The hole in Max Keiser's head...

by clif high, Saturday, December 21, 2013 10:52am

with respect...

There is a giant hole in Max Keiser's head. No, of course it is not any of the obvious ones, and it is likely only visible to the 'whole-ly' initiated amongst us, aka the 'woo-woo' world.

Now don't take my meaning the wrong way; i love Max Keiser as brain food, and find that i am malnourished if i miss ANY of my 3 times a week doses via the Max Keiser Report. Also for those new to Max on RT teevee, it is really the "Max and Stacy" show, and it is by far the best 'teevee' ever. At least in the english (most of which Max understands) language.

The giant hole to which i refer is in Max Keiser's 'nut' as his buddy, the "artist taxi driver" would call it.

i am saying his head, but of course i am referring to his thinking, his vision if you will, and the hole in Max Keiser's thinking is EXACTLY the same size and shape as the 'break-away' civilization.

Yes, Max and Stacey are asking all the correct questions: "where has all the money gone?", and "why is this bullshiteree being allowed to happen?", but they are having to work around this hole in Max's thinking. Thus they are perpetually casting about for the 'why' and 'who' of it all, without being able to get close to the center of the 'mystery'.

No mystery if one expands their view of reality to include the planet wide (but mostly Kansas Navy directed) "deep black ops" world, that includes the very very very expensive efforts toward reverse engineering all that space alien stuff they (TPTB) have. As an editorial aside, just think of what the global open source community could do given access to the space alien debris...after all, bitcoin was done 'for nothing'.

No mystery if one looks into government finance, and notes the many small dark holes draining money out of 'the system' and into the 'clandestine/classified' parts of the planet. Two trillion FRNS/$ here (2000), and 5.5 trillion FRNS/$ there (2008), all leads to 8+ trillion in 2013, and that is getting close to 'real money', as well as bleeding the host (planetary population) into anemia.

In fact, if one were to think of the anxieties that drive humans, especially at the level of non-verbal communications where 68% or more of all 'intelligence passes', then one can postulate that much of the base level of emotional unease with the 'system' has to do with a rising level of 'unconscious' knowledge that all of it is based on lies. As these lies are transparent on the faces of the 'leaders', they become transmitted to the populace at the subconscious level.

And, as all the woo-woo aware know, ALL of the lies in our current system arise from the huge level of cost of sustaining this 56 year cover-up of alien contact, and the inculcation of the military/entertainment/finance/gov't industry into the criminality necessary to support this effort these many decades.

We can argue whether it is 'peak resources', or really merely 'criminality' reaching its peak of mismanagement, and malfeasance. But what should be considered is the argument itself: that is that much if not most of the 'situation' (pretty much however defined) in which we find ourselves, is due to the hidden draining of planetary resources into the coffers of the black ops/classified world, AND the pockets of the criminals necessary to support the activity.

My contention is that the criminality so rampant within the system, and which Max and Stacy work so diligently to expose, all has a common root in the massive cover-up of space alien involvement by planetary military since the 1940s. This cover up is quite obviously expensive and requires payments for everything from murders of whistleblowers, to bribes for politicians, to 'bonuses' for banksters, all the way up to and including chemtrails (whatever their purpose, they are part of this whole criminal enterprise). All of which was constantly conducted under a continuous assault from media of 'trust me' from the mouths of the government shills/stooges for this effort.

In my radical linguist understanding of the crypto-currencies, much of their appeal is subconscious and relates to the 'trust-less' nature engineered into the network. NO longer does anyone have to 'trust' the untrustworthy, which is to say, the banksters, and their stooges, government.

BTC (the bitcoin network) provides humanity with a way out of the lock that the central banksters, and their masters, the military/space-alien complex has had these last five plus decades. As such, the biggest threat that BTC represents is not to the bankster cabal at the top of the corpo-political system, but rather to the exposure of the 'dark ops' world that is both supporting the criminal ruling class, and sucking money through them.

BTC will bring about this exposure by draining wealth away from the fiat system. The situation can be described as a pond that has many, continuously damaging leaks, grown large over the years, deliberately ignored by the official Pond Maintenance Co. as a result of bribes paid by the AllSeeingEyeCult down the hill which was growing fat on water they did not have to work to get. This situation persists until the many owners of the pond realize that drastic action is required, and so on public initiative they bust down the retaining walls with their Bitcoin shovels to release the water as they desire. And to simultaneously fix the leaks issue.

The ALLSeeingEyeCult down the hill is now pissed. First at having their water cut off, then at having their tubes and bore holes into the planetary pond exposed, and lastly at the official Pond Maintenance Co. employees who had grown fat and lazy-assed while out partying with presstitutes and other, more honest, whores on bribe money.

BTC changed the world. Max Keiser knows many of the reasons that this is true. However, due to the giant hole in his head shaped exactly like the break-away civilization (those dastardly black ops/classified fellows living in tunnels and on space vehicles), he will be unable to see the cause of both the current situation, as well as very-soon-to-occur events that will accelerate seeming 'chaos' as it propels the BTC world into direct contention with the ALLSeeingEyeCult down (under) the hill.

This contention starts openly in 2014. It is going to be a very very interesting year indeed.

In parting, i do expect the hole in Max Keiser's head to 'heal', especially as the strangeness that will be 2014 ramps up, however, let us note that we all have 'holes in our heads', and mostly they are put there by absorbing a lifetime of these cover-up lies.

The good news is that the 'ki' word for 2014 (which you are seeing more and more and more daily) is going to be [disrupt], and our data shows the year living up to the nomenclature, if not exceeding our expectations in this area. The disruptions of 2014 will allow us all to see the holes in our own thinking more clearly (if we are looking), and maybe we can point out our blind spots to others, just in case it will aid them in correcting their own head holes.

i know i need all the help i can get (as many people on the internet kindly take parts of their day to remind me).

So pass on the information you may run across about the break-away civilization connection to bankster criminality to Stacy (i get the impression she is in charge of Max's brain during the day), it may aid us all during the upcoming 'chaos games' of 2014.