perpetuo the ever present now...

oh-oh, it got loose, and now it's busting out all over...

by clif high, Friday, April 18, 2014 7:06am

with respect..

someone screwed up and Liberty got loose. Big problem for the whooooole planet now that it is busting out all over. SOON an opportunity to express Liberty will appear in your life. Be ready. You would not want to shown up by this woman would you?

Ukraine tanks stopped by unarmed woman.

And these fellows also got their point across...."why? why?"

And in the STILL CONTINUING meme/trend here in USA...liberty minded people stop crowd of Rampaging Federal Assholes.


Be advised....this Liberty meme is JUST in its beginning, and is powered by our SOLunious in progress so the momentum has shifted, and will continue as the Pisceans are defeated by the Aquarians.

Merely a matter of perseverence....we have already won, now is time to let 'them' know it.

Ride out to meet your destiny, or be trampled in the stampede of fate.


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