite of their brainless behavior, we do not classify banksters as arthropods. This is due to their lack of a hard outer shell, and other features that distinguish banksters from such arthropods as cockroaches.

Yes, in field studies, banksters do resemble insects in both morality, and feeding habits, but technically, they are not arthropods, though they indeed may be insects, and might squish the same as most bugs.

Of course, until the International People's Congress on the Reclassification of the Animal Kingdom gets back to us with its report later this year, and potential reclassification of these life-forms, it is still technically illegal to squish a bankster, or run over a politician slithering across the road. Just FYI.