right action....week zero: act one: have friends in Greece? check on them....

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Just spoke with an ex-pat brit now living in southern Greece. Things are not going well for anyone there. Local boat builders have had no income for over four months, and as may be expected, the tourism 'industry' is basically shut down; again, no income for months. Even worse are the expectations for the 'summer season'.

My friend notes the local tourist booking offices have signs offering a 'gas' discount on 'apartments with action (riot) views'. Gallows humor to be sure.

As it stands, there is no relief for the Greek people. They will be fighting for a long time and the outcome, while certain, will be particulary hard won.

If you can help the greek people, now is a really good time. Hard times in a hard winter getting harsher by the day. Given the nasty rotten evil bastards (aka central banksters) own every damn thing, you may wish to be really creative in assisting the greeks around officialdom.

My thinking is dojo to dojo. My friend says his 'mee-koos' dojo is already feeding 100 people a week. But the need is everywhere, so it should not be hard to find outlets for your generosity. There is this thing called 'facebook'...that can provide the contacts. Watch out for scammers, but mostly in my experience, humans are trust worthy critters.

Its a war out there, here, and everywhere. The entrenched elite and governments across the planet are scared shitless. The dirty rotten bastards can be expected to try anything and everything during these times of their maximum fear.

The greek people are at the bleeding edge of the learning curve in this war...they are spearheading the tactics that we will all be using shortly. Good people to have at your side in a fight.

Apparently, the entrenched elite want to fight. Thus they have chosen what they assumed was the weakest populace in the eurozone as their 'victim', after the manner of all bullies, and have set out to destroy the greek resistance with as much blood as they dare.

As...the enemy of my enemy (e.g. evil rotten banksters) is my cousin. Especially the greeks (good pie bakers)....

Now, every greek i know is honest, but private (like they invented 'stoic'). They wont tell you that they are in need, unless you ask.....

So, know any greeks? If so, ask how they are doing....



posted February 29, 2012 by clif high