Mr. Global's Playbook, lesson 9...

with respect....

My mother-in-law has a fondness for these little quiches one can purchase at a bakery on the west side of Olympia. Needing to incur favor as opportunity presents, and heading over to drop off some photo's of her latest great-grandson, i stopped to acquire the object of her breakfast attraction.

At the store, the woman at the check stand inquires as to whether i have one of their company store cards. My response was, "nope", following upon which, like a puppy trailing its mother, came the question, "do you want one?".

To which i replied, "no. It's a religious issue."

Seeing the emotions travel across her face like a train over a varied landscape, from initial quizzical disbelief, to a sudden solemn seriousness, i realized i had hit a 'Mr. Global trigger'. The saleswoman had been totally inculcated with the 'religion trigger' by her schooling. She first found it strikingly out of place that i would even bring up religion in that context, and then because religion is currently Mr. Global's most powerful mental control point, her mind was instantly thrown into a spin-out where she tried desperately to reconcile my dead-pan face and the religion word with any possible point of offense that she may have committed. Note that Mr. Global puts these triggers into the minds of schooled humans for use later by the minions.

Knowing this, i chose to ease the stress evident on her face by returning my comment back to facetious side of life, rather than the fascist. So i continued with, "yes, it is against my religion to be tracked by corporations..."

She then flipped back to quizzical as i further elaborated..."i belong to the Church of the Greater Paranoid."

This settled her mind as it was more obviously a joke, and we continued with the purchase for famished mother-in-law. However, being an evil bastard at heart, i could not resist one parting tweak of Mr. Global's trigger in her mind, so as i took the quiche, i noted that "the Church (of the Greater Paranoid) has a fundamental tenant of 'no Facebook page'", and unexpectedly i saw the horror that such a thought produced in her, and lo...yet another Mr. Global trigger is revealed.

So it occurs to me to pass along a just wonderful tactic of opportunity.... the use of Mr. Global's triggers against him. After all, they are laying all about you, in the humans populating your environment.

Just to remind you of the particulars, since they were covered in class quite a while back, i have provided a quick revision list of the best tactics to be used with the religion trigger from Mr. Global's Playbook, lesson 9.

First, from the perspective of the awakened human, if you encounter the religion trigger in a minion, use it to your advantage. Stone faced, claim with pride that you are a member of the Church of the Greater (and lesser, unreformed) Orthodox Paranoid, and how dare they question you about XYZ!???!

What are they? Some kind of stinking anti-CP (church of paranoia) bigot?

Then immediately go for the appropriate linkage (here in America it is the jews who are the promulgator of the trigger so use that first) as in, "AND you're probably a fucking anti-semite as WELL as being an anti-CP bigot!"

Then flip out of the religion trigger point, to tie in some of the others in "i also hear that you're a racist bastard too... i can tell just by looking at the way you stand there....(brings in body image as well as racial prejudice)...

then, if that does not succeed in pushing back the opponent of the moment, you may have to escalate it up to playing the 'victim role', all the while looking stunned and hurt, as you issue non-denial denials (use no facts, only emotional appeals, nothing to engage the rational mind, keep it at the deep limbic levels) in preface to your final push of "repeat back to them all their statements as questions" as in "what do you mean you think i am XYZ" forcing them into defensive justification mode. Once there, finish them off by wildly hurling accusations as fast as they can be voiced.

Remember, Mr. Global installed the guilt and triggers, but anyone may use them.

And of course, the existence of these triggers in others begs the i have any of these in me?

Thus is revealed the practical wisdom of the path of true victory in our age, looking inward is the best place to find tools for global achievement.....masa katsu, true victory (victory over self) is the best way to overcome the weapons of others...and please note an extra need not travel far to find a very worthy opponent.

****Mr. Global is how Catherine Austin Fitts labels the oppressors. i do not like so trivializing these murderers this way, but if the label Fitts the situation, and all...(hahahaha)...