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it's a real bitch when you're not sure who's ass your hand is up....

by clif high, Wednesday, April 9, 2014 8:21am

with respect..

Was internet 'chatting' with a looong time friend, from our days as fellow 'prisoners of the military-industrial complex' (aka 'army brats'). He is also a coder. Strange how many of us went 'bad' and turned to coding to cope.

My buddy Titus had gone the other way in coding and ended up in what we call 'deep state' work as a sub-contractor. He had even, once, years ago, met humanity's friend, Ed 'the man' S.

Titus had contacted me because of a few problems he had at a deep C code level. The conversation turned, as much as it could, toward his work as it seemed he had other problems than mere pointer dereferencing.

Which was the case.

In summary, Titus, and many of the 'cyber warriors' working for the 'deep state' here in USA-Anglo EmpireLand have a real, serious problem.

The problem stems from time, and cultural asymmetry.

Imagine being given the task of planning a cyber war against our friends the Russians. Well....seems a bit of an issue arises almost instantly from the very divergent ways in which our two (now opposing) cultures have implemented their core corruptions.

You see, here in WestLand (USA-Anglo Empire), technology rules....and proof of that is that MOST county governments here in USA are now GIS (geographic information systems) mapped down to the hairs on Aunt Martha's mule's ass. And these digital geographic databases are on-line, accessible, and incredibly accurate in providing down to the inch level of resolution on property boundry's, and building dispositions. Very helpful stuff in planning

So what do our cyber warriors do, but plan to attack their newly assigned 'enemy' and obtain JUST exactly such helpful information for their masters, the political officialdom and other government stooges (employees). Only, and instantly, a problem arises. Seems our new enemies are not so digitally 'advanced', nor inclined as ourselves. In fact, our cyber warriors are so frustrated with the state of GIS in Russia that they are half-jokingly speaking about volunteering to 'go to Rosreestr*, and just get it done'.

What has so frustrated our cyber ninjas is that the Russian core corruption is, unlike ours, supported by Poor Record Keeping in all manner of things. Wereas our corrupt rulers (these fuckers ain't leading me, or anyone else anywhere we want to go) are directly supported by their minions' ability to reach-out-and-touch-yo'-ass anywhere here in WestLand, the Russian core corruption is supported by the densest, most obtuse, and confused non-recording of records anywhere on the planet. Much of the Russian approach to record keeping stems from the old Soviet Union days where circumstances of workers within the system contributed to an attitude of " fuck it." Or as stated so frequently during those days "they pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work." Hmmmm....seems to be the same sort of attitude so prevelant in USA-Anglo WestLand empire these days....

Our digitization of everything, and anything, is in direct support of our core corruption, the 'feds' in all their hoary. The primary tool that the cabal of ruling elite have in WestLand empire is total digital access. Without that, not only can they not control the population's behavior, even with their propaganda onslaught, but they themselves would soon find all of their corruption exposed.

The near total lack of a digital infrastructure in Russia supports their core corruptions. So very little is both digitized, and available, that the national governmental system is daily affected in its ability to 'reach out' and stomp its own internal 'enemies'.

So you see, our cyber stealth dudes have a really nasty problem.

The 'targets' that have been assigned to many of our cyber warriors by WestLand Empire Spys Inc. and Others, are so dark, digitally as to not exist. As Titus hints, "it's a real bitch when (it is so 'dark') you're not sure who's ass your hand is up".

We have already lost the upcoming cyber war by virtue of asymmetry. The WestLand MUST spend billions of dollars and human hours defending its digital assets, while Russia need not spend a ruble. Their very inefficiencies, historical imperatives, and self-serving corruption culture inclinations are protective 'asymmetrical assets' during these times.

Of course, the suspicion here at HPH is that the other side of this asymmetry is also going to be true, that is, that our elite's investment in digitizing our lives will be their vulnerability over these next few years.

As Hari Seldon notes, 'a blaster points both ways'.

Ain't this a bitch.



*Rosreestr is the Russian national agency for all things GIS relative to land positions, boundry, ownership, and position of all monument (structures) of importance. Corrupt since Lenin, this agency has been tasked with doing a GIS mapping of Russia for many years (near decade now?) and is about as far along in that process as are my dogs. Corruption classes are run by the employees of this agency as a secondary source of income. The Russian Duma sends teams to Rosreestr led by archeologists and others specialzed in uncovering data from dirt.


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