David Wilcock, Sean David Morton...(et al) are wrong....and why this is so cool for me...

by clif high, Friday, January 2, 2015 07:38 am

with respect,

the pyramids at Giza, and very likely most if not all of the pyramids located at strategic spots around our planet, had absolutely nothing to do with 'ascension' or 'human trials'...

the various interpretations put to this point by David Wilcock (and others, i merely chose David as the most prominent to the moment of the proponents of this idea) as to the 'meaning' of the chambers, and especially the 'passages' within the Great Pyramid at Giza are entirely wrong. Where he and others are speculating that the length of this passage 'means' such and so, and that humans were put through 'trials' and 'tribulations' within the structure for the presumed purpose of gaining an 'increase in consciousness' (something that is quite impossible once you understand the nature of consciousness), they are indulging their fantasy speculation with 'confirmation bias' and seeking to underpin their presumptions about the purpose of the pyramid with 'details' supplied by their minds, not the pyramids.

The great pyramid at Giza has nothing to do with prophecy. It has nothing to do with ascension. There is no meaning nor time reckoning to the 'pyramid inch'. There is no human consciousness 'pumping' ability of the pyramid, not in the mis-named 'kings chamber', nor in any of the various passages or chambers of the speculated 'trials' that the 'consciousness expansion' group claims were held there.

All of these speculations likely result from the original misinterpretation of the pyramids by the 'great' Egyptologists of the past as 'burial chambers'. Once it was established in the popular culture that the pyramids were used by humans for burial purposes, a 'natural' link between the structure and internal human use arose in the collective understanding that then gave rise to further speculation by David Wilcock and the other proponents of pyramid as conscious enhancing tool school.

This line of discovery is wrong and misleading. Their premise is flawed from the start and leads to this elaborate fantasy construction of the supposed 'mysteries' that were to be 'discovered via trial (of the body)' within the pyramid structure.

If one starts their thinking with a 'clean' image of the pyramids, that is, deliberately shedding any past ideas of its purpose, and one has engineering training, then one may be able to see more clearly that the pyramid is a machine for generating power, specifically electricity. The caveat to the above statement is that the engineering mind involved MUST be able to step outside the terran cultural proclivity toward only understanding 'power/energy' as the result of 'explosive' force. There is THE OTHER SIDE of that force as well, and most terran engineering does not even recognize its existence (which pretty much gives David Wilcock, SDM, et al, a pass on their misinterpretation of the structure).

The pyramid at Giza generates electricity using the 'female principle' or the 'negative attractive force' (the word negative is used to denote polarity, and not to connote 'bad', we should just call it the 'F' principle but look where that would lead....so negative it is for now).

Once certain concepts are made available, the idea of 'pyramid as giant power plant' seems to naturally appear. These concepts derive from work done in the 1800's by J. Keely that led to work done in a great many fields through the 1930s, when, in my opinion, the emergence of the Shadow Gov't (aka state secrecy culture around UFO's) was forced by their paranoia to begin clamping down on the knowledge of the 'duality' nature of energy.

As the 'duality of energy in universe' is such a core concept to reality, it keeps surfacing over time, albeit under different names and within larger or smaller theory sets. This exposure to the F/- force side of ALL power equations will eventually reassert itself as the dominant scientific understanding of universe as humanity is forced to rectify the dangerous 'pollution' created by its total reliance on only one-half of the universal power equation.

That David and Sean and others are wrong about the great pyramid at Giza and the whole understanding of consciousness is great as a huge area of very practical and profitable discovery now manifests before me (and anyone else squirrelly enough to perceive it) for 2015 and beyond.

So now i propose to model the pyramid's functioning in Google Sketchup with animation, and then to tie it into the work done by John Keely. The Sketchup animation will also allow for the production, via 3d printer, of various components to build a test system of the JKM (John Keely Motor) power plant.

It promises to be a very interesting 2015....the global implosion of the banking system, the appearance of the confirmation of expando planet (and shift in orbit distance from sun) information, and the manifestation of the Great Human Renaissance of the 21st Century has its beginning.

Got thoughts? Creativity? Come on in...the water is good, and this renaissance has room for all....


(a few vids to tie it all together for you...off to work now, finishing boat to get it in water, and shed empty for my mad scientist years.....(maniacal laugh heard as i amble off to the trampoline for a bit of a work out...)