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Day Dreams - HPH plans - new location for Tenax Labs, permaculture, aquaculture, Viktor Schauberger, new Vaka and more

by clif high, Saturnsday, July 12, 2014 9:30am

with respect..

We have located some property that will work for both our personal needs and business requirements. Given the totally screwed up/over/and-down real estate markets nationally and locally, i suspect our experience is similar to what many people are going through, and it is not pretty.

This essay is not about that part of the process. That is its own series i am developing.

This property is of a size to allow for the establishment of my planned 'Water Research Institute and Permaculture Experimental Station'. More on this in a few paragraphs.

Of course, the property is hugely expensive, over valued (in asking price) in the extreme as it was last purchased for top dollar at the height of the bubble here in western Washington State. The property is also in a state of disrepair, even decay. Not liveable (but this is exactly why i purchased the two yurts), but with enough infrastructure to get moving rapidly (not having to wait for septic permitting and well and electricity and such).

And of course the land is 'leveraged' by the current owner which means we have debt on the land challenges with which to contend.

There are a great many reasons that this acquisition may not occur. From our small finances (boat building sucks away all your spare pennies), to the debt structure (much still unknown), to potential MERS involvement, and who knows what obstacles universe may toss in, but, should it proceed, we will be in a position to grow Tenax Labs (our business identity) to the next level.

This next level, as currently envisioned, is framed as the 'Water Research Institute and Permaculture Experimental Station'.

Here we have plans to establish a permaculture farm that integrates Viktor Schauberger (and others) work on water structure, and land management towards a community supporting 'education and resource' center.

The plan is actually quite simple, and mostly filled with tons of hard work, mental (maths involved), and physical (but we have the hinomoto tractor for some of this). The plan is to establish orchards, greenhouse gardens (bio-intensive), rainbow trout farming (via V.Schauberger water principles), and a water based research laboratory on Puget Sound (property has old building on dock that can be rebuilt at great cost in labor and some money). The plan includes web cams on site at several of the 'dynamic working locations', as well as the establishment of a video studio in the laboratory. We also intend to craft a large vaka (main hull on a proa) to which our current vaka can serve as ama (outrigger) using a technique of production involving molds and vacuum. This increased size of the vaka will provide deck space to build a traveling/sailing water research station. What we learn in mold making will be transfered to molds to produce hard sided, light weight, weather-proof, super-insulated yurts.

The idea within the core of the water research is to pursue methods for healing the planet's oceans and fresh water systems. To start that process i need to be able to make accurate, on site, surveys of current conditions here on the Salish Sea (nee Puget Sound), the largest inland sea on the planet.

We will have the proa boat Nuc Squaxin out and about doing videos and some of our research in the fourth quarter of this year, and those will be able to provide the framework for further Salish Sea research. The videos will provide a continuing source of news on the project. We also will be using the proa as a video studio for some of our woo-woo work. Lots of really interesting nutters, woo-woo artists, and globally famous personalities live around the Salish Sea. Look for these videos under our 'Salish Surreal' brand that we launch with the proa in a couple of months time.

Much of the work of the permaculture side of things will be initially capital intensive as both money and labor have to be invested at the starting stage. Thereafter a great deal of the 'flow' should just be continuing improvements and minor maintenance as required.

As an example, we will not be using concrete 'ponds' for our aquaculture approach. Rather i will be digging ponds based on Viktor Schauberger's math, and using local clays to line them. This process (as with others at our new site) will be video recorded and shared as an educational output. Much math in the proper construction of ponds designed to provide healthy habitat for water, and thus for fishes in water. To do this work, i will have to locate and purchase a back-hoe attachment for our tractor. Such things are not cheap. Thus capital investment required.

The plan also includes the idea of an annual meet-up that we will call 'science camp for adults' where products of the last years research will be shared and available for examination. The space at this site may allow as large a group as 60 people to camp out, and perhaps twice that to attend day sessions. Again, huge capital outlay required there as facilities have to be bought and installed.

The results we obtain from the laboratory and other experiments will be shared open-source fashion.

Funding the whole plan = here is where universe gets a big laugh (want to tell universe a joke? show it your plans).

We are funding this plan ourselves. That is... pursuing it. First hurdle is not near enough FRNS to acquire the land. Then even if that is successful, i will have to penny pinch my way to setting up the yurts. Then i face the daunting and expensive task of the replacement of the dock and building (crafted in 1901 to 1910).

And that is just the start of it.

i have considered the crowd funding method, and looked at the various sites, but for many reasons i don't think that approach works for us. We need both Big Money (for initial capital outlays) as well as a continuing source of funding for the expensive science part of things. So i am currently noodling options and approaches here.

Yes, much of the permaculture is 'self sustaining' in reducing our operating costs, and, perhaps, in the case of the aquaculture, produce a return on investment realized in currency, but this also is a few years out in time before the systems are mature enough to be in production mode. So, in the meantime, continuing 'crowd funding campaigns' are not an appealing avenue to reach the stage of production.

Of course, there is Bitcoin (have a couple), and gold (got one) and silver (got a few). And these will be rising precipitously here in the very near term as anything in USA bound in paper debt is hugely devalued. It is called, hyper-inflation, and the data sets suggest that tptb have chosen that approach to their problems. It just may also solve some of my funding problems. We await developments.

Our data sets suggest that humanity is on cusp of real change at levels likely not seen in yet in our current version of civilization. The changes in the human social order that we will be living over these next decades will be simultaenous with extreme, for humans, changes in the planet beneath our feet.

These planetary changes will trump anyones' plans.

These planetary changes are a framework of challenges by which universe will twist humanity into the new form it desires of us. We all know this torture at the species level is coming. We all are feeling it in our bones. Times are tough and getting rougher.

Doesn't stop us from dreaming though, that is in-built in us by universe.

Beware the dreamer of the day.

“All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake up in the day to find it was vanity, but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.”
T.E. Lawrence, Seven Pillars of Wisdom: A Triumph



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