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the true purpose of elders in society....

by clif high, Friday, March 21 2014 4:21 pm

with respect...

Most modern humans do not have clue as to what the purpose of elders are within society. This includes the elders themselves, at least most modern elders. And ALL of the young people today, skewed, and screwed blue by skoolin' but without any real education or knowledge, think that elders are someone to provide the rent free, basement accommodations and such meals and health care as may also be cajoled, or whined out of the other wise, pretty much annoying, elders.

Ain't it so?

Well, now as we approach THE GREAT CHANGE when the corrupt cabal that operates the corporation UNITED STATES OF AMERICA makes that last and final BAD DECISION (in a long damn string of bad decisions), and the corrupt system itself becomes unsystematic (also known as the state of 'pear shapedness', or 'blooey' here in corp-america), the modern young victim of deep state engineering will FINALLY realize why universe made elders for a society.

As things get bad, and then worse, and then go from worse to whateverthefuckcomesafterthat, elders will get to play their intended role. Once the teevee has died, and cable is gone (due to server death in some other state's electricity crisis), and the power has died for the evening, as they sit by the fire constructed in rocket mass heater in the living room where once the flat panel 1080 ruled, the usefulness of elders will re-emerge.

For those elders that survive the upcoming transitional years as the CORP AMERICA slides into imperial decay, their use will come down to saying, 'kid if you eat that (old/bad food), you'll puke for a week'. Followed by "i been there, and the pukeing was not good, trust me".

As an elder in this society (my buddy Bob Hitt of astro econ is always on my case to accept my role as an old fart), i can say with definitive knowledge...our establishment here, as led by the current crop of minion officialdom political stooges is fucking up with their approach to Russia. i know this as i have seen fuck ups before in my long life, and they look JUST like this.

These foolish minion politicians have screwed the pooch and unleashed a whole series of Causes that will soon produce globe changing Effects. As an old bastard, let me say that these Effects, here in the USA-Empire, will be both dire and very long lasting (decades). You have very little time left to prepare. History shows that once the planet changing momentum gets rolling it is surpisingly swift. Just a heads up...from an old guy who has a decent memory of past empire deaths.

Don't eat that, you'll puke. Trust me.





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From the boatshed: March 19, 2014.

pod/habitat from bow B view, on Nuc Squaxin the proa, lit up during sanding...

interior, sanding in progress, final glass coat, awaiting final (armor coat of modified resin). Hatch to the left, and emergency hatch (round) on top of pod. Portlight and hatch on bow B (two bows to a proa so we named them A and B).