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freeze the balls off a brass monkey....

by clif high, Werdnesday, June 18, 2014 4:10pm

with respect..

This essay has very little to do with primate genitalia, metallic or organic, and everything to do with the species level changes being wrought by technology, specifically, in this slice of perpetuo autem, what Google is doing to the rest of humanity.

To be fair, the species level change would/will/is occurring with or without Google, as universe has provides the path, and they were there to walk it. If the googlers did not exist, there would certainly have been someone else also attuned to the necessary vibratory frequency by their DNA. So the googlers were there to 'catch' the idea from universe, and, the rest of the story, as they say, is 'species level change'. is that correct?

Well, within these many lines, for study by future pundits who will opine, one may find, initiatory processes that echo the change within our human species.

The change in the species is starting to emerge. No longer are we both inventing and distributing (albeit unwittingly most frequently) the bullshit of our youth. All those mythological tales dispensed by disparate odd relatives and friends of our parents, with or without, the intent to 'fuck with our heads' can be, with the advent and viral spread of smart phones and Google by app, almost instantly debunked. This debunking of the BS, or near real time access to information plus the community validating that has been impressed across all domaines of knowledge by the global access and interlinking is changing us. At a core level.

And it is doing so in two, seemingly opposing ways. The first is the obvious emergence of the Google connected, and reinforced, 'homo technicalis' mindset as 'technology', the domaine of understanding, impresses its works with its own, technically structured, viewpoint, or philosophy. A concise, and soon to be altered and debunked definition might be that 'homo technicalis' sees the universe as being a "playground of opportunities for the implementation of really cool technologies of all kinds and their interlinking into really technically complex, and therefore even more cool, networks". In other words, "have a problem? Technology will solve it. If not now, then soon."

The nature of the changes wrought on the species template by homo technicalis will be typified by such as the reduction of overall conversation as machine delivered facts replace conjecture and the interaction of human research; the fading of creative invention of artifice and fantasy in 'play' as that is redefined by social practice to the 'engineering of artificial realities'; and the loss of multigenerational 'passing' of personal histories (mostly false as we can now prove with genealogy through Search); and their close cousin, the archetypical tales of fantasy inspiring 'belief' at a young age (think Loch Ness, Pixies and such).

However it seems our species craves conceptual ambiguities as invisible friends and such, for we have managed to use the very same technology that supports the 'homo technicalis' viewpoint to craft the first global metaphysical dojo. And we do so without any apologies as we, those of us on the mat in the dojo, find no contradiction between the views.

Now for the curious part, unexpected until one considers that universe will insist on carrying certain memes through time without regard to human intentions, is that the factual nature of the vast data and knowledge machine that is Google, has facilitated the rise, one may even say, the resurgence of, a global shamanistic world view. Interconnected for the first time in the history of this 'cycle' of civilization, the shamans of the world are also participating in the changing of the species, probably pretty much what universe intended. The ability to validate shamanistic journey experiences across cultures, time, and space via internet connection has led to the emergence of the (probably) first global validation of both the Path, and the Waypoints independent of learned tradition. This is a really cool manifestation. It means for the first time that there is a teacher-independent knowledge base for shamanic experience that is available across former cultural boundaries.

So, again, in this now, as the 'new religion experience' sweeps through Sufism with new sacraments involving psychedelic usage, their experience in these journeys is both additive, and cross culturally validating. To those who are in the know, what is easily seen is that Mantis beings exist on that plane without regard to your human religiously overlaid, cultural bias. So, hmmm.....what they said all those years ago may well be true also. Hmmm. Even now the universe understanding revealed by the shamanic journey is percolating up from the Sufi through to the rest of Islam. It will be disruptive. Validation of that vision is always so. Disruptive at a personal level so profound it cannot but change the social order in which it is expressed.

As we in the 'western world' are also discovering, though our disruption is fracking through the illusion laid on by the banksters; in a way, a religion of its own, disruptive at a core personality changing level as well. And such changes will echo themselves outward through our social order, constantly, continuously, validated by intense debunking and debate in our collective mind space that is reaching toward googol at breath chilling speed.

So chilling as to freeze the balls off a brass monkey.

i once heard, from a fisherman, of course, on a fishless stretch of a long swift west flowing river shrouded in early morning fog, that the Phoenicians, being great sea-faring people, and really smart, invented the precursor to the modern sextant. Their version of an advanced astrolabe, according to my source, had two positioning levers that were held along an arced brass rail by small brass balls at their ends. These astrolabes were no small affair, so the tale went, and took two men just to lift and sight. So the curved brass arc was called, in this version, the 'monkey' somehow the Phoenicians were from Africa and this resembled the arc of monkey butts...and you may guess how the story concludes. The Phoenicians, being tropical guys were not prepared for the cold when sailing in the far north, and their giant navigation aids which had to be left outside at night, would distort in the cold and lift the brass sight marking levers off the brass arc as the brass balls were contorted away from the 'monkey', or the bottom of the arc of the rail. Thus the Phoenicians, again as alleged in this version of the tale, were the first to find out what 'cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey' meant, and further, supposedly marked their maps as requiring 'coastal only navigation' as it is so cold as to "render the skippers' balls useless". Hmmmm....does not sound good. Terra incognito and extra viagra, et al.

However, this story is fabrication ingested waaay too early in the morning of my youth to disregard it (thus i recall it to this day), and is pre-internet. These more modern times, one would of course merely google the phrase to learn what i already know from gunners school, that absolutely no monkey butt arcs are involved, merely brass dimples. Found it yet?

But know now one of our species level flaws, even erroneous information, as above, once digitally bound, forever found, constantly around, algos to confound, as it is tied, digitally and linguistically securely, to those frozen monkey balls.


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