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khaki season of life....

by clif high, Monday, May 26, 2014 4:09pm

with respect..

i grew up as a 'free range kid' in the last of the free range generation here in USA. i grew up when a 12 year old could build his own boat and be gone for most of the weekend on his own exploring the local waters of the Bay, and NOT come back to find his parents arrested for 'neglect'. The things i learned about biology, zoology, marine ecology, boat building, survival, and such cannot be taught in schools. Such lessons arise from the manner in which Experience seats knowledge in the mind. It is different than learning that arrives by way of book, or lecture. It is permanent, and altering in the way that Experience has always been for humans.

Of course, even in the days of 'free range kid-dom', there were chores. Perhaps, it was because we had chores, that we were free-range. Responsibility at home, begat trust in that same responsiblity let loose in the wilds. A quid pro quo likely existed that was lost with the passing of chores for kids as a way of participating in the economic and structured life of the household.

One of my chores was ironing my father's uniforms. i was an 'army brat' and my father was an officer in the infantry. As an officer, he had to have his khaki uniforms (during the 'season' - uniforms had 'seasons' the same way that sea side communities did) ironed in a very precise manner. The ARMY manner to be exact. And, over the years of childhood, free range or not, there were a whole lot 'khaki seasons'.

Thus it was understandable that, once loose in the wilds as a free range, seeking to be adult, human, khaki's did not have any place in my wardrobe.

Until recently.

Yes, sad to say, aging, and sagging, and perhaps the new cut of the rise in jeans (is that why kids wear them down so low? they don't fit comfortably in the rise of the crotch?), have forced me to move onward, and strangely, go into the future by way of the past. i have had to adopt khaki's as the pants in what will be, apparently, a rest-of-life 'khaki season'.

Now the good news is i have found some incredible khaki's. These are from Mountain Khaki, but i will be taking them out onto the Salish sea. Really incredibly comfortable for an old(er) human male. Why? Ah, grasshopper....the secret you see is not the soft but durable cloth, nor the triple stitchery, but rather, it is the gusset. Yes, that is correct. The humble gusset, long known to man, returned as the pinnacle of pants crotch engineering for them saggy bits.

So, now, i have yet to iron, and doubt i shall, but i will be wearing these gussetted pants in lieu of bad rise jeans from now on. Not only comfortable for sitting in your tractor, but also, as you can see from the photo below, for relaxing in front of your sauna.

Also note the wonderful chime hanging from the sauna, a gift from some Interstellar voyagers, Cathy's image floating in the background taking these photo's, and what a marvel-loose job the pants do in accommodating an old man's frame.

Yes, sounds like a commercial though it is not. i get nothing from these fellows, other than fair value for my khaki purchase. And really damn comfortable fair value it is.

khaki me at 61.

Thanks to Jeffery Tucker for getting me thinking about the importance of clothes in our development and psyche.


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