isoc stew, made with tasty bones, old, but still rich with marrow**...

There is a point to the incredible diversity of life here on terra. It is called, 'optionality'. So how smart does it sound to invest all today's generation's energy for development of new agriculture into a vision of humanity's future in which we become 'mono-culturalists (single croppers)'?

If the powers that be are able to force the 'monsanto' (mount satan) version of commerical agriculture globally, we, as a species, are doomed. And not in 100 years, or several generations out, but next damn year, yes, that is correct, the whole of the 'monsanto/GMO agriculture model' takes its 'hit' next year.

The first of a couple of very large, planet affecting, Black Swan's has already taken flight. The huge investment of the last 60+ years by BIG Corporations (aka 'the man') in moving us into a commerical copyright dominated, GMO based food supply has the human species right now dependent on only two seed suppliers for most of the planetary harvest in soybeans, and corn. Other staples are nearing the level of saturation that Mt. Satan has achieved with these two crops....but it will not matter.

That noise you hear in the background is the Black Swan's beating wings as it begins to hover around, looking for a landing spot. We know already that it will settle into on either corn, or soybeans, so to humanity, it is now rather moot as to which of the 'monsanto dreams' will be the first to bear the weight of the landing of this planet sized Black Swan. Either can be first, and the net result the same for humans, as it is the 'monsanto system' that is crashing before your eyes.

Note, do not be too gleeful just yet as this is a heavy ass Black Swan that will take likely several decades JUST to see if humanity has a future after it lands. That uplift of the hairs on the back of your neck is this Black Swan circling overhead....honking out...'round-up is dead'. Now the question we all need ask is, does the death of round-up (being over come very rapidly by super weeds, that in turn help to produce super bugs (pesticide resistant extreme-ophiles)), mean the death of humans? Or merely planetary starvation induced revolution in which any 'suit' from any international corporation becomes 'fair game' any place on the fucking shit-hole of a planet that TPTB have (are) attempted to create?

with respect,

i read a lot. In fact, my first (personal, not from contributing to a corporate effort) patent (granted in 1999) is for inventing a form of software that allows humans to read from computer screens at up to 2000 words per minute. i still use this approach to read a lot from computers.

But i also read a lot of books. It is the best way, in my opinion, for humans, mostly unsuited to schooling, like myself, to educate themselves. Of course, i have a method...certainly, derived from madness, on how to read books. It works for me though i discard a lot of books quickly when certain flaws in thinking are revealed by the author. A lot of books fall into this category of 'unfinished due to errors in thinking, or false, base assumptions' as most humans do not think either well, or deeply about things.

A recent exception to this has been Nicholas Taleb, and his book, Antifragility. This is a kick ass book. i am quite certain that this book is my most important, and challenging, and enjoyable, reading experience in over 30/thirty years. i am also quite certain that this book will travel very well into the future, and will still be read, in book form, as long as there are humans interested in reading.

Ok, enough with the book review....if you are a reader, and interested in reading dense non-fiction poking of reality, this book is for you...but if not, here is something i have taken away from it; there is a way of thinking about the future, in conjunction with all of human past, and trends of the current moment so as to be able to get a view of things that "likely" may exist in that future, in such way, as to be able to invent them now. Make sense? Probably not.

Basically Taleb is a very smart human, who has written a greatly insightful book, from which many people will derive many different (new) things. One of the things i have derived is a heuristic (rule set) for inventions (put really crudely as it is quite the sophisticated method and understanding, in my opinion). This heuristic set is complex, but easily applied, and contains some levels of self validation (so a fellow does not try to walk off with his head up his ass).

So, sitting here absorbed by Taleb's book these last few weeks (i read it slowly as it took lots of thinking) while waiting to see if the global coastal event forecast, the 2012 forecast, and the RV validation stuff would manifest, i came up with this RSIS ("rule set for inventing shit"), and invented some shit as a test.

Damned if it did not work. i have two really good inventions at the moment, and others pending. Of these three, one is seriously deep, and is a 'key technology' invention.

Should universe hold off on kicking the human species in our collective butt, which is to say, after June 1, 2013, it is my intention to form an 'isoc' (invention self organizing collective) around the 'pirate ship model'*^*.

Again, should universe cooperate by not sending big thumping earthquakes and oceanic sloshing that disrupts the infrastructure, it is our plan here at hph to establish new headquarters (universe forcing us to move, but strange new opportunity there as well, more on that after June 1), and to explore these new heuristics for invention.

My thought for the first isoc is to pursue Experiment #2 results which is a new technology that would allow every wood burning stove manufacturer on planet to develop high efficiency 'rocket' stoves (biogas/mass combustion). As of this moment the whole industry faces a couple of barriers that this invention removes. Additionally, this invention is an industry wide component that has global wholesale potential.

Toward this end (and to occupy my mind in our most recent 'winter' storms), i have taken up Sketchup (the 3d design tool from Google), and begun preliminary renderings and engineering specs for Ex #2. (i chose #2 as it has the widest impact on humans and the planet). Tied to 3d printing, this tool allows the mentally challenged dyslexic such as myself to think in 3d. Currently working the engineering for our new HPH domicile/headquarters and will have some drawings available shortly (assuming i can connect to post...damn ddos attacks).

In our E#2 isoc, we will be operating independently of the "usually accepted path" through the legal system, in that we will NOT be seeking patents. I have patents, and have learned about the process. In my opinion, and legal fact, patents do NOT protect your creative thought, nor output, and are hugely expensive in both time and money. All a 'patent' is intended to provide is a pathway, or legal basis for suit, should one feel that they have had 'intellectual property' stolen. Let me repeat this...all a patent provides you is a single, narrow, platform for a lawsuit. No patent has ever protected any invention anywhere.....if you dispute this, please provide instances to support that opinion.

i have several other methods that will provide better, and more certain protection, in a much more timely fashion that will be employed in our isoc's.

Assuming universe permits this exploration....which we will know with certainty in less than a week.

In the meantime i need to finish Taleb's book Antifragility, and to get these drawings done, both of the new HPH headquarters, and the results of Experiment #2. As part of that isoc, after June 1, i will be seeking participation from a metals (and ceramics) casting engineer. We are currently exploring the idea of crowd funding, but may go with a single source of capital. In our model, all participants get a share of the proceeds in perpetuity, including Money*$* (financing/capital). As this invention promises to be a very long running product, there are some serious social issues to consider while we are in the engineering 'shake it to break it' phase. We are also noodling on the distribution method (make it ourselves, or sell it off to the appropriate player in the industry).

All to be determined time permits, assuming it does, after June 1.





** yes, i know, not a good image coming from a vegetarian...however, please note that i am a vege dude in this a human...but much of what i am i bring with me from many many many lives as a dog....and bones is good to dogs.

*^* this is the first, pure, democracy, of 'every one gets an equal share, with one share reserved for the 'ship' (maintenance, et al), and an extra share for the (successful) captain'...

*$* bitcoin preferred.