right action....week zero: planetary


target = jamie diamon, the poor twisted human so suffering that he has to act out as a global economic scourge.

asymetric tools for planetary adjustment

This is 2012, in case it escaped your notice. This is the year of adjustment, for us humans, both interspecies and intraspecies.

February 29th is upon us. For those heart warriors out there, i offer a target for a planetary Hoʻoponopono, that in the person of jamie dimon, one of the economic terrorists currently scouring the last tasty morsels up from the planetary economy. This individual is repeatedly referenced on Max Keiser's reports as being a top devestator among the other psychopaths at the peak of the 'power pyramid'.

So my thought is to demonstrate what results can be obtained from real power. You there...in the back, that's right, you 100,000 strong heart warriors...need you to Hoʻoponopono jamie dimon's ass today, and every day, until he his healed.

Note that while we do this primarily for the planet, and for the poor suffering fat faced bastard jamie dimon, mostly i want to do this for max keiser...just so he can get a little moment's peace.

So if you could do that, those who are strong...no joke, this is one twisted mo'fo who will require a whole lot of healing.....it will seriously take it out of you to assist in bringing jamie back to humanity. That is why i suggest that one hundred thousand of us share the load....after all, Max has been carrying it alone all this time, and as we know, Max has other work waiting.

All right then, all together now....a one, a two, a three.... Hoʻoponopono jamie's ass today....

thanks. He really really needs it.


posted February 28, 2012 by clif high