i really fucked up...

by clif high, Thur, Jun 27, 2013 18:00

When i was barely 19, and still had hairs 143 through 776 on top of my now, loooong bald noggin, and was barely married 6/six months, i was pulled over in my old international pickup on the way to the local landfill. It was a WA State Patrol officer who flipped on the lights and had me exit I-5 freeway barely a mile outside of OLY headed for the county line, and the trash dump.

The reason? Load Not Properly Secured. And he was correct. i was young, basically stupid as we are all stupid that way in youth, too absorbed in our own internal battles to pay much attention to the world. Not an excuse, but the reason. The WA State Patrol officer gets my respect, even now, some years after his passing, as he was courteous, calm, insistent, but not arrogant, and also explained the 'why' of it to me, as he might have his own young, stupid kid.

"You see, last week I was at the scene of a fatality when a ladder came off a truck and killed the woman driver in the car behind. The driver of the pick-up truck is now facing criminal charges, and HIS life is ruin't. You wouldn't want that, eh?" He said, sadly smiling as he gave the ticket. He even apologized for that, as it was $250 (twice our monthly rent...i REALLY fucked up!) and he knew what that did to me.

But let me tell you something absolutely true. NO load leaves my property without being properly secure. Since that day, and to several days past my funeral....that is just the way it is around here.

And i may take time in getting it untied at the receiving end, but that lesson stuck. And it stuck so hard that i applied some it in other areas of my life, not directly related to trash or hauling. So now, some 40 years later, i thank the memory of that man, name long forgotten, visage to be with me until i die, as i learned that lesson, and from it, learned others.

My wife (of 42+ years) had a heart attack last year. Thus we are involved with the people who inhabit the 'health care professions'. This involvement is way too close, and too frequent, and has proven true the expression, 'familiarity breeds contempt'.

Now i am quite sure that 'they' on the other side of our contacts hold me in contempt, as i now do most of them. i am very good at manifesting rudeness, and harsh focus on the issues. They are, in broad measure, ignorant, and schooled to be un-self-aware, and totally, un-self-examining. This has been a challenging experience. For all of us.

But i have made progress, and have a few tips for you should you ever end up in the 'care' of the 'health industry professions'.

These people have been schooled to be generally stupid. However, their self perception has been trained to think themselves near-infallible, or at least so far above the 'patient' (and i am anything but that) as to be above question (yet more 'too big to fail/jail? thinking) and this is reinforced by their having been crammed with specific levels of (presumed) facts, many of which are numerically based as in blood pressure, weight, height, et al. And the human monkey-mind, that core part of the human mind that is reinforced by the training of 'doctors' in western factory-schools, likes numbers.

Further, these doctors, especially the males of the species, are trained to be arrogant, and imperious. As an example note the fictional rendering of the doctor-intern relationship on teevee. It is likely pretty close in flavor to the sychophant-victim roles portrayed.

So as aikidoka, we know that these people are vulnerable at several levels. If the doctors treat their staff abusively, then their staff has been trained to respond to abuse. It may not be pleasant, but it is relatively easy to browbeat the already cowed into doing as your will demands. Further, throw in a few pertinent numbers to flip them into monkey-mind, and then scramble the numbers rapidly out of usual sequence so that their 'monkey' has to also scramble to keep up. Most are not so mentally adroit and will quickly accede to your wishes just to get rid of you.

Then, the doctors are easier. First, note that they will instantly try to intimidate. Don't fall for it. You are not their intern, and need only relax, and NOT do as they imperiously command. Then, these fellows are overly impressed with words. The more densely technical, the more they are impressed. In the medical world, it does not get any more dense than chemistry. So as soon as their hackles come up, ask them leading questions about their prescribing (IT will be at the base of your contention with the 'doctor' as this is ALL they know how to do....hand out big pharma concoctions), but do it at the chemical construction level of the shit, excuse me, 'medicines'. This instantly shocks the doc mind into both a technical reference area, and a wild mad shuffle for equally dense chemical terms to prove (more to himself than you) that he is your superior. Of course, most of these guys did not do that well at chemistry, and actually will admit to having a better memory of the hangover that followed the chemistry exam, than anything on the test. So baffle 'em with chemical bullshiti. (plural of tech-bs). Then put it back on them to substantiate their position and their judgement.

It is a remarkable experience. i have been through it now three times in the last few months. It has gotten to the point now that i watched the nuances of the behavior as well as prompting it. Quite illustrative.

Usually the docs cave right away. It is my thinking that some of this is due to mal-practice kind of suits. It scares them when the patient's relatives know more chemistry, and biochemistry words than they do. i am also certain that twice i have prompted very hurried 'self-education' on the part of some monkey-minded doctors. Can we spell 'wiki-pedia' anyone? Every damn drug they hand out is listed, detailed, and cross linked back to the underlying (presumed, always use, and emphasize that word) chemical thinking.

Let me stop and make a quick point on debating in real life, no, not for points on a team, but to use words to change the outcome of events already in motion. You can ALWAYS count on our great friend, the word 'presumed'. Look it up. Get to know it and love it. When in doubt, fling it about with vigor. You will be continually surprised by the results. And if asked, you always can find dozens of supporting examples. Such as (with docs) "you PRESUME that XXX is the case....need i remind you that less than 60 years ago, YOU (personalize the 'presume' attack) doctors were in the habit of prescribing RADIATION to kids for ACNE! (firm tone...not yet shouting) or some other example as may best fit the situation. Look up a few before you go...they are not hard to find for any 'profession' as basically humans presume a whole lot of bullshit to be true for long periods, then the flavor of the bullshit changes. As you are pointing out, using the PRESUME argument in your contention.

So, if your relationship with the 'health care professions' is in a state of contention, then take head of the above, as it demonstrably can work if one has the will to apply it, noting that, really, these doctors-types are weak, both in body and mind. They spend most of their time under fluorescent lights, with bad air, around all manner of radiative devices and the average life expectancy of docs is barely over 57....so yes, they are weak. Full of bluster, but once punctured, easily cowed by knowledge.

So 'presume' the hell out of them, but know what you want before your contention...ask yourself...as in any situation...what does winning look like for me? In this situation?

Knowing what you are looking for, and being able to picture it in your mind, is 90% of finding it.

One last thing, before ending this rant, if i had not witnessed it repeatedly, i could not have known how badly doctors treat women. They MUST be trained to this, as i find it inconceivable that any mother would teach her son to treat women as badly as they do. So it must be the factory-schools and their fuck'em over for life 'training techniques' that bring about such changes in these sons of mothers.

Now, owing to my experience encountering Load Not Properly Secured due to my attitude, i had a thought to fix this key element of the whole health care 'industry'. First, please note, most doctors are male (still), while most patients are female. So not a good mix when the males are trained to disrespect the females.

The good part is that a solution easily presents itself. Just like i paid my fine, and learned a life lesson from it, we should have all new docs pay a fine, and learn a life lesson from it. Upon graduation, each male student should have the word 'ahimsa' (do no harm in sanskrit) tattooed on their penis. Of course, if, as with most of their peers, the student's dick is too small to accommodate that many letters, they should be allowed the option of having the tattoo on their forehead. This way, every damn day, at least once, they will be reminded of their (presumed) proper attitude towards life.

It wont hurt that much, just enough, and believe me, NO male will ever choose their forehead, even if they have to have that damn tatoo spiral all the way around.....and they will ALL brag about the font size used.