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that GIANT sucking sound is coming from china....

by clif high, Wednesday, March 19, 2014 8:09 pm

with respect...

Over these past two decades the phenomenon of a noisy earth has returned to humanity's awareness as the planet groans its way to a new, larger size.

As great as these earth groans are in their soul stopping effect, let me be the first to suggest that "you ain't heard nothing, yet"...

Over the next few days and weeks, a crisis of currency will set into the planet's soverign states paper debt instruments like dengue fever moving through a crowded refugee camp.

This crisis of currency already has a cause, and has predictable effects that will play out in due course. We know the first of these effects as reports are even now appearing: Chinese Yuan is collapsing. It also has predictable follow-on effects such as the popping of the global housing bubble(s).

These effects were suggested as probable by the linguistics of these last few ALTA reports, and are now manifesting. The details WILL vary as universe insists on owning Surprise, but the general effects discussed have begun in ernest now that the Chinese economy is manifesting this next liquidity crisis. Pay attention to currency trends shifting, as well as precious metals (physical, physical...gotta get physical) local prices. Assumptions also that bitcoin will prosper during the upcoming 'time of opportunity'...we recall that in all crisis, exists both challenges, and opportunities.

Note that all bubbles, especially those of recent decades, are ONLY 'cured' by debt bubbles of even larger proportions. Problem for all of us humans here on terra is that China was the Largest Bubble Of Them All. And when it popped a great wind blew out, and now a giant sucking sound has started as liquidity is being drawn back to fill the now, suddenly quiet empty, huge space.

So now what can ThePowersThatBeTremblingInTheirShitFilledBoots do?

Not a damn thing. The herd has been spooked, and the stampede has begun.

Only those first out the door will survive with most of their 'hide' intact. The global 'pile-up' promises to be immense and, planet altering.

It will be a tremendous 'natural event', on par with any large, earth changing tumult. Get your snacks while you may, the show has started.





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From the boatshed: March 19, 2014.

pod/habitat from bow B view, on Nuc Squaxin the proa, lit up during sanding...

interior, sanding in progress, final glass coat, awaiting final (armor coat of modified resin). Hatch to the left, and emergency hatch (round) on top of pod. Portlight and hatch on bow B (two bows to a proa so we named them A and B).