far out on the limb....

by clif high, Wednesday ,October 16, 2013 3:28pm

with respect....

There are more galaxies in this Matterium than humans can count.

Our particular galaxy, that we have named 'Milky Way', is small, but even so, at its center are more shinning suns than our eyes could bear to count, should circumstances ever put terrestrial humans there, in the center.

Rather, we are damn lucky, the lot of us, living way out here on the fringe of our galaxy, where the space between stars (and planets) allows for the occasional thought to creep into our collective (in the words of Artist Taxi Driver) 'nut'. He means cranium, not testicles...an example of the separation possible ...a whole torso's distance...between people of a 'common' language.

Artist Taxi Driver's 'nuts' notwithstanding, we humans are indeed lucky, springing up, or being sprung... your choice, way out here in a minor spiral arm where the space between stars, and planets, allows for brain activity. We will note that in our solar system, there are only 13/thirteen zodiac houses, what about further in toward the center? Why some solar systems would conceivably have hundreds of houses!

And in more 'mature' solar systems, there could be potentially hundreds of planets! Imagine the horror of it all!

As astrology would have it, the planets moving through the houses can be considered as the gears, big and small, that move the circumstances of Matterium into, and out of, your life. Sort of like hidden gear mechanisms in a complex, and complicated theater in which you are the main actor (so you think anyway).

Have a quick look at how complicated your life is with just 13 houses and hardly more than a handful of planets.

Imagine the horror that is life for the peoples nearer the center of the galaxy, complexities heaped onto plates of complications every second as one of the hundreds of planets in their solar system moves into yet another of the thousands of 'stellar' houses available. No wonder the 'space aliens' that manage to show up here are so batshit crazy....too much astro, much like living in a pressure cooker.

One (human) shudders! Absolutely terrifying. No room to think, merely constant reaction to over-powering astro forces. Almost as bad as a congress critter trying to remember just who bribed him/her last. And for what 'cause'.

Yes, i am grateful to Matterium for this incarnation, here in the bucolic peace of this small 'village' of a solar system, way out on the far end of a minor limb. As complicated as it gets around here, and the internet is proof of just how bad that is, we have it far better than the 'visiting' space aliens.

And, this explains why everything is so fucked up since 1947....when these complicated by too much damn astro in their home system space aliens started 'interacting' with our governmental bodies. As an aside, you will note that we don't call them our 'governmental brains', nope, at our core, we know better...gov'mint is hardly more than a dressed up zombie, all body and no brains at all.

So, as we humans go through our planetary awakening revolution over these next few years of what will be probably close to serious chaos, please note that the space aliens 'behind the scenes', you know, those we will catch 'controlling everything' are to be treated as 'astrological hazards' as they are rounded up for shipment off-planet, or to the nearest parallel dimension, our choice.

Oh, and as a final note, be sure to remove the space alien's digits from the butthole/brain of the politician before sending them off to their space alien home world. Just a matter of proper astrologic hygiene after all. We will be doing a bit of 'spring cleaning', and we certainly do not want a reputation of dumping our trash (politicians/banksters) onto some other dimension/system. As tempting a solution as that may be for us, it would make us no better than the space aliens we will be dispatching. Can't have that...even here, far out on the limb.

Just something i was noodling while sanding today.

And yes, in the background is Kale, the hard working human. A better photo of him...

And what does any red-blooded american male need after a hard day's sanding?

Nope...not what you just jumped to via in-built mental programming....but rather....a cooling breeze to blow away the dust of the working day...metaphor there, maybe? Air me! The whole damn planet needs it....