solioonensius and our poor brains...

This refers to Gurdjieff's concept of solioonensius in which the energies from the sun become 'extra ordinary' in both strength and type thus causing changes within those humans who are 'third minded', or 'doing the work'. However, during this time, these same solar energies were noted to cause the 'two minded human', also known as 'sheeple', to feel

'...the time of planetary tension which energizes the earth so people strive for freedom - then turn that striving for freedom into war or the equivalent of war, into destruction. It is, according to Gurdjieff's own theory, a time when certain new directions can be implanted into general culture.'

Note now that my thinking is that the planetary discontinuity indicated by our data as starting in March with the release language is the same as the rising of the solioonensius, which is basically happening now as it must creep up on us rather than erupt out, much like sunrise.

It is also my thinking that the entrenched elite agree with Gurdjieff's assessment that 'new directions' can be implanted. Further i think their new directions are the same old shit from the same old bosses only more of it piled higher and deeper. Thus my thinking to forestall their attempts to take advantage of the karios of this time to flip us into the war rut of these past centuries by pointing out that they have secret plans to do just that, start yet another war. NOT because i think that they will do it, but to prevent them from even trying. If several thousand people had gathered down at the World Trade Center Building complex on September 10th, and when asked WFT?, had replied, "we are here waiting for the false flag attack due tomorrow morning". Would the September 11 attacks have happened? So i point out, 'hey, them bastards are planning to sink one of our ships and blame it on the iranians!'.

Note that i am not alone in saying such things, but what i can bring to the discussion is a finer perception of the timing that the entrenched elites seek. Then, perhaps, we can all band together, point fingers, and spoil their plans.

To do this though, we have to be as grounded as possible.

So, a couple of things. Look to the sun...lots of radiations are being flung down upon us humans now. You are being affected by the solioonensius now. Everyone around you is also being affected. This is why everyone is seemingly very 'touchy' or stretched a bit too tight emotionally.

Time to chill out, do body work (uses up some of the energies), or extra heaps of meditation with your pie... the point being to NOT add to the pressures, either internal or external. The goal is to find non destructive ways to eat up the energy you are absorbing at this time.

Universe is going to be raining a lot of solioonensius down upon our poor brains for a while....time to remember we are being affected by processes larger than ourselves....the feelings are real, just implanted so to speak, by the energies passing though us.

Thus, as with the afterimage of the hooka smoking catapillar, these feelings of frustration will fade in time....IF we achieve the freedom at the core of the striving. If not, well....frustration can be redirected as rage.....thus the warning against elites and their false flag attacks....as they (entrenched elites) also can taste the flavors of the time, and are desperate to direct them toward their own recipes for your destruction.

We can think of something better to do with these energies i am sure.



As a personal note, the attacks on Jeff Rense are unjustified, and an examination of the 'articles' in which Jeff is vilified shows language that is intended ONLY to characterize, and not to provide facts. Read these attack pieces with analytical mind and the intent to smear character leaps up from the screen.

posted February 18, 2012 by clif high