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them damn swans....

by clif high, Monday, April 14, 2014 8:21am

with respect..

Black Swan events, by their very definition, are not predictable, thus as the new BRICS alternative to the IMF, and World Bank were predictable reactions to the crack-head behavior of the current IMF/World Banks and their institutionalized, 100% corrupt-at-the-core, nature, this response is not then, a Black Swan by definition.

So we still have the appearance of the dark feathered fowl yet to anticipate.

i am sure of two things in this life, there is no difference between good flan and bad flan, AND Black Swans shit like geese eating halepeno peppers, only more so.

i expect we will be walking gingerly, picking our way through big steaming piles (all that is left of Fed FRN/dollar & 'wall street') for some time after the Black Swan makes its appearance here in the Empire of the West, where corporate Disney style Fantasy is internalized in all communications, and those who point to reality are stamped as 'conspiracy nuts' while being quickly shunted out to the fringe.

i like to remember that my personal stomach-churning anxiety usually means i am on the outside of the herd....a very good compensation for the lack of 'herd warmth'. So if i am abdominally uncomfortable, and pushing against a wall of contrary opinion, likely, even if wrong about the direction of the falling piles of Black Swan Shit that will set it off, i wont be involved in the resulting stampede.

And as our horse culture cousins of the Mongolian plains note: one either rides out to meet their destiny, or is run over by the stampede of fate. Zaaaa!




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