sauna pictures- as it is going together.....

by clif high, Wed, November 27, 2013

Overhang is for the rain/snow weather, not in evidence at the moment, but it is coming...

fierce dog is 'minion', who lives with kale. The door will be a piece of 1/2 inch thick polycarbonate (yes, i know this is bullet proof grade, but i had gotten a deal on a few sheets...).

checking that bald head don't get bashed on walking into sauna-barrel.

all ready for interior fitting, benches, heater, couple of lights

going to replace the rachet straps with 3/8ths inch dynel dux line tomorrow. Line will be spliced to 9 inch loops and 6 inch turnbuckles will be used to really tighten it up.

i used readily available tight knot cedar decking, knowing that the knots will heat up more than surrounding cedar wood. We will have clear cedar benches for sitting, and will be replacing the knots as they may pop out with resin plugs.


Note that i have been in contact with several of the families of the workers at Chernobyl disaster, and those who had less damage to their health were fanatic sauna bathers. With the fuking fukushima, and the fuking chemtrails, i fuking figure sauna is going to return the labor many times over.

The barrel was not hard to construct, and if i was to do another, i would go asymetric and have each side have its cove facing down so no rain could build up. It would also use two central pieces, one top and one bottom that would be beaded on both edges and would act as the wedges to drive the barrel to water/weather tighness.

new pictures: 12/4/2013

finishing touches yet remain, but functional and working....

interior fitted out. Back rests to be built tomorrow, and slatted floor, as well as external lighting to be installed. dyneX dux line (sorry i am dyslexic as hell these days and keep writing it as dynel, not dynex) and turnbuckles visible with rising blocks for tension.

steaming up the whole outdoors....

wood is swelling up just fine, shifting and creaking its way to a new equilibrium, much like humanity on the back of planet terra. Also much steam from both the planet, and the it goes.