my enemy knows my name, and so fears it.....

by clif high, Thurs, November 14, 2013 4:30pm

It suddenly struck me as a result of a conversation: my enemy knows my name! and so fears it that they will not have it used in their presence!

They fear its sound, or written.

Doubt me? Then test me....go to any of the internet 'faces' of my enemy, and try to use my name in any of their fora.

One of the many names of my enemy is "tavistock" as in 'tavistock institute'...i will not bore you with its history...suffice it to say that tavistock's hand is up the anus (where they keep their brains) of the (CFR) council for foreign relations (here in usa) and they are the conduit for the mind control efforts of TPTB (*and the more aware minions...some of whom are actually scamming/skimming from their says the data).

So one of my enemies names is 'tavistock' and they own a number of faces on the internet where they practice their mind control arts. One of these places is a forum called ''. It used to be controlled by the slime-upright who called himself 'lucas'.

So test me at glp. Use my name and see the effect. It is the same at any of the tavistock/cfr/tptb fronts.....they know my name....and are demonstrating daily that they fear it.

Most gratifying.

As far as the gulpers (glp members) are concerned, this puts me in the same league as David Icke. Very enlightened company indeed. Thank you glp/tavistock, for the unfair (to david), but flattering (to me) comparison.

i don't fear words...a real vulnerability of my enemy. i don't fear their name(s)....why should i? It is my intention to harmonize with the upcoming future such that i win and am able to grind the bones of my enemy into fertilizer for my garden (useful at last, eh tavi?).

Now, as to the enemy *thinks they know, as do we will see just which of us universe decides is the bigger ass.

One thing is certain, my enemy knows my name....and so fears it they will not allow it to be used in their presence.

How cool is that?