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#banksterfuck - Swell the Spew...

by clif high, Sunday, March 30, 2014 8:24am

with respect...this idea is so wickely delicious i could not resist....

We can fuck the banksters. They have been raping humanity via manipulating markets since 1913, causing death, destruction, and global wars....please note, no global war prior to the Federal Reserve Banksters Mafia coming into why not fuck them back? Especially as it is easily done.

Yes, that is correct, we, the regular humans of the planet, are able to fuck the banksters where they do their counting, on their bottom line. And we can do it easily.

So easily, you do not even have to get off your keyboard to participate.

You see, there is a relatively new phenomena in the wilds of social media....these are the 'algo traders'. These are software programs, almost exclusively run by the BIG Banksters and their toadies. These programs read the social media of the planet and digest the constant data stream looking for 'trendings' against which trading may be done.

These algo traders are a recent offshoot of the field i invented in 1993 called 'predictive linguistics' when i started the web bot work to support the ALTA (Asymmetric Linguistic Trend Analysis) reports.

Knowing these software systems as i do, i am aware of a fatal flaw in their working.

The algo trading software systems absolutely require what we call here at HPH 'serendipitous mode'. This means that the flow of the 'spew' of peoples thoughts expressed on the social media needs to be in a 'natural' mode, which is to say, 'uncontrolled'.

Soooo....the way we fuck the banksters in their money-hole is to 'pollute' their data stream with 'deterministic language'. This is where we all agree to use specific words as much as possible on all the social media over specific weeks. Their software will implode the banksters trading programs.

It may even shut the fuckers down. You see, their programs work by buying stocks ahead of what the software tells them are trends in the vast social mind....but they are counting on that mind being unaware of it being 'read' by their software.

Now, using specific language on social media is NOT market manipulation, rather it is manipulating their manipulations. It is killing the parasite by using its own biology against it.

Now we can note that already something near a third of all likes, and tweats and other social media spew is faked by software for advertising purposes. These are achieved through the various APIs of the social media. i happen to be exploring the API of Twitter. Interesting how one could populate their stream as opposed to reading it, automatically i mean. A few instances of a Twitter API connected to a posting script with specific linguistics being rephrased continuously, or even in bursts (the algos seem to react to bursting on the spew as a part of their analysis for trends).

Anyway, the idea is sound, we can fuck over the banksters, and relatively easily. So....let is try an experiment along these lines...and make all the precious metals holders very happy indeed (myself included, self serving shit advised) and use the words 'silver', and 'gold' as many times as possible on all your social media over this next week. i will be starting with tweats today.

Another linguistic experiment along these lines would be to include the banskter names such as 'GoldmanSachs' with phrases like 'sell short', and 'dump stock' over this next week to simultaneously distort their own share prices while pressuring them on their precious metal short positions.

Interesting idea, yes?

When the banksters stop rigging Forex, Libor, Gold/Silver, Real Estate, and all other markets...well, then so will we....until then, power to the people, we RULE their data stream.

In a sense this is like Max Keiser's Silver Liberation Army concept, only easier... and you *should* own silver or gold....their paper debt shit is failing fast...even without us Swelling the Spew.

Power to the People of the Planet.

Fuck the banksters in their money-hole.

#banksterfuck buy gold, buy silver

#money-hole sell goldmansachs short

#spew jpmorgan shares sell

by the way...this is political commentary, NOT financial advice.





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