perpetuo the ever present now...

homesteading...and land recovery at age 61?

by clif high, Wednesday, March 19, 2014 8:03 am

with respect...

Universe drives as it chooses, not us humans...and apparently i had not enough work.

So it has come to me that a certain property is for sale in our area that would suit us very well indeed, as land, well found, well situated, and well located. However, really damn expensive. And in need of really damn serious work (remediation).

And this portion of the ever present now is NOT the time to be buying property. In only a few short weeks (probably late April), the momentum of the Causes already set in motion will deliver Effects that will fulfill the [shock] forecast (found in last ALTA report). That [shock] will send global markets reeling/tumbling/ass-over-teakettle-down-the-hill. And will affect ALL things financial/debt based.

It will also cause further [crushing/crashing] of the planetary real estate markets. So, this is definitively NOT the time to be contemplating buying property...

...let alone property that is waaaay too large for our immediate needs, and is waaay too expensive, and which is going to demand waaaay too much work from old phartes.

But that is what universe has me doing....not only contemplating, but actively pursuing. And what is worse is that the property has derilict structures/debris dating back to 1901 (like i really need to be cleaning up someone else's messes when i have soooo many of my own). But here we go nonetheless....bad timing and all.

This place (assuming i can gnaw a way out of universe to make it happen) will provide us with much improved facilities, including being able to plug in our web cams to share our many science experiments and other fun activities. But we will be starting from 'scratch' with raw land...actually, in some ways, worse than raw land in that it will require remediation just to bring it up to the state of 'raw'.

And it is grossly expensive (at least for us poor guys who think in 3 digit sums as 'large')...which brings us to this redesign (in progress) of our halfpasthuman site.

i am bringing over the RoundSquareFeet material as i need to reduce my sweat load where i can, and this site will serve for both our ALTA report work, as well as the new Tenax Labs site (our 'company' name). i will be shifting over to a blog style posting of our RoundSquareFeet effort at acquiring and remediating this property while establishing our YurtHouse there. i will have new drawings in a while of the YurtHouse including the mid-structure design.

The new format (blogish) will be infrequent to start and will be dependent on activities and interesting things manifesting, however as progress is made, frequency will undoubtedly increase as there are decades of work to be done that will present many diverse subjects for discussion.

The blog format is also moving us into a new form of fund raising. We are going to be seeking donations for our efforts, both near and longer term. As an instance, this property, should it be obtained, will allow us to construct the '50 foot vaka'. That effort will have me training two local boys in high tech, modified resin, infusion/vacuum production of constant camber arc sections. This is part of the production schedule for our 'hard shell yurts' also as the technology is the same, just building a different critter from it. This effort will require funding to help pay for these two additional workers. The idea being that we will get a couple of kids out of their parents' basements, and into productive (albeit warped boat building) life and then set them free in the wild after their training.

In all cases, the technolgies invented/used will be open-sourced, and video-logged. This will include ideas/processes that could be patented, but which will be released as open source with detailed instructions. This will include the processes and concepts for the Hard Shell Yurts, including dimensions and drawings for all molds et cetera, and all the other strange noodles working their way out of my brain.

Should we obtain this property, we would have the facilities to conduct seminars and workshops in a wide range of technologies, and it is our intent to do so, especially in the areas of new materials applications. We already have committments from some experts to drop by and share knowledge in their fields.

We also are planning for a 4-day weekend event in summer covering ALTA report material, as well as other practical knowledge. These events are conceptualized similar to the 'Trout lake' summer sessions....camping...and access to fun stuff as well as good people, and large food fests. In our case it certainly will involve phyiscal labor, probably some sanding, but always, learning...

Further, we are nearing critical completion points on the proa (Nuc Squaxin), and will be posting frequently 'from the boatshed' as we move into the really interesting part of this mutliple year effort at building...the rigging of the Advanced Crab Claw (a modern take on the crane-sprit rig that i have noodled up).

So, this all being said, and new directions pointed, time to get my ass in gear. Now that universe has shifted, it makes sense to be up at 4am...lots to do.

Check this space if interested in this material. i will be posting more freqently, and will keep this blog up-top of the page. Yes, there will be discussions, as pertinent, about ALTA material.

If you feel compelled by universe to support our efforts, get up, go outside, have a walk, do some jumping jacks and see if you can't shed the feeling. If it is still with you, and you want to give into it, we accept donations of Bitcoin at the address here:


and via Paypal here:

FRNS $ (as long as they are meaningful)

From the boatshed: March 19, 2014.

pod/habitat from bow B view, on Nuc Squaxin the proa, lit up during sanding...

interior, sanding in progress, final glass coat, awaiting final (armor coat of modified resin). Hatch to the left, and emergency hatch (round) on top of pod. Portlight and hatch on bow B (two bows to a proa so we named them A and B).